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Sun Jun 20 13:37:00 1993 Richard Stallman (
* Version 2.4.5 released.
* c-common.c (decl_attributes): If first_arg_num is 0, no error for it.
* (extraclean): Delete *.gz, and other diff and tar files.
Sun Jun 20 18:09:50 1993 Richard Kenner (
* calls.c (expand_call): In last change, preserve the temp slot.
Sat Jun 19 19:55:43 PDT 1993 Ron Guilmette (
* dwarfout.c (type_main_variant): New function.
Use it in place of TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT everywhere in dwarfout.c.
* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Avoid the use of macros for ..._TYPE
nodes in cases where a parameter's type is error_mark_node.
Sat Jun 19 03:57:57 1993 Richard Stallman (
* Version 2.4.4 released.
* toplev.c (compile_file): For static decl never defined,
use just warning, not pedwarn.
* dbxout.c (dbxout_type): Reinstall #if 0 around code for
outputting structure types, that confused GDB.
Fri Jun 18 20:06:35 1993 Pat Rankin (
* vms.h (MAYBE_VMS_FUNCTION_PROLOGUE): adjust stack pointer by 4 prior
to calling C$MAIN_ARGS, otherwise POSIX edition of that routine dies.
Fri Jun 18 14:21:14 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (clean): Delete objc-headers subdir.
* config/m68k/m68k.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): For -m68020, -m68000 and
-msoft-float, turn off 01400 bits.
* (gcc.xtar.gz): Renamed from gcc.tar.z.
(dist): Change the dependency.
(mostlyclean): Delete tmp-gcc.xtar.gz.
* c-iterate.c (save_exprs): New variable.
(collect_iterators): Don't process a SAVE_EXPR twice.
(iterator_expand): Clear save_exprs.
* (, Actually cd to srcdir.
* configure (clipper-intergraph-clix*): Use install-headers-cpio.
Fri Jun 18 13:37:16 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips.c (output_block_move): Don't abort if one of the input
registers is allocated as a scratch register, just use fewer
scratch registers.
Fri Jun 18 00:25:16 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/i386.c (call_insn_operand): Require constant address
be a general_operand.
(expander_call_insn_operand): New fn (what call_insn_operand was).
* config/i386/ (call_pop, call, call_value_pop, call_value)
(untyped_call): Use expander_call_insn_operand.
Thu Jun 17 17:58:11 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/pa/ (decrement_and_branch_until_zero):
Pattern disabled.
Thu Jun 17 13:34:20 1993 Jim Wilson (
* unroll.c (calculate_giv_inc): Add new variables increment_total
and tries, and new label retry, to handle case where increment is
two add instructions.
Thu Jun 17 12:13:53 1993 Minh Tran-Le (mtranle@paris)
* config/i386/aix386ng.h: Changes for non-GAS gcc.
(ASM_FILE_START_1): Always output .noopt because /bin/as is buggy.
Added #undef to {INIT,FINI,CTORS,DTORS}_SECTION_ASM_OP, ... when
not using GAS.
(CONST_SECTION_FUNCTION): Override svr3 default.
(EXTRA_SECTION_FUNCTIONS): Override svr3 default.
(OBJECT_FORMAT_COFF): Added define for collect2.
(MY_ISCOFF): For collect2 to handle aix and svr3 object file.
* config/i386/aix386.h (USE_GAS): New define.
Thu Jun 17 00:26:38 1993 Richard Stallman (
* reg-stack.c (stack_result_p): New function.
(stack_reg_life_analysis): Use that.
* final.c (output_addr_const): Don't insert a leading space
in the CONST_DOUBLE_HIGH != 0 case.
Thu Jun 17 00:09:19 1993 Jeff Law (
* pa.h (LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P): Reject function addresses for now.
Wed Jun 16 20:14:10 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-typeck.c (build_unary_op): Make sure it's the global fn `main'
before complaining about taking the address of it.
Wed Jun 16 16:24:31 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/xm-sysv4.h (SMALL_ARG_MAX): Defined.
* c-typeck.c (check_format): Don't crash if cur_type is an error_mark.
Handle identifier_node as the TYPE_NAME.
Mon Jun 14 16:09:24 1993 Richard Kenner (
* calls.c (expand_call): If PCC_STATIC_STRUCT_RETURN and TARGET
is zero, copy result from static location.
* cse.c (invalidate_skipped_set): Promote "nonscalar" to "all".
Mon Jun 14 16:01:34 1993 Karl Berry (
* fixincludes (stdio.h math.h ctype.h sys/{limits.h,fcntl.h,dirent.h}):
Fix STDC/POSIX and other things for Interactive Unix 2.2 or later.
Mon Jun 14 04:41:38 1993 Richard Stallman (
* reload.c (make_memloc): Don't reuse a memloc.
Sun Jun 13 16:01:37 1993 Jeff Law (
* (iorsi3): Explicitly set length to 1.
(andsi3, lshrsi3, rotrsi3, rotlsi3): Likewise.
(ashift and ashiftrt by const_int_operand): Likewise.
((and (ashift)) optimizer): Likewise.
Sun Jun 13 20:23:04 1993 Stephen Moshier (
* real.c (ltoe, ultoe, eifrac, euifrac): Handle 64-bit longs.
permit definitions of NaN patterns to be overridden in tm.h.
Sun Jun 13 12:55:22 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (start_function): Avoid a null-reference on CTYPE.
Sun Jun 13 08:22:30 1993 Richard Kenner (
* expr.c (expand_expr, case COND_EXPR): Fix typo; const1_rtx should
be const0_rtx when ignoring expression.
Sun Jun 13 00:15:00 1993 Richard Stallman (
* genopinit.c (optabs): For strlen_optab, don't look for `2' in name.
Sat Jun 12 20:23:04 1993 Stephen Moshier (
* real.c (ereal_from_float, ereal_from_double): New functions.
* real.h (REAL_VALUE_FROM_TARGET_SINGLE): New macro.
* emit-rtl.c (gen_lowpart_common): Use those macros if REAL_ARITHMETIC.
Sat Jun 12 13:44:00 1993 Jim Wilson (
* sched.c (add_dependence): Reject CODE_LABELs when searching for
last insn of a sched group.
Sat Jun 12 08:06:25 1993 Richard Kenner (
* (movqi): Handle copying an address register to or
from memory when the address uses the address register.
Sat Jun 12 00:17:06 1993 Richard Stallman (
* cse.c (record_jump_cond): Look up op1 again after inserting op0.
Fri Jun 11 21:50:16 1993 John F Carr (
* (movsf, movdf): Handle a move from an integer register
before reload. This can happen if the user uses asm to put a floating
point variable in an integer register.
Fri Jun 11 20:04:43 1993 Richard Kenner (
* rs6000.c (rs6000_gen_section_name): Only replace last period
in filename with section name and correct calculation of
string length.
* recog.c (constrain_operands): Correctly ignore MATCH_OPERATOR
* reload1.c (eliminate_regs_in_insn): Don't use a later elimination
than eliminate_regs would use.
* c-decl.c (finish_decl): Don't modify DECL_INITIAL of a PARM_DECL.
Thu Jun 10 23:48:01 1993 Richard Stallman (
* genextract.c (main): Use __volatile__, not volatile.
Thu Jun 10 16:21:08 1993 Michael Meissner (
* i386/osfrose.h (SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Add -m{,no-}ident.
(ASM_SPEC): Pass -v to assembler if used.
(OVERRIDE_OPTIONS): Don't allow -fpic if using the OSF/rose object
emit a .type pseudo op that says the label is either an object or
a function.
(ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_SIZE): Copy from svr4.h.
(ASM_FILE_END): Unless -mno-ident, emit a .ident directive that
identifies GCC and whether several switches are used.
* i386/osfelf.h (ASM_SPEC): Pass -v to assembler if used.
Thu Jun 10 16:20:24 1993 Doug Evans (
* expmed.c (MAX_BITS_PER_WORD): Define earlier.
(shift_cost, shiftadd_cost, shiftsub_cost): Use MAX_BITS_PER_WORD.
Thu Jun 10 12:56:18 1993 Jim Wilson (
* sched.c (sched_analyze_2): Don't ignore USE insns when creating
(sched_analyze): Likewise.
Wed Jun 9 12:58:51 1993 Michael Meissner (
* configure (i386-*-osfelf): Add new configuration for OSF/1 using
the ELF object file format.
* i386/osfelf.h (new file): New config file for OSF/1 with ELF.
Include osfrose.h and redefine things as needed.
* i386/osfrose.h (SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Add -melf, -mrose, and
-mno-rose switches.
(CPP_PREDEFINES): Add -Acpu(i386) -Amachine(i386) -Asystem(unix).
(CPP_SPEC): Define __ROSE__ if compiling for OSF/rose and __ELF__
if compiling for the ELF object format.
(CC1_SPEC): Pass -mrose if no object format switch.
(DWARF_DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER): Map registers according to the
debugging format.
Wed Jun 9 13:21:03 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
Mon Jun 7 18:01:31 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (is_subobject_of_p, lookup_field, lookup_fnfields):
Because virtual bases don't necessarily share the same binfo, use
the binfo hierarchy of TYPE_BINFO of any virtual bases, when
performing hiding checks. Fixes problem introduced on Thu Mar 25
23:09:27 1993. The symptom is the compiler reports non ambiguous
members as being ambiguous.
Wed Jun 2 11:53:24 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (lookup_fnfields_here): Use TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT on
context types before comparing. Fixes const member functions not
being found in templates.
Tue Jun 8 19:44:23 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (finish_function): Move setting of the DECL_RESULT's
context and calling setjmp_protect after poplevel, so we have a
valid DECL_INITIAL for the fndecl (not an error_mark_node).
Tue Jun 8 13:14:27 1993 John Hassey (
* configure: Added gas support for m88k-* targets.
* t-luna-gas t-dgux-gas t-m88k-gas: New files in config/m88k.
Tue Jun 8 14:51:44 1993 Jim Wilson (
* loop.c (move_movables): Delete REG_EQUAL notes that describe a
non loop invariant value.
* sparc.c (call_operand, call_operand_address): Accept any address
not just REG rtx.
Tue Jun 8 18:47:39 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* sparc.h: (RTX_COSTS): Make cost of MULT depend on TARGET_V8.
* pa.h (CPP_SPEC): Fix typo: define __hp9000s700.
Tue Jun 8 06:16:30 1993 John Hassey (
Restrict use of 88110 extended registers to floating point.
Mon Jun 7 15:42:10 1993 Richard Stallman (
* math-68881.h (atan2): For x <= 0, lump y == 0 with y > 0
to get the right result in 0, -1 case.
Mon Jun 7 17:50:25 1993 Jeff Law (
* pa.h (RTX_COSTS): Cost of MULT also depends on
* pa.h (ASM_OUTPUT_INT): Always emit special "plabel" relocation for
function labels.
Sun Jun 6 16:31:59 1993 Richard Stallman (
* gcc.c (translate_options): Don't assume option_map[j].arg_info != 0.
* config/vax/vax.h (PRINT_OPERAND): Prefix constant by `$'.
Sun Jun 6 00:44:48 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* (fix_truncdfsi2): Destination is general register, source
general or extended register.
(fix_truncsfsi2): Likewise.
Sun Jun 6 00:20:25 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc-act.c (encode_type): Add cases for DImode, encoded
as 'q' and 'Q' respectively.
Sat Jun 5 14:02:36 1993 James Van Artsdalen (
* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Copy DECL_FRAME_SIZE for inline function decls.
* stmt.c (check_for_full_enumeration_handling): Don't create a
default label if all enumeration literals are covered by cases.
Sat Jun 5 04:49:19 1993 Richard Stallman (
* function.c (uninitialized_vars_warning): Change warning text.
(setjmp_args_warning): Likewise.
* c-typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Allow conversion to union type
for pointer if the pointer could convert to the union member.
Fri Jun 4 18:09:47 1993 Jim Wilson (
* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Always copy a SUBREG as an
argument into a REG.
Fri Jun 4 05:52:28 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* pa.h (RTX_COSTS): Make cost of MULT depend on TARGET_SNAKE.
* expmed.c (synth_mult): Move code to add or subtract at
leftmost 1-bit to before factoring code to decrease the allowed cost
quickly. Restrict it to handle only odd numbers.
(init_expmed): Limit mult_cost to make synth_mult run faster.
Fri Jun 4 23:18:35 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/sendmsg.c (objc_msg_sendv): Pass a dummy va_list, not 0,
to objc_error.
Fri Jun 4 16:12:43 1993 Jim Wilson (
* byteorder.h: Use new-style function definitions, so that this
file is both valid C and C++.
Fri Jun 4 00:59:31 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/mips/svr4-5.h (CPP_PREDEFINES):
Thu Jun 3 23:48:39 1993 Jeff Law (
* pa.c (output_function_epilogue): If the last insn in the
current function is a (volatile) call, then emit an extra
nop after the call so that RP will point to a valid instruction.
Thu Jun 3 18:52:24 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/nextstep.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Use same order as cccp.c.
Add CCC_INCLUDE_DIR with /ansi and /bsd concatenated.
* varasm.c (immed_real_const_1): Check explicitly for NaNs.
Thu Jun 3 14:37:25 1993 Jim Wilson (
* combine.c (num_sign_bit_copies): At end, return 1 is nonzero has
the high bit set.
Wed Jun 2 17:27:31 1993 Richard Stallman (
* loop.c (record_initial): Reject insns that store into subregs.
Tue Jun 1 12:46:48 1993 Richard Stallman (
* Version 2.4.3 released.
* just-fixinc: New file.
* config/convex/convex.h [_IEEE_FLOAT_] (LINK_SPEC):
Use ___gcc_cleanup, not __gcc_cleanup.
Tue Jun 1 07:41:26 1993 Richard Kenner (
* (ffs): Delete pattern containing nonexistant instruction.
* (extendsidi2): Correctly do operation when in FP
registers and, since expensive, don't have FP regs as a preference.
Tue Jun 1 00:09:46 1993 Richard Stallman (
* fixincludes (signal.h): Fix typo in last change.
* configure: Add missing dash in patterns for mips-*-riscos...
In riscos 5 patterns, use fixinc.mips.
* fixinc.mips: New file.
* config.sub: Handle 386bsd.
Mon May 31 23:47:00 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/vax/ (untyped_call, blockage): New patterns,
basically copied from
Mon May 31 21:46:08 1993 Richard Kenner (
* romp.c (output_epilog): Don't crash if TYPE_SIZE of an arg is
not set.
Mon May 31 00:15:20 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/mips/x-sony (OLDCC): Fix typo.
* config/mips/bsd-4.h, bsd-5.h, svr3-4.h, svr3-5.h, svr4-4.h, svr4-5.h:
* config/mips/bsd-5.h, svr3-5.h, svr4-5.h (LINK_SPEC):
Delete excess close brace.
* (decrement_and_branch_until_zero):
Reverse all conditions in reload cases.
* Version 2.4.2 released.
Sun May 30 21:14:42 1993 Jim Wilson (
* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Increment map->const_age
before copying REG_NOTES.
* sparc.c (sparc_builtin_saveregs): Don't set first_reg to zero
for varargs.
Sun May 30 23:58:52 1993 Richard Stallman (
* objc/Makefile (copy-headers): chmod the headers, not the dir.
* (objc-headers): Don't dep on force.
Touch objc-headers so copy is not repeated at install time.
* final.c (shorten_branches): Conditionalize last change
Sun May 30 13:53:30 1993 Jeff Law (
* final.c (shorten_branches): Call ADJUST_INSN_LENGTH during the
shortening phase.
* pa.c (output_cbranch): In forward/long branch case, only
nullify if the delay slot was empty or if the delay slot
was explicitly nullified.
(output_bb): Likewise.
* pa.h (ADJUST_INSN_LENGTH): Call pa_insn_adjust_length.
* pa.h (INSN_SETS_ARE_DELAYED): Do not call get_attr_type with a
* (call insns and expanders): Do not explicitly clobber %r31.
* pa.c (pa_insn_adjust_length): Rework. Add code to handle
millicode calls with unfilled delay slots and inline block moves.
(compute_movstrsi_length): New function to compute the length of
a movstrsi pattern.
(output_cbranch): Long branches with unfilled delay slots can
always nullify the following instruction if their delay slot
was not filled.
Sun May 30 18:58:22 1993 Jim Wilson (
* mips.c (function_arg_partial_nregs): For BLKmode values, fits in
remaining register if total size <= MAX_ARGS_IN_REGISTERS, not <.
Sun May 30 17:45:06 1993 Richard Stallman (
* emit-rtl.c (operand_subword): Shift by (HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT / 2),
not by 32.
* reload1.c (reload): If only non-group need is unfilled, see if
regs spilled for earlier classes can satisfy it.
* config/mips/iris4loser.h (ASM_SPEC): Add unconditional -O0.
Sat May 29 15:19:57 1993 Jeff Law (
* (movdf for const_double): Handle loading
a CONST_DOUBLE into general registers.
(movsf for const_double): Likewise.
* pa.c (singlemove_string): Handle SFmode CONST_DOUBLE
as a source operand.
Sat May 29 14:14:30 1993 Richard Kenner (
* emit-rtl.c (operand_subword): Correctly handle case when
REAL_VALUE_TO_TARGET_DOUBLE is used on a 64-bit machine.
Sat May 29 12:15:43 1993 Richard Stallman (
* fixincludes (signal.h): Don't mung #endif if nonwhite stuff precedes.
* rtl.h: Undef PC.
Fri May 28 19:01:39 1993 Richard Stallman (
* configure (i[34]86-*-isc*): If gas and not stabs, use isccoff.h.
* final.c (shorten_branches): Do not call insn_current_length
with an insn which has a non-varying length. Use insn_lengths
* c-typeck.c (process_init_constructor): Never set current_index
itself--always store into current_index_node.
* dbxout.c (dbxout_type): Add missing `;' for array with no domain.
Fri May 28 16:47:54 1993 Richard Kenner (
* cse.c (fold_rtx): Correct check for associating shifts and
ending up with a shift count too large; convert to the
largest valid for ASHIFTRT and don't fold all others.
* combine.c (make_compound_operation, case ASHIFTRT): Fix typo.
Was using C1 where C2 is needed.
Fri May 28 17:50:38 1993 Jim Wilson (
* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): When copy REG_NOTES, must
also call subst_constants.
* gcc.c (process_command): When GCC_EXEC_PREFIX is defined and
tooldir is relative, add it to search path in addition to standard
directory rather than instead of.
Fri May 28 00:50:53 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/arm/arm.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_INDEX): Check explicitly for
upper and lower bounds of valid INDEX.
* genopinit.c (insn_name_ptr): Declare as variable.
(optabs): Fix typo in floatuns case.
Thu May 27 12:13:55 1993 Richard Kenner (
* combine.c (simplify_and_const_int, case IOR, XOR, NOT): Don't
create constant wider than mode of VAROP.
Thu May 27 20:41:18 1993 Richard Stallman (
* configure (i[34]86-ibm-aix*): Set fixincludes.
(i[34]86-*-sco*): Don't test --with-gas, just --with-stabs.
Wed May 26 16:05:05 1993 Michael Collison (
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Insert missing GET_MODE call.
Wed May 26 18:40:09 1993 Jim Wilson (
* (ashlsi3): Use shlo instead of shli.
Wed May 26 00:34:33 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/nextstep.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Undo previous change.
* (gcc.xtar.z): Renamed from gcc.xtar.Z. Use gzip.
(dist): Depend on gcc.xtar.z.
(mostlyclean): Delete temp-gcc.xtar.z.
* Version 2.4.1 released.
* c-lex.c (readescape): Don't complain for \% unless pedantic.
* config/mips/mips.h (ASM_SPEC): If -noasmopt, pass -O0.
* config/mips/iris3.h: Likewise.
* config/mips/iris4loser.h: New file.
* config/mips/iris4gl.h: New file.
* configure (mips-sgi-iris4loser): New alternative.
Tue May 25 18:05:50 1993 Jim Wilson (
* dbxout.c (dbxout_block) [DBX_BLOCKS_FUNCTION_RELATIVE]:
Get function name from DECL_RTL not from DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME.
* config/sparc/sol2.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SOURCE_LINE): Likewise.
* m68k/sun3.h (FUNCTION_VALUE, FUNCTION_VALUEX): Ifdef out.
* c-typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): When allowing mixing of
signed and unsigned pointers, compare unsigned types not type sizes.
Tue May 25 00:08:42 1993 Richard Stallman (
* nextstep.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Delete /NextDeveloper/Headers/ansi
and /NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd.
* regclass.c (regclass): Fix paren error.
* c-decl.c (finish_decl): If type is laid out, but decl is not,
call layout_decl.
* protoize.c (include_defaults): Update to match cccp.c.
* (stamp-proto):
Pass LOCAL_INCLUDE_DIR based on local_prefix.
* stmt.c (expand_asm_operands): Detect constants as outputs.
Mon May 24 18:25:23 1993 Richard Stallman (
* collect2.c (main): Use TARGET-gcc, not gcc-TARGET.
* reload1.c (delete_output_reload): Don't delete output reload
if cannot_omit_stores is set for that pseudo.
(reload): Init and clear cannot_omit_stores.
(eliminate_regs): Set cannot_omit_stores.
* configure (i[34]86-*-sco3.2v4*): Test --with-stabs, not --with-gas.
Mon May 24 14:10:59 1993 Jim Wilson (
* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Set MEM_IN_STRUCT_P for
return value if needed.
Mon May 24 13:10:07 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-call.c (convert_harshness): Don't dereference a null parm.
* cp-method.c (dump_init): Don't try to print out the first operand
of a TARGET_EXPR if it's not there.
Mon May 24 10:13:26 1993 Mike Stump (
* expr.c (expand_expr): Finish Tue Aug 18 23:07:33 1992 change. It
didn't handle the target != 0 case, now it does.
Mon May 24 00:30:50 1993 Richard Stallman (
* expr.c (expand_expr, TARGET_EXPR case):
Handle case where DECL_RTL is nonzero.
* configure (i[34]86-*-isc*): Use install-headers-cpio.
* genopinit.c (optabs): Add backslashes to prevent SCCS confusion.
* config/m68k/tower-as.h (CONSTRUCTOR_NAME_FORMAT): Likewise.
* combine.c (subst): For subreg-of-constant, don't gen_lowpart
if it's a big-endian machine and constant is multi-word.
* gstddef.h (size_t) [__GNUG__]: Don't typedef it if it's
already defined as a macro.
* config/i386/x-aix (CLIB): Defined.
* config/i386/aix386.h (STARTFILE_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): New overrides.
* config/i386/xm-aix.h: Undef TRUE and FALSE before #include.
* config/i386/aix386ng.h (STARTFILE_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): Don't use
crtbegin.o, crtend.o, crtn.o, libp.a. Use gcrt0.0, not gcrt1.o.
(ENDFILE_SPEC): Use crtn.o.
(CPP_PREDEFINES): Delete _AIX, AIX, and _I386. Add ps2, unix.
(CPP_SPEC): Add _AIX, _I386, _MBCS. Handle -posix.
(ASM_SPEC): Turned off.
* config/i386/t-aix: New file.
* configure (i[34]86-ibm-aix*): Use t-aix if using gas.
* config/i386/sco4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_FLOAT, ASM_OUTPUT_DOUBLE):
New override definitions.
* toplev.c (compile_file): Undo previous changes (that were to call
assemble_zeros whenever DBX_DEBUGGING_INFO is defined).
Sun May 23 16:31:38 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/nextstep.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Fix missing comma.
* config/i386/x-aix (FIXINCLUDES): Defined.
* fixinc.ps2: New file.
Sun May 23 14:51:06 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/objc.h (objc_protocol): New field `class_pointer'.
* objc/init.c (__objc_init_protocols): Call recursively
on super protocols. Make local var `proto_class' static.
Sun May 23 00:49:17 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (BISONFLAGS): Remove -v since output file names are long.
* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): If inheriting a spill reg,
and reload_out has a wider mode, just copy from that spill reg,
don't use it for the reload.
* reload.c (push_reload): Fix NULL arg in last change.
* config/m88k/x-tekXD88 (AR_FLAGS): Defined.
Sat May 22 14:49:59 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/mips/mips.h (ASM_SPEC): If -noasmopt, don't pass -O2.
* config/mips/iris3.h: Likewise.
* config/nextstep.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Put /usr/include/bsd last.
* config/alpha/alpha.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DOUBLE, ASM_OUTPUT_FLOAT):
Use hex if infinite, nan, or minus zero.
* real.c (target_isnan): Use GET_REAL macro to get argument.
(ereal_to_int): Fix potentially wrong-endian argument passed to eisnan.
Fri May 21 14:24:01 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/nextstep.h (INCLUDE_DEFAULTS): Add /usr/include/bsd.
* cccp.c (default_include): Put TOOL_INCLUDE_DIR after
LOCAL_INCLUDE_DIR in non-cross case.
* real.c (emdnorm): Fix typo affecting roundoff behavior in XFmode.
* config/m68k/amix.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Add -D__svr4__.
New override definitions.
* collect2.c (main) [CROSS_COMPILE]: Use TARGET-TOOL for full_...
* collect2.c (main): For -debug, if ..._file_name is a null pointer,
say so instead of crashing.
* (cmpxf2 recognizer): Test SGS_CMP_ORDER, not HPUX_ASM.
* c-common.c (constant_expression_warning)
(overflow_warning, convert_and_check): Change pedwarn to warning.
* reload.c (push_reload): When IN is a subreg of a multiword reg
that uses a funny number of registers, and SUBREG_WORD is nonzero,
and IN must match an output, reload both the reg and the subreg.
* protoize.c (add_symbol, unexpand_if_needed, abspath):
Supply missing arg to savestring.
* (info, dvi): New targets.
Fri May 21 10:28:41 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-pt.c (subst): Don't use a method's arguments unless it has some.
Fri May 21 11:51:20 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/sarray.h (sarray_get): Add #ifdef case for
* objc/sarray.c (sarray_at_put): Likewise.
Fri May 21 00:51:10 1993 Richard Stallman (
* configure (mips-*-ultrix*): Renamed from mips-dec-ultrix*.
Thu May 20 23:16:43 1993 Richard Stallman (
* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Handle earlyclobbers
when inheriting from reg_last_reload_reg.
Thu May 20 13:59:16 1993 Doug Evans (
* (install-dir): Fix syntax, make tooldir before assertdir.
Thu May 20 08:52:30 1993 Richard Stallman (
* gstddef.h [_ANSI_H_]: Handle __need_size_t and __need_wchar_t.
* fixincludes (Fixing CTRL): Reject CTRL or _CTRL following digit.
* enquire.c (F_check): Check NO_LONG_DOUBLE_IO.
Wed May 19 23:18:55 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/x-isc3 (X_CFLAGS): Delete -DPOSIX_JC.
* real.c (e24toe, e53toe, e64toe): Fix sign in conversions
of -infinity. Do eclear before einfin.
Wed May 19 15:37:20 1993 Jim Wilson (
* va-sparc.h (va_dcl): Restore accidentally deleted __builtin_va_alist
* objc-act.c (handle_class_ref): Call assemble_constant_align
before output_constant.
* varasm.c (assemble_constant_align): New function.
Wed May 19 13:40:01 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i860/x-sysv4 (X_CFLAGS): Deleted.
* configure (i[34]86-*-isc*): If version is 3, use x-isc3.
* config/i386/x-isc3: New file.
Mon May 19 21:47:49 1993 Jeff Law (
* Fix calling convention for indirect calls on the PA.
* calls.c (expand_call): Declare and set current_call_is_indirect.
(emit_library_call, emit_library_call_value): Likewise.
* function.c (assign_parms): Likewise.
* pa.h (TARGET_SHARED_LIBS): Define as 1.
(FUNCTION_ARG): If this is a call through a function pointer, then
the caller passes all arguments in general registers.
* pa.h (FUNCTION_ARG_REGNO_P): Account for registers which may
be unavailable on particular cpu models. Fix indentation.
Wed May 19 13:13:42 1993 Richard Kenner (
* loop.c (scan_loop): Treat pseudo duplicated for exit tests just
like we treat user vars in seeing if we can move a SET.
* combine.c (set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies, nonzero_bits):
If we have a positive constant that is negative in the mode
it is being used in, treat it as negative.
* rs6000.h, alpha.h (SHORT_IMMEDIATES_SIGN_EXTEND): Define.
* emit-rtl.c (operand_subword): Reject cases when BITS_PER_WORD
is greater than HOST_BITS_PER_INT unless OP is const0_rtx.
Tue May 18 16:31:06 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* pa.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Make 2:nd flush, end_addr,
at the last real insn in the trampoline.
Tue May 18 13:35:43 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (assertdir): use $(tooldir)/include for this.
(install-dir): Always create assertdir and tooldir.
* config/arm/ (add/asl recognizer): Use space, not #, after asl.
Shuffle operands differently.
* objc-act.c (synth_module_prologue): Set TREE_PUBLIC in umsg_decl.
* (infodir): New variable.
(install-dir): Create that dir.
(install-info): New rule.
(install-normal): Depend on install-info.
* fixincludes: Use $file. rather than $file.sed
when $file is or might be more than 10 characters long.
* config/i386/isc.h (LIB_SPEC): Handle -posix before -shlib.
* config/mips/x-sony: New file.
* configure (mips-sony-bsd*): Use x-sony.
* (local_prefix): Do not default from $(prefix).
Tue May 18 09:28:02 1993 Chris Smith (
* convex.c (replace_pushes, emit_ap_optimizations): Delete.
Mon May 17 18:07:53 1993 Richard Stallman (
* fixinc.svr4 (ieeefp.h): Delete definitions of __mips and __m68k.
Mon May 17 17:00:00 1993 DJ Delorie (
* configure.bat: Fix sed for version.c to handle both with
and without spaces correctly (MS-DOS).
Mon May 17 12:26:55 1993 Jim Wilson (
* rtl.c (init_rtl): Correct number of 'w's in CONST_DOUBLE format.
Mon May 17 00:07:50 1993 Richard Stallman (
* Version 2.4.0 released.
* (extraclean): Remove junk from objc subdir.
* fixinc.svr4 (ieeefp.h): Delete definitions of __i860 and __m88k.
* mips/iris4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII): New overriding definition.
* pa.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Pass both the starting and ending
addresses of the trampoline to the cacheflush pattern.
* (cacheflush): Flush the cache entries associated with
both the starting and ending addresses of the trampoline.
* gvarargs.h, gstdarg.h [__svr4__ __i860__]:
Define _VA_LIST only if not defined already.
Mon May 17 00:40:36 1993 James Van Artsdalen (james at
Deleted. Now handled by HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA.
(HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA): Deleted: already defined by svr4.h.
Sun May 16 19:25:38 1993 Jim Wilson (
* unroll.c (initial_reg_note_copy, final_reg_note_copy): New functions.
(copy_loop_body): Use new function to copy REG_NOTES.
Sun May 16 13:03:58 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (extraclean): Delete junk in subdirs of config.
(distclean): Delete {c,cplus,objc}-parse.output.
* reorg.c (find_end_label): Update insn after calling emit_jump_insn.
* fixinc.svr4 (ieeefp.h): Delete `#define __sparc' also.
Sun May 15 01:37:19 PDT 1993 Ron Guilmette (
* fixinc.svr4 (ieeefp.h): Delete `#define __i386' line.
Sat May 15 10:11:01 1993 Richard Stallman (
* math-68881.h: Add conditional against multiple inclusion.
* gvarargs.h [__svr4__ __i860__] (_VA_LIST): Do define.
* gstdarg.h: Likewise.
* toplev.c (compile_file): If support dbx output,
always output 0 at start of text section.
* cp-tree.h (error_not_base_type): Fix typo in decl.
Sat May 15 09:08:23 1993 Richard Kenner (
* expr.c (expand_assignment): Fix error in last change.
* (movqi, movhi, movsi): Make sure that address returned
from force_const_mem is valid.
* i860.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Don't make improper SUBREGs
and ensure that CXT and FNADDR are in registers.
* convex.c (insert_ap_loads): Initialize AP_IS_LIVE to 0 at
start of both loops, not just first one.
* convex.h (REGNO_REG_CLASS): Don't call abort; it will cause
a compilation error as written and isn't done elsewhere.
* combine.c (set_nonzero_bits_and_sign_copies): Don't record
data for a a pseudo that is undefined on entry to a function.
When a pseudo is clobbered, show we don't know anything about it.
* expr.c (expand_assignment): Always return a result that has
the mode of TO.
* rs6000.c (rs6000_makes_calls): If profiling, say we make calls.
Sat May 15 00:38:22 1993 Richard Stallman (
* va-mips.h (va_arg) [__MIPSEB__]:
After incrementing, subtract the rounded size, not the size proper.
* config/i860/x-sysv4 (X_CFLAGS): Defined.
(GCC_CFLAGS): Definition deleted.
* final.c (output_addr_const): Don't printing leading zeros.
Sat May 15 06:18:43 1993 James Van Artsdalen (james at
* reload1.c (reload): Don't start 2-group unless it could be finished.
Sat May 15 12:23:58 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* alpha.c (output_prolog): Change (sp) to ($30).
* pa.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Change .long to .word; split into
two lines.
Fri May 14 18:09:31 1993 Richard Stallman (
* gcc.c (option_map): Renamed --version to --use-version.
Fri May 14 17:20:21 1993 Jim Wilson (
* xcoffout.c (N_DSLINE, N_BSLINE): Delete definitions.
(stab_to_sclass): Use ifdefs to test for presence of N_MAIN,
* sched.c (split_hard_reg_notes): Handle 0th sub register, and
multiple register kills.
(update_flow_info): For multi-word hard regs, use
split_hard_reg_notes to add all REG_DEAD notes, instead of just
the additional ones due to splitting.
Fri May 14 16:12:28 1993 Richard Kenner (
* configure (hppa1.1-*-hpux*): Use CPIO for headers, just like
other HPUX configs.
(hppa1.1-*-hpux8.02*): Likewise.
Fri May 14 16:35:22 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* reorg.c (fill_slots_from_thread): If try_split split new_thread,
update it to the new value.
Fri May 14 13:42:39 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* configure (hp700-hpux8.02): New target.
* pa1-oldas.h: New target for 1.1 machines running HPUX 8.02.
Fri May 14 13:23:51 1993 Jim Wilson (
* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Set map->integrating.
(copy_rtx_and_substitute, case MEM): Don't copy RTX_UNCHANGING_P
when doing function inlining.
* integrate.h (struct inline_remap): Add integrating field.
* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Clear map->integrating.
* stmt.c (expand_decl): Don't set RTX_UNCHANGING_P.
Fri May 14 12:28:51 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-typeck.c (default_conversion):
Don't replace iterator with its initial value.
* config/i386/svr3gas.h: Added two pages at end, with macros
copied from config/svr3.h and i386/sysv3.h.
* config/m68k/tower-as.h (PRINT_OPERAND): Handle CODE == '/'.
* hp320.h, mot3300.h, news.h, crds.h: Likewise.
Fri May 14 15:44:45 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/init.c (__objc_init_protocols): Don't complain if a
protocol object is attempted resolved twice.
Fri May 14 00:51:38 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (CPP_SPEC): Correct specs so that _PA_RISC1_1 is only
defined when generating code for 1.1 machines regardless of the
default target.
Thu May 13 21:47:55 1993 Richard Kenner (
* (fix_truncdfsi2, fixuns_truncdfsi2, trunc_call): Fix
typo in mode of FIX and UNSIGNED_FIX rtl.
* reorg.c (reorg_redirect_jump): New function.
Call it in most places instead of redirect_jump.
Thu May 13 17:01:05 1993 Jim Wilson (
* caller-save.c (restore_referenced_regs): New variable saveregs
which is number of regs to save at a time, instead of numregs,
which is total number of registers to save.
Thu May 13 08:28:22 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (OBJC, OBJECTIVE-C): Don't depend on objc-runtime.
* dbxout.c (dbxout_parms): Don't output a parm if it's a mem
that has a constant address.
* config/pa/x-pa (TAROUTOPTS): Overridden.
* config/m68k/x-hp320,x-hp320g (TAROUTOPTS): Overridden.
* (TAROUTOPTS): New variable.
(install-headers-tar): Use TAROUTOPTS.
* 3b1.h, 3b1g.h, altos3068.h, crds.h, hp2bsd.h, hp310.h:
* isi-nfp.h, pbb.h, plexus.h, sun2.h, sun3n.h, tower.h:
(LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Redefine as 64.
* objc/runtime.h: Include gstdarg.h before stdio.h.
* (libobjc.a): Depend on EXTRA_PARTS.
Wed May 13 18:33:26 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* arm.h: Declare output_arithmetic_with_immediate_multiply.
* (combined mult/arithmetic recognizers): Switch on.
Add special pattern for reload.
* (restorehi): Use SImode for address.
(storehi): Use SImode for address and address computation.
(storeinthi): Likewise.
Wed May 12 22:47:35 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/m68k/sun3.h, sun2os4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_FLOAT_OPERAND):
Output as hex, unless CODE is 'f'.
* altos3068.h, next.h (ASM_OUTPUT_FLOAT_OPERAND): Likewise.
Wed May 12 14:18:36 1993 John Hassey (
use extended registers for base or index.
Wed May 12 14:48:00 1993 Jim Wilson (
* unroll.c (copy_loop_body): Delete May 10 change.
Tue May 11 20:20:41 1993 James Van Artsdalen (james at
* tree.c (real_value_from_int_cst): Use temporary variable `e' to
work around bugs in 386 PCC.
Tue May 11 16:50:54 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips/iris3.h, mips/mips.h, mips/news4.h, mips/nws3250v4.h,
mips/ultrix.h (ASM_SPEC): Pass appropriate -g<n> switch to the
assembler for -gstabs<n>, -gstabs+<n>, -ggdb<n>, and -gcoff<n>
* local-alloc.c (block_alloc): Don't dereference a NULL pointer.
Tue May 11 12:09:37 1993 Richard Stallman (
* tree.c (build_array_type): Delete the code to set TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT.
* c-decl.c (complete_array_type): Likewise.
Tue May 11 11:40:14 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.c (emit_move_sequence): Handle secondary reloads for loads of
FP registers from constant expressions.
* pa.h (CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Accept symbolic addresses during
and after reload.
Tue May 11 07:26:06 1993 Richard Kenner (
* reorg.c (mostly_true_jump): Jump is forward if TARGET_LABEL is
zero; don't try to get INSN_CODE of zero.
Tue May 11 00:44:09 1993 Richard Stallman (
* tree.c (build_array_type):
Don't change TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT if incomplete (domain not known).
* real.c (enan): Add forward decl.
Mon May 10 20:32:12 1993 Jim Wilson (
* unroll.c (copy_loop_body): Copy REG_NOTES during main loop
instead of afterwards.
Mon May 10 17:36:31 1993 Richard Kenner (
* alpha.c (output_epilog): Fix minor error in instructions used
to restore stack pointer.
Mon May 10 15:59:41 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips-tfile.c (parse_def): Do not execute a division by 0 when
processing a doubly dimensioned array whose outer bound was 0 or
not specified.
Mon May 10 12:14:07 1993 John Hassey (
* m88k.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Fixed invalid bsr insn.
Mon May 10 11:55:18 1993 Richard Stallman (
* protoize.c: Don't include string.h.
(strcat, strcpy, strcmp, strncpy, strncmp): Decls deleted.
(dupnstr): Don't use return value of strncpy.
(dupstr): Function deleted; callers changed to use savestring.
* tree.c (change_main_variant): New function.
(build_array_type): Use that to set the TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT.
* c-decl.c (complete_array_type): Call change_main_variant.
Mon May 10 11:53:02 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* (movstrsi): Take alignment into account.
* sh.c (shift_value_ok): Can't shift by negative values.
Mon May 10 11:49:48 1993 Michael Meissner (
* va-mips.h (va_arg): Use __alignof__ instead of __alignof.
* cp-decl.c (finish function): Add missing ';'.
Mon May 10 00:54:16 1993 Richard Stallman (
* objc/runtime.h: Include gstdarg.h, not stdarg.h.
* libgcc2.c (__floatdisf): Use DFtype for intermediate values.
* tree.c (real_value_from_int_cst):
* config/m68k/m68k.c (output_move_double): Use operand 0 to get SIZE.
* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Set goal_mem_addr_varies
for all but true constant addresses.
Sun May 9 17:53:52 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/sparc/sparc.h (SIZE_TYPE): Deleted.
* fixincludes: When finding SIZE_TYPE, cd to ${LIB} to run cc.
(memory.h): Don't try to read it if it doesn't exist.
* real.c (NAN): Define for support of Not-a-Number bit patterns.
(make_nan): New function outputs a NaN in requested machine mode.
(eisnan, eiisnan, enan, einan, eiisinf, eiinfin): New functions.
(earith, etrunci, etruncui, ereal_negate, ereal_ldexp,
real_value_truncate, esub, eadd, emul, ediv, eremain):
Return NaN arg back to caller.
(eroundi, eroundui, ereal_to_int): NaN to integer returns -1
and a warning.
(target_isnan): Check for NaN.
(eneg): No-op if NaN.
(eisneg, eisinf): False if NaN.
(emovi, emovo): Handle NaN conversions.
(esub, eadd): Infinity minus infinity = NaN and INVALID warning.
(ediv): 0/0, inf/inf = NaN and INVALID warning.
(emul): 0 * inf = NaN and INVALID warning.
(e24toe, e53toe, e64toe): Generate e-type NaN for NaN input.
(etoe24, etoe53, etoe64): Output NaN in appropriate machine mode.
(ecmp): Unordered compare returns -2.
(etoasc): NaN produces ASCII string "NaN".
(asctoe): Unrecognizable input produces e-type NaN.
(eremain): x REM y = NaN if y = 0 or x = infinity.
* real.c (mtherr): Don't put newlines in error message string.
* real.h (REAL_VALUES_LESS): True if return value of ereal_cmp is -1.
Sun May 9 17:34:06 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (finish_function): Don't do anything if we haven't got a
* cp-pt.c (tsubst): Don't assert if IN_DECL is null.
(coerce_template_parms): Likewise.
* cp-type2.c (process_init_constructor): Fix argument passing to
Sun May 9 10:47:05 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-decl.c (complete_array_type):
Make maxindex -1 for empty constructor.
* i860.c (call_insn_operand): New funcion.
* (call, call_value): Copy fn address to safe reg if necessary.
(call, call_value matchers): Use call_insn_operand as predicate.
* config/mips/mips.c (call_insn_operand): New function.
* config/mips/ (call_internal1, call_value_internal1):
Use call_insn_operand as predicate.
(call, call_value): Copy fn address to safe reg if necessary.
* config/m68k/ (mulhisi3, umulhisi3 matchers):
Restrict range of constants allowed.
Sun May 9 13:31:35 1993 CET Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/hash.h, objc/objc.h, objc/sarray.h (gstddef.h):
Conditionally include gstddef.h or stddef.h by IN_GCC.
Sun May 9 00:51:33 1993 Richard Stallman (
* reload.h: Fix unterminated comment.
* objc-act.c (string_section): Delete comma before close-brace.
Sat May 8 23:49:50 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/i386.c (call_insn_operand): New function.
* (call matchers): Use call_insn_operand.
(call expanders): If address uses a virtual reg or arg pointer reg,
copy it.
Sat May 8 23:19:11 1993 Kaveh R. Ghazi (
* configure (m88k-tektronix-sysv3): New target.
* config/m88k/tekXD88.h: New file.
* config/m88k/tekXD88.ld: New file.
* config/m88k/x-tekXD88: New file.
Sat May 8 10:40:54 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/ (call insn matchers):
Use %a to print a mem's non-constant address;
don't try to print the address by itself.
* config/i386/next.h (ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL)
(ASM_OUTPUT_INTERNAL_LABEL): Don't include a `.' in the label name.
(LPREFIX): Likewise.
* m68k.c (print_operand): For CONST_DOUBLE, treat VOIDmode like DImode.
* expmed.c (init_expmed): Supply missing arg to rtx_cost.
* config/convex/convex.h (LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL_1):
Define this instead of LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL.
Sat May 8 14:43:27 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* (umulsidi3 expand + two matchers): Rewrite.
Old patterns misused subreg and matched wrong immediate values.
Use const_int_operand and constraint `n' for the immediate arg.
(mulsidi3 patterns): Likewise.
Sat May 8 07:06:14 1993 Richard Kenner (
* i386/sco.h (VALUE_REGNO, HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Add missing #undef.
* i386/sco.h, i386/sequent.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Properly check
for floating-point registers. Register 16 is AP and not floating.
Fri May 7 19:43:49 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-typeck.c (default_conversion): Disable change of Apr 13th for
now, since it seems to behave incorrectly in some cases.
Fri May 7 17:38:22 1993 Michael Meissner (
* configure (all MIPS options): If --with-gnu-as is used, don't
build mips-tfile or mips-tdump. If --with-gnu-ld is used, don't
say we need collect2.
(config.sub run): Explicitly invoke /bin/sh to run script, in case
config.sub had it's execute bits turned off.
* mips/t-mips-gas: New target file, used when the GNU assembler is
used instead of the MIPS assembler.
Fri May 7 17:41:00 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (float.h-nat): Use tmp-float.h as intermediate file.
Fri May 7 13:42:06 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (mi_ventry): Change into a struct to make code more
readable and to shut up compilers about valid ANSI C code.
Fri May 7 13:15:40 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (reg_class): Add new NON_SHIFT_REGS class.
* loop.c (strength_reduce): Handle case where loop_end is the
end of the current function.
Fri May 7 05:50:39 1993 Richard Kenner (
* reload.c (push_reload): Don't use IN as the reload reg in in-out
reload if it is set elsewhere in the insn.
Fri May 7 04:48:25 1993 Chris Smith (
* x-convex (CCLIBFLAGS): Build libgcc1 with -tm c1 so it can't
cause executables to become c2-only.
* xm-convex.h: Remove workarounds for OS 8.0 no longer needed.
(bcopy, bzero): Define to use memcpy and memset, to get them inlined.
* convex[123*].h (CC1_SPEC, CPP_SPEC, LIB_SPEC): Move to convex.h.
* convex.h (TARGET_FLAGS): Add -mvolatile-[no]cache.
(TARGET_FLAGS, LONG_TYPE_SIZE): add -mlong{32,64}.
(target_cpu): Define, enumeration for targets to use instead of flags.
(TARGET_C34, TARGET_C38): Add. These don't schedule the same as C2.
(OVERRIDE_OPTIONS): Call init routine in convex.c.
(CPP_SPEC, ASM_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): If originally bootstrapped with
an ieee compiler, produce an ieee gcc.
(LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL): Define, to avoid searching old libgcc.a
versions during bootstrap.
(STACK_BOUNDARY): Change from 32 to 64 -- odd-word aligned
longwords are slow on c34.
(FUNCTION_PROLOGUE): Make frame size a multiple of 8, not 4.
(FUNCTION_EPILOGUE): Output a 0 to terminate c34 icache prefetch.
(INITIAL_FRAME_POINTER_OFFSET): Make a multiple of 8.
(REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Define. Put S0 (the return register) last.
(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Rewrite to make clearer.
(MODES_TIEABLE_P): Rewrite to make clearer.
(PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS): Rewrite to make clearer.
(S0_REGNUM, A0_REGNUM): Define.
(*_REGNUM): Write in terms of [AS]0_REGNUM instead of absolute numbers.
(enum reg_class, etc): Add SI_REGS == S_REGS + INDEX_REGS.
(CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P): Change. New def passes any const_int,
rejects any const_double.
(CONST_DOUBLE_OK_FOR_LETTER_P): Change. New defs are 'G' == low
word all zeros, 'H' == high word all signs.
(EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): New. 'Q' == volatile memref. Used to generate
cache-bypass instructions when -mvolatile-nocache is set.
(RETURN_POPS_ARGS): Change, always true.
(FUNCTION_ARG_ADVANCE): Count args, not # words of args.
(FUNCTION_ARG): Return arg count to the final VOIDmode FUNCTION_ARG
hack that supplies "next arg register" to be stored in call insn.
(TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Use instruction notation rather than constants.
(INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Use gen_call_pop.
(LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P): Rewrite to make clearer.
(GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Do not use indirect addressing -- with
insn scheduling, two loads can be faster and can't be slower.
(SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS): Define unless C2. Memory access to bytes is
not actually slow, but faster processors don't forward partial
word writes to word reads, and setting SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS
makes the code consistently use word ops where possible.
(CONST_COSTS): Const_DOUBLE cost is zero -- if it appears, it is
immediate and therefore free.
(RTX_COSTS): areg+const is free (via indexing).
(RTX_COSTS): Provide target-dependent values for *,<<,>>
(ADDRESS_COST): Zero. Indirect addresses are no longer used.
(ADJUST_COST): Define.
accurately describes the semantics (not the bit pattern)
of convex ieee mode.
(REAL_VALUE_ATOF): Define, to prevent real.c from constructing
vax dfloats. Apparently it doesn't do gfloat.
(CHECK_FLOAT_VALUE): Call convex.c.
(ASM_FILE_START): Output appropriate .fpmode pseudo op.
(ASM_IDENTIFY_GCC): Ouput a zero after gcc2_compiled to keep it
from hiding the real name from profilers and adb.
(ASM_OUTPUT_DOUBLE, _FLOAT): Use hex to avoid /bin/as conversion
(ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Define; call convex.c.
(PRINT_OPERAND, _ADDRESS): Call convex.c.
(EXIT_BODY): Define for libgcc2. Call atexit handler if present. Add scheduling info.
(movxx): One of the operands must be a register.
(movdf, movdi): Add anonymous patterns that can load an arbitrary
const_double by doing two immediate loads. This is not superior
to loading it from memory, and can be worse, so LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P
still rejects these constants, but the patterns are still useful
so rtx folding can produce arbitrary results.
(floatunsdidf, floatunsdisf): Add patterns that avoid double rounding.
(floatunssidf, floatunssisf): Add patterns that mimic gcc's default
method, to keep SI cvts from promoting to the above DI cvts.
(fix_truncdfsi2): Use cvtd.l even if cvtd.w is available -- on c34
cvtd.w is microcoded and slower.
(addqi3, subqi3, mulqi3): can do immediate with word insn.
(subsi3): use sub/neg to get reverse subtract (reduces reg shuffling).
(udivsi3): give up on having sign_expand_binop do this; people keep
breaking it. Manually extend unsigned SI to signed DI, then divide.
(xshfxx3): The options rank differently on different machines, so
spell them all out and enable the appropriate ones under TARGET_Cxx.
(sqrtxx2): Put under flag_fast_math.
(sinxx2, cosxx2): I don't know why these exist, but they do, so supply
them. The other microcoded intrinsics are in convex math.h.
(txtxx): Remove, no longer necessary.
(cmpdi): Add alternative to fake "eq.l #0,sk" with "neg.l sk,scratch".
(cmpqi): Omit, seems to produce marginally better cse than the old way.
(cmpsf): Avoid compare against 0.0 in ieee mode, since -0.0 is
possible and would confuse old ucode.
(movstrsi): Add.
(anon): Add patterns to pick up on dbra optimizations and implement the
sub/test part. (This optimizes out the compare against 0.)
(call, call_value): Use _pop form instead, and let convex.c replace
the pushes with fp stores.
(end): Put local variable list back.
convex.c (init_convex): New. Fill in tables used by convex.h.
(psw_disable_float): New. Turn off float exception enables to
make the environment more ieee-like.
(set_cmp): Change name to output_cmp.
(gen_cmp): Change name to output_condjmp. Add handling for
`neg.x' as a fake `eq.x #0' and for optimized-out compares
that read the carry of a preceding decrement.
(simplify_for_convex): New. Replace addr-(-const) with
addr+const so /bin/as will like the notation.
(expand_movstr): New. Generate pipelined load/store sequence.
(asm_declare_function_name): New. Output arg count for debuggers.
(print_operand): Moved from convex.h. Add %u and %v to fetch
subwords of a CONST_DOUBLE, %z to use in replacing shift by mul.
(print_operand_address): Moved from convex.h.
(outfloat): New, call REAL_VALUE_TO_DECIMAL.
(replace_arg_pushes): New. Replace sp by fp if possible; this does
not allow us to get rid of sp but stores are faster than pushes on
new machines.
(emit_ap_optimizations): New. Do simple live analysis of arg pointer
register and eliminate dead reloads.
math-convex.h: removed.
fixinc.convex: new file.
Thu May 6 22:54:43 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* config/we32k/we32k.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII):
Cast PTR to unsigned char *.
* config/clipper/clix.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII): Likewise.
Thu May 6 20:20:41 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (build_enumerator): Strip any no-op casts off the
value before we try to do anything with it.
* cp-call.c (convert_harshness): Take volatility, in addition to
constness, into account when figuring out the penalty for the
type under question.
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Undo unneeded change of Apr 6 when we
returned the type of the local typedef, instead of the typedef itself.
Thu May 6 19:21:34 1993 Doug Evans (
* reload1.c (eliminate_regs, case {PRE,POST}_{INC,DEC}): Account
Thu May 6 18:17:19 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/sequent.h (DBX_OUTPUT_LBRAC, DBX_OUTPUT_RBRAC):
Override the usual definitions.
* objc/hash.h, objc/objc.h, objc/runtime.h, objc/sarray.h:
Use gstddef.h, with doublequotes.
Thu May 6 15:58:18 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* fixincludes: More fixes for IRIX 4.0.1. Rather than replacing
[^A-Z]CTRL, replace [^A-Z_]CTRL and [^A-Z]_CTRL. Also patch
"//" in elf_abi.h which the sed script breaks.
Thu May 6 13:58:39 1993 Jim Wilson (
* clix.h: Include "clipper/clipper.h" instead of "clipper.h".
* config.sub (os): Add -clix*.
* configure (clipper-intergraph-clix): Add clipper/ filename prefixes.
* c-typeck.c (pointer_diff): Error if op1 is pointer to incomplete
* fixinc.svr4 (sys/varargs.h): Replace.
Thu May 6 11:58:28 1993 Richard Stallman (
* reload1.c (forget_old_reloads_1): Accept and ignore 2nd arg.
(reload_as_needed): Pass that second arg.
* For Objc, expect just 20 conflicts.
* objc-act.c (OBJC_GEN_METHOD_LABEL): Do use CAT_NAME.
* config/i386/ (extendsidi2): Use cdq or cltd, not cwtl.
* configure (i[34]86-*-bsd): Don't use collect2.
* c-typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Don't use convert_and_check
when handling arithmetic types here.
* c-common.c (truthvalue_conversion): Turn off Apr 29 change.
Thu May 6 05:44:23 1993 Richard Kenner (
* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): Don't look inside a CONST_DOUBLE;
use operand_subword instead.
* varasm.c (record_constant): Properly make the header of
a struct constant_descriptor.
* function.c (walk_fixup_memory_subreg): Add new arg UNCRITICAL.
(fixup_var_refs_insn): Call with UNCRITICAL of 1 when processing
* integrate.c (expand_inline_function): Don't call convert_to_mode
unless we need to; some converstions of VOIDmode objects can
mess them up.
* expmed.c (store_split_bit_field): Properly handle VALUE when
* fold-const.c (decode_field_reference): Don't do anything for
non-integral fields.
* cse.c (simplify_binary_operation, simplify_relational_operation):
Check for MODE_CC modes, not just CCmode.
Thu May 6 00:54:40 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/class.c, objc/hash.c: Change calloc to __objc_xcalloc.
* objc/objects.c (class_create_instance): bzero new instances
* objc/sendmsg.c (__objc_send_initialize, class_add_method_list):
Allow multiple +initialize methods per class.
Wed May 5 21:40:04 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/sequent.h (LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL): #if 0.
* toplev.c (main): Improve error message in previous change.
Wed May 5 19:36:15 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* combine.c (combinable_i3pat): Do not make REG_DEAD notes for
the stack pointer, frame pointer, or arg pointer.
Wed May 5 17:57:30 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/sequent.h (LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL): Defined.
Wed May 5 00:01:57 PDT 1993 Ron Guilmette (segfault!
* expr.h: Fix comment typos. emit_block_move decl was hidden.
* toplev.c (main): If C++ for Dwarf requested, warn and turn it off.
Wed May 5 21:48:24 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc-act.c (check_methods_accessible): Handle interface types.
Wed May 5 14:37:42 1993 Richard Kenner (
* fold-const.c: (optimize_bit_field_compare): Add missing arg
to const_binop.
* reg-stack.c (record_asm_reg_life): Don't abort for asm that
doesn't match its constraints.
* combine.c (num_sign_bit_copies, case SUBREG): Properly compute
the number of sign bit copies of SUBREGs of promoted objects.
* optabs.c (add_equal_note, expand_binop, expand_unop): Make
copy of operands for REG_EQUAL note to avoid sharing RTL if
called later than RTL generation.
(emit_libcall_block, expand_fix): Likewise.
* expr.c (convert_move): Likewise, though probably not
called after RTL generation.
Wed May 5 14:11:12 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* fixincludes: Only quote argument to _IO[A-Z]*, not first item in
parentheses. Added patches for IRIX 4.0.1 header files to undo
some inappropriate changes.
Wed May 5 11:34:59 1993 Richard Stallman (
* toplev.c (flag_defer_pop): Initialize to 0.
(main): Set it to 1 if optimizing.
Wed May 5 06:38:47 1993 Tom Wood (
* configure (i[34]86-next-*, m68k-next-*): collect2 isn't needed.
Tue May 4 14:21:11 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/objc.h, objc/runtime.h: Remove inclusion of memory.h
* objc/objc.h, objc/hash.h, objc/runtime.h: Remove inclusion of
* objc/Makefile (OBJC_H): Add typedstream.h
* objc/Object.h: Add includes objc/objc.h and objc/typedstreams.h
objc/Object.h: Removed `minimal' definitions. Includes objc.h
* objc/archive.c: Add include "typedstream.h"
* objc/typedstream.h: New file. Contents moved from
* objc/objc.h (IvarList, Ivar, SymTab, Module, Method,
Category, Super, objc_method_description, objc_protocol_list):
Data definitions moved to objc/objc-api.h
* objc/archive.c: Change malloc into __objc_xmalloc
* objc/objc.h, objc/sendmsg.c: Remove any code for hash lookup
* objc/cache.h: File removed
* objc/objc-api.h (class_create_instance, object_copy,
object_dispose): Definitions moved to objc/objects.c
* objc/objc.h: Remove declarations for library functions.
* objc/Object.m (-conformsTo:): Bugfix: Also ask superclasses.
Tue May 4 23:46:37 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (start_decl): Give an error, not a sorry, when they try
to declare a template on a VAR_DECL or a TYPE_DECL.
* cp-type2.c (process_init_constructor): If we have a VAR_DECL
that's static in the class, don't try to use it when we're working
on an initializer-list; it has no business being there.
* cp-cvt.c (convert_pointer_to): Only call get_base_distance et al.
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't try to divine the name of the
incomplete type for a field decl.
Tue May 4 19:55:29 1993 Jim Wilson (
* combine.c (distribute_notes, REG_DEAD case): Handle hard
registers which partially overlap the destination of the insn.
Tue May 4 17:59:10 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* (casesi0): Remove incorrect fix from April 23.
* pa.h (CASE_DROPS_THROUGH): Define.
Tue May 4 13:22:21 1993 John Hassey (
* t-dgux: Fixed name of link script.
Tue May 4 11:15:40 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* (arith patterns): Rework constraints.
* sh.h (ASM_OUTPUT_CASE_LABEL): Ensure jump table is aligned.
* sh.c (arith_reg_operand): New constraint. (dump_constants):
Force out a constant table if necessary.
Mon May 3 20:41:00 1993 Richard Stallman (
* tree.c (build_array_type): The main variant of an array type
should always be an array whose element type is the main variant.
Mon May 3 19:27:04 1993 Jim Wilson (
* lite.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Delete -Dsun and -Dunix.
* combine.c (make_extraction): Move BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN !=
BITS_BIG_ENDIAN offset correction after the offset calculation.
* elxsi.h, mips.h (BITS_BIG_ENDIAN): Define to zero.
* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator, ARRAY_REF case): Build array type, and
then build the variant array type.
* (floatsitf2): Output fitoq not fitox.
* (scc pattterns): Add missing mode to conditional operators.
* i960.c (output_function_profiler): Add missing newlines in strings.
* c-common.c (truthvalue_conversion): Don't optimize subtract of
reals when target uses IEEE arithmetic.
* Delete cond.awk reference.
* cond.awk: Delete file.
Mon May 3 16:58:55 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-typeck.c (digest_init): Check size properly for wide-string.
* (TEXI2DVI): New variable.
(cpp.dvi, gcc.dvi): Use it.
Mon May 3 16:29:38 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-search.c (lookup_nested_field): Pass complain down as the value
for lookup_field's `protect' argument. This will help avoid
incorrect visibility errors when we're parsing things.
Mon May 3 21:02:22 1993 H.J. Lu (
Remove PIC stuff. We wait for the ELF support in gas and binutils.
(LINK_SPEC): Defined for -v.
Mon May 3 06:41:56 1993 Richard Stallman (
* objc/Makefile (copy-headers): Put `-' on mkdir command.
Sun May 2 09:28:43 1993 Richard Stallman (
* cccp.c (macroexpand): Treat `foo ( )' as 0 args if foo wants 0 args.
Sun May 2 07:37:45 1993 Richard Kenner (
* reload1.c (eliminate_regs, case SUBREG): Leave the SUBREG when
the inner object is a pseudo on machines that extend byte
loads (to be consistent with reload.c).
* reload.c (push_reload): Allow non-paradoxical SUBREGs of MEM
on machines that extend byte loads.
Sun May 2 08:57:33 1993 Michael Meissner (
* real.c (EDOM, ERANGE): Do not define since errno.h was
previously included.
Sun May 2 08:28:15 1993 Richard Stallman (
* cse.c (record_jump_cond): Use mode of op0 or op1, not MODE,
when testing for narrowing or widening subregs.
Sat May 1 10:10:44 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/nextstep.h (WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): Fix typo.
* cse.c (simplify_binary_operation): Reject CCmode in A & (~A) -> 0.
* cccp.c (macroexpand): If just whitespace between parens,
treat it as one argument.
Sat May 1 11:02:22 1993 H.J. Lu (
* (libobjc.a): Depend on $(USE_COLLECT2)
* objc/Makefile (xforward): Add `else true;' for Ultrix 4.2 make.
Sat May 1 06:49:51 1993 Tom Wood (
* objc-act.c (build_ivar_reference): Warn when a class method
refers to an instance variable.
Fri Apr 30 22:37:56 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-lex.c (yylex): Avoid invalid shift for erroneous empty char const.
* combine.c (subst, case COMPARE): Use SELECT_CC_MODE even if HAVE_CC0.
Fri Apr 30 12:40:23 1993 John Hassey (
* configure, install.texi: Updated -local configuration option.
Fri Apr 30 15:20:10 1993 Jim Wilson (
* sparc.h (LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Ifdef out.
Fri Apr 30 14:53:43 1993 Doug Evans (
* config.sub: Fix syntax error.
Fri Apr 30 12:00:24 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* fixincludes: Fix #endif comments for Ultrix 4.2.
Fri Apr 30 10:45:53 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* sh.c, sh.h,, t-sh, xm-sh.h: New files for Hitachi SH.
* configure (sh-hitachi-hms): New configuration.
* config.sub: Accept sh, hms.
Thu Apr 29 22:20:20 1993 Jeff Law (
* cse.c (cse_insn): Reset the INSN_CODE for conditional
or computed jumps which have been converted into simplejumps.
Thu Apr 29 14:30:25 PDT 1993 Ron Guilmette (
* c-common.c (truthvalue_conversion): Specific error message when the
"truthvalue" of a struct, union, or array type operand is needed.
Thu Apr 29 21:42:26 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
Thu Apr 29 12:27:59 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): When complaining about a field having
an incomplete type, tell them what type it was, and what template
instantiation was involved, if we can.
Wed Apr 28 11:50:28 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (grokfndecl): New argument `publicp', to say if we
should set TREE_PUBLIC on the node for the caller.
(grokfndecl): Pass the new arg down appropriately.
* cp-pt.c (instantiate_template): If it's a static member fn, revert
it into a FUNCTION_TYPE and chop off the this pointer.
* cp-decl.c (revert_static_member_fn): Make non-static.
* cp-tree.h (revert_static_member_fn): Add prototype.
* cp-lex.c (reinit_parse_for_block): Bump the size of BUF for the
pre-parsed line directive to 16, so we can hold the max # of digits
in a signed int (10).
Thu Apr 29 19:26:21 1993 Richard Stallman (
Definitions put into #if 0.
* c-typeck.c (build_conditional_expr): Do default_conversion
before testing for ERROR_MARK.
* cse.c (simplify_binary_operation): Don't return const0_rtx
or constm1_rtx for IOR, AND, XOR in CCmode.
(simplify_relational_operation): Don't do anything if op0 has CCmode.
* (install-normal): Move install-libgcc
Thu Apr 29 17:09:59 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* gcc.c (is_directory): Renamed from is_linker_dir and added
linker argument. If not checking linker directory, check whether
directory exists only if SMALL_ARG_MAX not defined.
(putenv_from_prefixes): Don't add directories for which
is_directory returns 0.
* config/i386/xm-sco.h (SMALL_ARG_MAX): Define.
Thu Apr 29 15:30:09 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* (shadd for reload): Fix constraint to match the output
Thu Apr 29 15:05:05 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
* (float_extend:DF recognizer): Add missing arg to
(float_truncate:SF recognizer): Likewise.
Thu Apr 29 10:18:36 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/xforward.c: File renamed from objc/_forward.c.
* objc/Makefile: Updated accordingly.
Thu Apr 29 12:10:49 1993 Richard Stallman (
* real.c: Deleted casts to void.
* real.c (emdnorm, eifrac, euifrac, mtherr): Replace
unconditional `pedwarn' by `warning' conditional on `extra_warnings'.
(toe24, todec): Use ERANGE to flag overflow on (non-IEEE)
machines that do not have infinity.
(etoasc): Check explicitly for overflow of leading decimal digit.
(asctoeg): Test for, and immediately reject, out-of-bounds
decimal exponent inputs.
(at top level): Include errno.h; reference errno,
warning, extra_warnings.
* (tooldir): Use exec_prefix, not prefix.
(gcc.o): Likewise for TOOLDIR_BASE_PREFIX.
* config/convex/convex.c (output_call):
Add missing arg to output_asm_insn.
* gcc.c (default_compilers): Inhibit -D__OPTIMIZE__ if -O0.
* config/m68k/ (movxf): Add pattern for soft-float moves.
* config/m68k/m68k.c (output_move_double): Support XFmode moves.
Thu Apr 29 00:09:34 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/init.c (__objc_exec_class): Added check for selectors = 0
Undid the following changes:
* objc/_forward.c: File removed
* objc/argframe.h, objc/af-sparc.h: New files
* objc/Makefile (ARGFRAME_H): New macro
* objc/Makefile (_forward, fflags): Targets removed
* objc/msgsend.c (objc_msg_sendv): Changed to use argframe macros
* objc/Object.[hm], objc/runtime.h, objc/objc-api.h,
objc/msgsend.c: Changed type name arglist_t to af_frame.
Thu Apr 29 00:04:11 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE): %r19 is fixed
if flag_pic is true.
* pa.c (emit_move_sequence): After legitimizing a PIC
address make sure to copy it from the temporary register
into the final destination.
Wed Apr 28 18:15:57 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Allow 1.0 FP registers to hold modes
which are smaller than 4 bytes.
Wed Apr 28 16:40:38 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (distdir): Copy subdirectories of config/ too, except RCS
Wed Apr 28 16:19:18 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (extraclean): Delete *.z as well.
Wed Apr 28 15:10:33 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips/mips.h (MIPS_VERSION): Set Meissner version # to 40.
(OPTIMIZATION_OPTIONS): Set -mgpopt if -O other than -O0.
(CC1_SPEC): Don't pass -mgpopt here.
* mips/osfrose.h (CC1_SPEC): Don't pass -mgpopt here.
* mips/osfrose.h, i386/osfrose.h (ASM_IDENTIFY_LANGUAGE): If the
language is C, do not put anything out, to not confuse kernel
debuggers and the like.
Wed Apr 28 07:31:20 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/argframe.h (__AF_ARG_ADDR): Removed .curr_off from
definition. (__AF_ARG_ADVANCE): Removed __AF_CUM_OFF around CUM.
* objc/runtime.h (_objc_error): Declaration added.
Wed Apr 28 06:17:02 1993 Richard Kenner (
* c-lex.c, cp-lex.c (yylex): Don't use unsigned comparison
to also check for < 0; do it explicitly.
* combine.c (force_to_mode, simplify_comparison): Cast to
unsiged HOST_WIDE_INT instead of unsigned int.
* cse.c (simplify_binary_operation, case SMAX): Likewise.
* expr.c (emit_block_move): Likewise.
* convert.c (convert_to_integer): When we want to return zero,
be sure we honor any side-effects in our operand.
Tue Apr 27 22:25:29 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/_forward.c: File removed
* objc/argframe.h, objc/af-sparc.h: New files
* objc/Makefile (ARGFRAME_H): New macro
* objc/Makefile (_forward, fflags): Targets removed
* objc/msgsend.c (objc_msg_sendv): Changed to use argframe macros
* objc/Object.[hm], objc/runtime.h, objc/objc-api.h,
* objc/msgsend.c: Changed type name arglist_t to af_frame.
Tue Apr 27 16:29:45 1993 Tom Wood (
* nextstep.h (NeXT_OBJC, STANDARD_EXEC_PREFIX): Delete.
* i386/next.h: Use gas.h instead of bsd.h.
Tue Apr 27 12:20:08 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* reorg.c (dbr_schedule): Do not run the delay slot scheduling
pass if the current function has no insns other than the prologue
and epilogue.
* pa.c (hppa_expand_epilogue): Emit a "blockage" insn
to keep the stack and frame pointer adjustments at the
end of the epilogue.
* (blockage): New pattern.
Tue Apr 27 10:59:33 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* gcc.c (DEFAULT_WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): New macro. Like old
WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG, but added idirafter, iprefix, iwithprefix.
* config/i386/osfrose.h, config/m68k/sun2.h, config/m68k/sun3.h,
config/mips/osfrose.h, config/sparc/sparc.h, config/svr4.h,
config/nextstep.h (WORD_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): Rewrote to use
Tue Apr 27 07:38:47 1993 Richard Kenner (
* (stmp-int-hdrs): No longer depends on gsyslimits.h.
Don't make include/syslimits.h here since we want to test the
limits.h made by fixincludes, not by the later part of this rule.
(stmp-fixinc): Depends on gsyslimits.h.
Make include/syslimits.h here.
* alpha.c (alpha_emit_set_const, output_{pro,epi}log): Generate
insns to load constants into a register using a method that works
on a 32-bit machine as well.
Tue Apr 27 09:26:04 1993 CET Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/Makefile (fflags): -x test changed to -s test
* objc/Makefile: CFLAGS changed to GCC_CFLAGS
* objc/Object.h: No longer includes objc.h Instead, a minimal set
of definitions is provided here.
* objc/Object.h, Object.m, cache.h, class.c, init.c, misc.c,
objc-api.h, objc.h, objects.c, sendmasg.c: Usage of Class_t and
MetaClass_t eliminated. Now using Class* and MetaClass* only.
* objc/objc.h: Does no longer include stdio.h and stdarg.h. Minimal
set of definition, which is provided by Object.h is placed in
preprocessor conditionals __object_INCLUDE_GNU. Definitions of
MetaClass_t and Class_t removed. Class and MetaClass are no
longer defines, but typedefs.
Tue Apr 27 01:40:50 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
Mon Apr 26 20:45:07 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-init.c (expand_recursive_init_1): Make sure we use the binfo's
version of a binfo, rather than someone elses, as the second
parameter to build_virtual_init must be the exact binfo we want so
that it may get the right vtable.
Mon Apr 26 12:58:23 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-type2.c (my_friendly_abort): Rephrase to try to help encourage
people to send bug reports in, and not just say, "Hey, the compiler
told me to report an internal error. Bye!".
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Forbid declaring an array of references.
* cp-parse.y (unary_expr): Forbid doing sizeof on a function.
* cp-typeck.c (build_unary_op): Pedwarn if they try to do pre/post
increment/decrement on an enum.
* cp-method.c (build_opfncall): Reorganize things to properly look
for a postfix operator ++/--, without taking the fastest way out of
the search, which could lose.
* cp-search.c (compute_visibility): Check for a member fn
manipulating its own members before checking the basetype_path.
* cp-pt.c (lookup_template_class): Instead of dying in the case
where D1 has a local value but no global or class value, return an
* cp-pt.c (lookup_template_class): Don't assert if IN_DECL is null,
since we pass it down that way from the parser.
(coerce_template_parms): Likewise.
* cp-parse.y (template_type): Let template_type_seen_before_scope be
an error_mark if necessary, so we can intelligently handle things
later rather than give useless syntax errors.
Sat Apr 24 17:12:17 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-pt.c (tsubst): When we go back for a second pass, make sure we
start over with the list of methods. Fixes problem introduce on
Sat Mar 20 12:29:37 1993.
Mon Apr 26 18:48:18 1993 Richard Kenner (
* fold-const.c (fold): Signedness matters for comparisons and
right shifts.
* xm-alpha.h (ONLY_INT_FIELD): Define again; this time say why.
* tree.h (INTEGRAL_TYPE_P, FLOAT_TYPE_P): New macros.
* fold-const.c: Use INTEGRAL_TYPE_P and FLOAT_TYPE_P.
* protoize.c (other_variable_style_function): Properly test for
the presence of the string "...".
* c-decl.c (pushdecl): Don't make a copy of type of error_mark_node.
Mon Apr 26 18:15:03 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa-hpux.h (LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL): Delete.
* pa-ghpux.h, pa-hpux7.h, pa-gux7.h: Likewise.
Mon Apr 26 16:57:03 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips-tdump.c (CODE_MASK): Define if running on an alpha instead
of a MIPS.
(MIPS_IS_STAB): Ditto.
(tfile): New global, holds result of -t option, to skip global
(malloc, calloc, realloc, free): Don't declare on alpha.
(print_sym_hdr): Make sure all arguments are properly cast to int
or long, depending on whether the format is %ld or %d.
(read_tfile): Don't look at magic number, instead use -t option to
determine whether to skip the global header or not.
(main): Process -t option.
Mon Apr 26 17:47:10 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* Objective C portability cleanup
* objc/Object.c (-hash, -error): Cast changed to size_t
* objc/archive.c, objc/misc.c, objc/sendmsg: Argument to strlen
casted to char* everywhere.
* objc/class.c (__objc_resolve_class_links): Unused variable
class1 removed.
* objc/class.c (class_pose_as): Unused variable node removed.
* objc/hash.c, objc/init.c: extra parenthesis around assignment
* objc/Makefile, objc/hash.h, objc/runtime, objc/sarray.h: IN_OBJC
changed to IN_GCC.
* objc/init.c: Unused local variable object_class removed. Cast of
pointer to int changed to size_t.
* objc/list.h (list_free): No longer declared inline.
* objc/objc-api.h, objc-runtime.h: Now includes memory.h.
* objc/objc.h: Added declarations for malloc and friends, IN_OBJC
changed to IN_GCC. Type of info member of objc_class changed to
unsigned long.
* objc/objects.c, objc/api.h, objc/sarray.h: Changed usage of
bcopy to memcpy.
* objc/sendmsg (__objc_print_dtable_stats): Returntype changed to
Mon Apr 26 07:55:03 1993 Doug Evans (
* sparc.h (ASM_OUTPUT_LONG_DOUBLE): New macro.
* sysv4.h (ASM_OUTPUT_LONG_DOUBLE): Likewise.
Mon Apr 26 08:45:18 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at
* objc/hash.h, objc/init.c, objc/objc.h, objc/sarray.c,
objc/sarray.h, objc/selector.c, objc/sendmsg.c: Change unsigned
int to size_t when casting pointer type to integer.
* objc/sarray.h (struct soffset): Changed to add up to sizeof
(size_t) in stead of sizeof (unsigned int).
* objc/hash.h: Include stddef.h
* objc/_forward.h: int changed to size_t.
* objc/Object.m, objc/archive.c, objc-api.h: Take out archiving
support for alpha.
* objc/Makefile: (IN_OBJC): new #define used to control inclusion
of gstdarg or stdarg for the runtime. objc/objc.h,
objc/runtime.h, objc/sarray.h: Updated to use the above.
Sun Apr 25 21:50:16 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-lex.c (yylex): Re-incorporate changes to redo converting
float values to desired type.
Sun Apr 25 18:11:24 1993 Ron Guilmette (
* rtl.h (NOTE_INSN_FUNCTION_BEG): Make non-zero.
* rtl.c (note_insn_name): Re-order for above.
* dwarfout.c (output_decl): Check for DECL_INITIAL == NULL_TREE
rather than DECL_EXTERNAL != 0 when trying to see if we have a
mere function declaration rather than a function definition.
(dwarfout_file_scope_decl): Likewise. Also, don't bother checking
TREE_USED for file-scope functions, since it isn't 100% accurate
until the end of compilation anyway.
Sun Apr 25 17:07:44 1993 Jim Wilson (
* sparc.c (mem_aligned_8): Delete ifdefed out code. Add support
(TARGET_SWITCHES): Delete hope-align, force-align. Add
unaligned-doubles and no-unaligned-doubles.
(ROUND_REG): Delete.
FUNCTION_ARG_BOUNDARY): Delete force-align support.
(LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Define to 128.
* sched.c (create_reg_dead_note): Rewrite so as to conserve
registers killed not number of REG_DEAD notes.
(schedule_block): Change comments about dead_notes variable.
* sparc.h (REG_ALLOC_ORDER, REG_LEAF_ALLOC_ORDER): Make %f0/%f1
the last float registers allocated.
* sparc.c (output_load_address, output_size_for_block_move,
output_block_move): Ifdef out.
* (movstrsi): Comment out.
* sparc.c (output_function_epilogue): Emit 'nop' instead of
'sub %sp,-0,%sp' when the frame is empty.
* (movdf): Add a define split.
* expmed.c (extract_fixed_bit_field): Adjust BITPOS so that it
fits inside MODE before adjusting OFFSET to get an aligned address.
Sun Apr 25 06:28:56 1993 Richard Kenner (
* varasm.c (make_decl_rtl): If a variable has an asm operand that
refers to, e.g., fp, make a distinct RTL for it.
* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Last arg to __builtin_apply
is size_t, not int.
* c-lex.c (yylex): Don't warn about floating point out of
range if target floating-point format is IEEE.
* romp.h (SIZE_TYPE): Deleted.
Sat Apr 24 16:46:41 1993 Stephen L. Moshier (
* c-lex.c (forget_protocol_qualifiers): Cast enums to ints before
Sat Apr 24 13:08:56 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Pass a register operand, not
a memory operand to "cacheflush".
* (cacheflush): Rework pattern and output template to avoid
using REG+D addressing.
Sat Apr 24 11:15:02 1993 Richard Kenner (
* flow.c (mark_used_regs): Use proper type for {all,some}_needed.
* cse.c (invalidate): Likewise for in_table.
* tree.h (build_binary_op, build_indirect_ref, build_unary_op):
Delete declarations; these are part of the front ends.
* objc-act.c (HASHFUNCTION): Cast pointers to widest int type.
Sat Apr 24 02:48:37 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
Cygnus<->FSF merge.
Fri Apr 23 11:08:25 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-call.c, cp-class.c, cp-decl.c, cp-except.c, cp-init.c,
cp-parse.y, cp-pt.c, cp-search.c, cp-type2.c, cp-typeck.c,
cp-xref.c: Fix many bugs in types of fn args & such.
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): When dealing with a class-local
typedef, only call poplevel when the current_binding_level isn't
what we marked as being the local_binding_level.
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Call pushdecl_class_level, not
pushtag, to put a class-local typedef into its proper scope.
Also disable the warning about a typedef hiding the previous
one, since the cp-class.c change now diagnoses that problem.
* cp-class.c (delete_duplicate_fields_1): Also check for duplicated
type names.
* cp-lex.c (yyerror): Delete extern decl of input_redirected.
* cp-parse.y (primary): If the global value for a scoped identifier
ends up being an ADDR_EXPR, call assemble_extern on its argument,
not on the ADDR_EXPR itself. Fixes the IMPORT problem on the PA.
* cp-typeck.c (build_modify_expr_1): Put in missing `else'.
Wed Oct 7 16:00:29 1992 Chip Salzenberg (
Change propagated from the C front-end.
* cp-decl.c (shadow_tag): Use pedwarn for useless keyword.
Wed Oct 7 17:51:36 PDT 1992 Ron Guilmette (rfg at
* cp-type2.c (digest_init): Handle union initializers which are
"raw" constructors.
(process_init_constructor): Renamed `erred' to `erroneous' (as in
the C front end).
(process_init_constructor): Added code to handle union initializers.
Fri Oct 23 16:29:45 1992 Chip Salzenberg (
Change propagated from the C front-end.
* c-typeck.c (process_init_constructor): When initializing a union,
handle the case of an empty init list.
Tue Dec 1 21:35:36 1992 Niklas Hallqvist (niklas at
* cp-call.c (convert_harshness): Add support for ellipsis matching
when dealing with function pointers (or references) in argument
(rank_for_overload): Ditto.
(compute_conversion_costs): Ditto.
(*_HARSHNESS): Ditto
* cp-class.h (struct candidate): Ditto.
Mon Jan 4 11:46:19 1993 Chip Salzenberg (
Changes propagated from the C front-end.
* cp-typeck.c (c_sizeof, c_sizeof_nowarn, c_size_in_bytes):
Call force_fit_type with end result.
Sat Jan 30 01:23:22 1993 Niklas Hallqvist (niklas at
* cp-class.c (finish_struct): See to that static members whose
type is the class they're declared in gets a correct mode. This
is a completion of the Jan 23rd change.
Mon Feb 1 09:40:11 1993 Niklas Hallqvist (niklas at
* cp-search.c (compute_visibility): Add support for anonymous
unions nested in classes.
Tue Feb 2 16:06:10 1993 Chip Salzenberg (
Eliminate signed integer overflow in specbits:
* cp-lex.h (RID_BIT_TYPE): New typedef for RID_... bits.
(RIDBIT): New convenience macro for RID_... bits.
* cp-decl.c (grokvardecl, grokdeclarator): Declare specbits
to be RID_BIT_TYPE. Use RIDBIT instead of "1<<RID_...".
Mon Feb 15 10:45:12 1993 Niklas Hallqvist (
* cp-method.c (build_typename_overload): Identifiers built by this
function needs the IDENTIFIER_OPNAME_P slot set.
Wed Apr 21 11:25:15 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (lookup_nested_type): When dealing with types that are
local to a nested class's member fn, make sure to hand back a TYPE_DECL
instead of a RECORD_TYPE.
Tue Apr 20 20:17:42 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-spew.c (yylex): Add `typespec (ID::*ID)[' and `typespec
(ID::*ID)(' to list of things that parse as declarators.
Mon Apr 19 15:05:21 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (report_ambiguous_mi_virtuals): If is never an error
to have same named class members at declaration time, ambiguities
are now caught at use sights.
Fri Apr 16 13:59:28 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-method.c (build_opfncall): If they didn't declare a postfix
operator ++ or --, then fall back and use the prefix one.
* cp-decl.c (grokfndecl): Forbid an operator ++/-- with its second
argument as anything other than an int.
* cp-lex.c (set_yydebug): Add extern decl of yydebug.
Fix enums in nested classes.
* cp-search.c (lookup_nested_field): New argument `complain', to
control if we should emit an error about assignment to a member of
an enclosing class or not. Also, if ID ends up being an error_mark,
set it to a NULL so we don't try to do nasty things later---better
to assume we didn't find anything at all.
* cp-tree.h (lookup_nested_field): Add new arg to prototype.
* cp-decl.c (lookup_name): Pass if prefer_type is -2 into
lookup_nested_field, since there are cases (e.g., nested enums) when
we still need to look here.
* cp-lex.c (do_identifier): Pass complain arg as 1 into
Thu Apr 15 11:23:18 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (report_ambiguous_mi_virtuals): Pass pointers to
arrays, not pointers to first elements in the array in call to
* cp-lex.c (do_identifier), cp-parse.y: move
undeclared_variable_notice to where it is really used.
* cp-lex.c (do_identifier): Improve error message.
Tue Apr 13 17:04:12 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-typeck.c (default_conversion): OFFSET_REFs may not always have
a TREE_CODE (TREE_TYPE (x)) of OFFSET_TYPE, but they always will
have a TREE_CODE (x) of OFFSET_REF.
Fri Apr 9 20:26:32 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-lex.c (real_yylex): Use MAP_CHARACTER translate incoming
character set. See c-lex.c ChangeLog entry for more details.
Thu Apr 8 15:30:58 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (lookup_field): When looking something up, if
want_type is set, and what we find is ambiguous make sure we set
errstr to 0, even when rval is already NULL_TREE.
Thu Apr 8 11:40:16 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-tree.h (lookup_name_current_level): Add prototype.
Tue Apr 6 13:36:00 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): When we see `typedef enum ...' inside
a class, properly grok the tag instead of giving two bogus errors.
(lookup_name_current_level): Don't make it static, and delete its
* cp-lex.h (enum rid): Move RID_UNUSED1 to the end, so that RID_AUTO
will be 30, not 31. We're at the limit, the next time a new rid is
added to this, we have to re-implement it to avoid integer overflows.
Sat Apr 3 12:16:23 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-init.c (emit_base_init): init can be NULL_TREE when dealing
with arrays, guard against it.
Fri Apr 23 19:33:58 1993 Tor Egge (
* reorg.c (relax_delay_slots): Make sure target_label is set.
Fri Apr 23 19:19:06 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-decl.c (shadow_tag_warned): Let warned have three values, so that
a mere warning doesn't prevent a pedwarn. Don't skip the error call
at the end on accounted of warned.
* c-decl.c (push_parm_decl): Turn off warning when parameter
shadows typedef.
Fri Apr 23 16:41:54 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* (casesi0): Indicate that the PC is set to the
out-of-range label if the index is not valid.
Fri Apr 23 14:00:48 1993 Peter Schauer (
* i386/svr3dbx.h, i386/svr3gas.h: Reflect new directory structure.
* i386/t-svr3dbx: New file to install the required ld ifiles
* configure (i[34]86-...): Use t-svr3dbx if configured --with-stabs.
Fri Apr 23 13:53:31 1993 Jim Wilson (
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): Advance following_insn if it is a
clobber, not if the next insn is a clobber.
Fri Apr 23 13:44:12 1993 Joey Pruett (
* protoize.c (scan_for_missed_items): Add keywords: else, do, case.
Fri Apr 23 06:52:25 1993 Richard Kenner (
* fold-const.c (fold, case REALPART_EXPR, IMAGPART_EXPR): Avoid using
build_{unary,binary}_op since the calling sequences depend on
the front-end.
* expr.c (expand_expr, case OFFSET_REF): Likewise.
* convert.c (convert_to_integer, convert_to_complex): Likewise.
* c-typeck.c (readonly_warning): Correctly check for assignments
to iterators.
Thu Apr 22 07:44:40 1993 Tom Wood (
* c-lang.c, objc-act.c (maybe_objc_comptypes): Undo the previous
change and make the undecided return value from 2 to -1 to avoid
confusion with the values used by comptypes.
(objc_comptypes): Ditto. When two record types are being
compared, and none of the typed object cases applies, return -1 to
indicate no decision.
* c-typeck.c (comptypes): Only pass along a known return value
from maybe_objc_comptype.
(comp_target_types): If maybe_objc_comptypes computed a known
answer, return it. Don't recurse for Objective-C.
* nextstep.h (ASM_FILE_START): Don't output a .file directive.
That's used by the assembler for error reporting.
Wed Apr 21 17:45:50 1993 Ron Guilmette (rfg at
* dwarfout.c (location_or_const_value_attribute): Fixed to use
DECL_INCOMING_RTL for PARM_DECLs only when DECL_RTL isn't usable,
and even then, only when it actually points to the right place.
* integrate.c (integrate_parm_decls): Copy the DECL_ARG_TYPE value
from the PARM_DECL being cloned into the DECL_ARG_TYPE field of the
* dwarf.h (AT_lo_user, AT_hi_user): Fix defined values to be correct
according to final DWARF V1 spec.
Tue Apr 20 20:32:57 1993 Doug Evans (
* function.c (assign_parms): Use mode of type, not BLKmode.
Tue Apr 20 18:37:12 1993 Richard Kenner (kenner at
* configure (rs6000-ibm-aix*): Put cases in proper order.
Mon Apr 19 15:27:16 1993 Doug Evans (
* calls.c (expand_call): New FUNCTION_ARG_CALLEE_COPIES macro.
* function.c (assign_parms): Ditto.
Sat Apr 17 17:44:59 1993 Richard Kenner (
* expr.h (FUNCTION_ARG_PADDING): Add parens to make clearer.
(MUST_PASS_IN_STACK): Don't allow machine to override (none
currently do).
Don't force in stack if wrong padding when padding isn't needed.
* basic-block.h (reg_basic_block): Now int *, not short *.
* flow.c (uid_block_number): Likewise.
(flow_analysis): Allocate uid_block_number and reg_basic_block
as array of ints.
* combine.c (reg_last_set_label, reg_last_set_table_tick, label_tick):
Use int, not short, for counting labels.
(combine_instructions): Allocate these vars as arrays of ints.
* jump.c (same_regs): Now arrays of ints.
(thread_jumps): all_reset also array of ints, and allocate as ints.
* reg-stack.c (block_number, BLOCK_NUM, reg_to_stack): Use ints,
not shorts to count blocks.
Sat Apr 17 03:27:48 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (unary_expr): Delete the alternate REALPART and IMAGPART
rules with explicit parens. Make the simple REALPART and IMAGPART
rules contain cast_expr.
* c-decl.c (finish_struct): Promote unsigned bitfield to signed int
if the field isn't as wide as an int.
Fri Apr 16 21:42:49 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* calls.c (expand_call): Check warn_inline before complaining about
not being able to inline a fn declared inline.
* flags.h (warn_inline): Add extern decl.
Fri Apr 16 20:27:57 1993 Richard Kenner (
* (blockage): Use unspec_volatile #1; #0 is IMB.
* local-alloc.c (qty_n_refs): Make int, like reg_n_refs.
(qty_first_reg, reg_next_in_qty): Make int, not short.
(local_alloc): Allocate these as arrays of ints.
(block_alloc, qty_compare_1): qty_order is now array of ints.
Fri Apr 16 20:27:16 1993 Tom Wood (
* a29k.h (FUNCTION_VALUE_REGNO_P): True only for the first register
in the group.
*,, (untyped_call, blockage): New patterns.
Fri Apr 16 17:53:21 1993 Ron Guilmette (rfg at
* reload1.c (last_spill_reg): Add missing "int".
Fri Apr 16 16:55:16 1993 Doug Evans (
* (objc-headers): Ensure objc dir exists.
Fri Apr 16 16:40:49 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips/mips.h (MIPS_VERSION): Set Meissner revision number to 39.
(SELECT_SECTION): Do not put items with relocation into .rdata.
macros to be overidden.
Provide versions of these that does not rely on using mprotect.
* mips/t-mips, mips/t-osfrose, mips/t-ultrix, i386/t-osfrose:
Delete extra dependencies.
* i386/osfrose.h (SELECT_SECTION): Do not put items with
relocation into .text if -pic-lib.
Fri Apr 16 01:09:53 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i386/xm-isc.h (REAL_VALUE_ATOF): Define only if
Thu Apr 15 07:25:00 1993 Tom Wood (
* objc-act.c (IS_ID, IS_PROTOCOL_QUALIFIED_ID, IS_SUPER): New type
checking macros.
(objc_comptypes, build_message_expr, gen_declspecs): Use them.
* objc-act.c (gen_declarator): Don't use strcpy's return value.
* objc-act.c (build_message_expr): Allow any type that matches
* objc-act.c (get_class_reference): We already have a name.
* objc-act.c (receiver_is_class_object): Use STRIP_NOPS. Search
Thu Apr 15 07:25:00 1993 Michael Meissner (
* objc-act.c (build_objc_string): Use TREE_SET_CODE instead of
assigning to TREE_CODE.
(build_objc_string_object): Ditto.
Wed Apr 14 17:51:50 1993 Holger Teutsch (
Frame pointer is no longer required for leaf functions.
* clipper.c (clipper_frame_size): New function.
(output_function_pro/epilogue): Support omitting frame pointer.
* (cmpsi): Use `cmpq' for small immediate values.
(addsi3): Use `loada' for `reg1 = reg2 + immed'.
Wed Apr 14 15:23:24 1993 Richard Kenner (
* print-tree.c (print_node): Use (struct rtx_def *), not (rtx).
Wed Apr 14 13:46:36 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/i860/ (floatsidf2): Add missing arg to REAL_VALUE_ATOF.
* Improve error message for sym undeclared at top level.
Wed Apr 14 12:06:08 1993 Tom Wood (
* c-lang.c, objc-act.c (maybe_objc_comptypes): Return 0
(incompatible) rather than 2 (similar enough) as the default.
This was an inadvertent change in the Objective-C merge.
* objc-act.c (get_class_reference): Call add_class_reference for
the GNU runtimes.
Wed Apr 14 03:49:21 CDT 1993 Paul Burchard (
* objc/Object.h, objc/Object.m, (-awake);
objc/archive.c (__objc_finish_read_root_object):
Corrected name of method -awake: to -awake for compatibility.
Wed Apr 14 10:58:29 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab@xiv)
* objc/Object.m, objc/Object.h (+streamVersion:): New method.
* objc/archive.c (objc_get_stream_class_version): New function.
Tue Apr 13 17:23:22 1993 Ron Guilmette (rfg at
* c-decl.c (pop_label_level, combine_parm_decls): Correct args
in error calls.
* c-typeck.c (error_init, pedwarn_init): Cast alloca result to char *.
* calls.c (expand_call): Last arg of emit_stack_save is NULL_RTX.
(store_one_arg): Fourth arg to emit_push_insn is NULL_RTX.
* collect2.c (main, scan_prog_file): Don't call signal on signal
names that aren't defined.
* dbxout.c (dbxout_symbol): Last arg to eliminate_regs is NULL_RTX.
* fold-const.c (size_int): NUMBER is unsigned so don't test
for negative.
(optimize_bit_field_compare, all_ones_mask_p): Add missing
last arg to force_fit_type call.
* gcc.c (putenv): Make result type void.
(main): Don't call signal for undefined signal names.
* genextract.c (main): Remove extra arg to printf call.
* print-tree.c (print_node_brief, print_node): Properly cast
arg when printing ints or rtx.
* rtl.h, tree.h (xmalloc): Don't use prototype for now.
* sched.c (sched_analyze_1): Extra arg in anti_dependence call.
* toplev.c (main): Don't call signal for undefined signal names.
* varasm.c (make_var_volatile): Return type is void.
(assemble_string): First arg is not pointer to unsigned.
* sparc.h (LEGITIMIZE_ADDRESS): Last arg to force_operand is NULL_RTX.
* (movXX): Third arg to emit_move_sequence is NULL_RTX.
(movsi): Add missing return after abort.
Tue Apr 13 14:09:00 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-typeck.c (digest_init): Don't call default_conversion before
(parser_build_binary_op): Make NOP_EXPR, not NON_LVALUE_EXPR.
* dbxout.c (dbxout_type): Re-enable debugging output for anonymous
structures in C++.
Tue Apr 13 08:44:55 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc-act.c, toplev.c (-Wprotocol): added
* objc-act.c (flag_warn_protocol): New variable
(check_methods_accessible): New function
(check_protocol): Use check_methods or check_methods_accessible
depending on flag_warn_protocol to check protocol conformance.
* objc-act.c (start_class): For class implementations Assign
SUPER_CLASS_NAME from interface specification if not present.
Tue Apr 13 06:48:20 1993 Richard Kenner (
* (sminsf, smindf, smaxsf, smaxdf): Should be minsf, etc.
* genattrtab.c (clear_struct_flag): Add void return type defn.
(count_subs_rtx): Add int return type and add definition.
(simplify_test_exp): Delete debugging junk.
(do_nothing): Delete.
* tree.def (QUAL_UNION_TYPE): New tree code.
* tree.h (DECL_QUALIFIER): New access macro for decl.initial.
* calls.c, dbxout.c, dwarfout.c, expr.c, function.c, print-tree.c:
Treat QUAL_UNION_TYPE like UNION_TYPE when seeing if aggregate.
* sdbout.c, stmt.c, varasm.c: Likewise.
* expr.c (get_inner_reference): Don't blow up if a FIELD_DECL
hasn't been filled in.
(expand_expr, case COMPONENT_REF): Likewise.
* stor-layout.c (layout_union): Handle QUAL_UNION_TYPE.
(layout_type): Call layout_union for QUAL_UNION_TYPE and
treat it like UNION_TYPE elsewhere.
Tue Apr 13 06:08:16 1993 Paul Eggert (
* fold-const.c (div_and_round_double): Don't mix HOST_WIDE_INT * and
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT * parameters; some compilers complain.
Mon Apr 12 22:14:03 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/list.h, objc/runtime.h: Removed declarations of library
functions. objc/list.h, objc/objc.h, objc/objc-api.h,
objc/runtime.h, Object.m, Protocol.m: Changed to double quote
includes. Removed includes of stddef.h, objc-archive.h and
* objc/objc-archive.h: File deleted. Contents embedded in objc-api.h
* objc/objc-archive.c: File renamed to archive.c
* objc/objc-class.c: File renamed to class.c
* objc/objc-init.c: File renamed to init.c
* objc/objc-misc.c: File renamed to misc.c
* objc/objc-msg.c: File renamed to sendmsg.c
* objc/objc-object.c: File renamed to objects.c
* objc/objc-sel.c: File renamed to selector.c
* objc/Makefile (OBJC_H, OBJC_O): Updated accordingly
Mon Apr 12 22:05:58 1993 Tom Wood (
* (objc-act.o): Add dependencies.
Mon Apr 12 20:52:00 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc-act.c (_OBJC_SELECTOR_REFERENCES_decl): Variable renamed to
_OBJC_SELECTOR_TABLE_decl. Name of selector table renamed from
conflict with NeXTSTEP linker.
* (stmp-int-hdrs): Added dependency objc-headers.
(objc-headers): New target.
* objc/Makefile (_forward, fflags): Made targets error prone.
(objc-msg.o, _forward): Use explicit path instead of $<.
Mon Apr 12 19:49:55 1993 Tom Wood (
members to avoid use of noncopied_parts.
* objc-act.c (get_static_reference, get_objcect_reference,
start_protocol): Make a tree vector for new protocol types.
(start_class): The tree vector for class types is longer.
Mon Apr 12 15:46:21 1993 Jim Wilson (
* (install-common): Delete $(bindir)/$(target)-gcc
before trying to install it.
* i960.h (CONSTANT_ALIGNMENT): Only increase alignment of string
* gcc.c (library_prefix): Delete variable.
(process_command): Delete uses of library_prefix.
(do_spec_1, D case): Delete use of library_prefix.
* explow.c (emit_stack_save): At end, call validize_mem when
inside sequence.
* c-typeck.c (internal_build_compound_expr): When pedantic, don't
simplify a COMPOUND_EXPR, so that it won't be mistaken for an
lvalue or an integer constant expression.
* fold-const.c (fold, COMPOUND_EXPR case): Likewise.
Mon Apr 12 15:24:05 1993 Richard Kenner (
* rs6000.c (print_operand): Sort all cases in alphabetical order.
(print_operand, case 'G'): New case.
(output_epilog): Know that "GNU Obj-C" is the language string
for Objective-C.
* (adddi3/subdi3): Allow immediate constants.
* configure (rs6000-ibm-aix*): Make AIX 3.2 the default.
* README.RS6000: Replaced file to discuss assembler for AIX 3.2 and
problems with NLS support.
* combine.c (record_value_for_reg): Properly set SUBST_LOW_CUID
for last change; otherwise won't get best value.
Mon Apr 12 13:23:59 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* jump.c (jump_optimize, clause for `x=a; if (...) x=b;'):
Do this regardless of BRANCH_COST if HAVE_conditional_move
Mon Apr 12 17:15:43 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at xiv)
* objc/hash.h: Deleted #include "mutext.h"
* objc/Object.m, objc/Object.h (-read:, -write:): added.
* objc/Object.m, objc-api.h: Stripped anything added by which is not considered "minor changes".
* objc/objc.h: now "#include"s objc-archive.h
* objc/objc-msg.c (__objc_init_install_dtable,
__objc_install_dtable_for_class): Call to
__objc_resolve_class_links moved to the latter.
* objc/objc-msg.c (__objc_responds_to): Function added
* objc/objc-archive.c (objc_write_reference): added
Sat Apr 10 18:07:46 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (
* objc/Makefile: Cleaned up for inclusion in gcc distribution.
Target copy-headers added.
Sun Apr 11 06:40:16 1993 Richard Kenner (
* toplev.c (strip_off_ending): Add .atr for Ada.
* reorg.c (add_to_delay_list): Clear any cached block information
for INSN.
* stor-layout.c (layout_record): After copying the offsets of a
field that is an anonymous union to the offsets of the fields
of that union, zero the offset of the anonymous field in case
it is used to access the inner fields.
* combine.c (make_compound_operation, case xSHIFTRT):
Clean up code so more readable and don't restrict to case
where C2 >= C1.
Pass correct (inner) code to recursive call.
(make_compound_operation, case SUBREG): Pass the code of our
operand to recursive call, not SUBREG, and make another recursive
call after calling force_to_mode.
Sun Apr 11 11:16:48 1993 John F Carr (
* combine.c (can_combine_p): Don't move an UNSPEC_VOLATILE.
Sun Apr 11 01:32:39 1993 Richard Stallman (
* expmed.c (expand_divmod): When adjusting op0 for trunc_div or
trunc_mod, using shifts (not branches), make a new pseudo for the
result. Don't use target for adjusted_op0.
Sat Apr 10 10:57:09 1993 Richard Kenner (
* xm-alpha.h (ONLY_INT_FIELDS): No longer needed.
* alpha.c (alpha_sa_size): Need to save $26 if it is used or
if any other register is saved, but not just because a stack
space is needed.
(output_prolog): Add code to probe the stack if we allocate more
than 4096 bytes; required by chapter 7 (for threads).
Know when to save $26.
(output_epilog): Know when to restore $26.
* (add/sub): Correct predicates and constraints for
sNaddX and addX insns; we can use sNsubX and subX to add small
negative constants.
Don't split addition to SP since we want to update it just once.
(beq, bne): Use subtract, not compare for ints; it's more efficient.
(define_split for comparisons): Always prefer add/sub if it will work.
(probe_stack, allocate_stack): New patterns.
Fri Apr 9 20:03:38 1993 Jim Wilson (
* c-typeck.c (free_tree_list): New variable.
(digest_init): Set free_tree_list.
(process_init_constructor): Use add_double to do arithmetic with
double integers instead of using fold/build to to arithmetic in
type of array index. Use free_tree_list when available instead of
generating a new tree_list.
Fri Apr 9 19:05:31 1993 Tom Wood (
RID_ID): New Objective-C keywords.
* c-parse.gperf: Incorporate the Objective-C keywords from
objc-parse.gperf and add the new keywords.
* objc.gperf: Deleted.
* c-lex.c: Use -N when running gperf so the keyword table can be
accessed. Ran gperf and replaced that section.
(forget_protocol_qualifiers, remember_protocol_qualifiers): New
functions to modify the keyword table so that `in', `out', `inout',
`bycopy', and `oneway' are keywords only in protocol declarations.
(init_lex): Initialize the new keywords. Forget the protocol
qualifiers, and only make `id' a keyword when compiling an
Objective-C module.
(yylex): Treat @ as the start of an identifier (keyword), but
recognize Objective-C string constants (@"...").
* Add support for Objective-C protocols, classes, and
(initlist): Don't include labeled array elements in the
Objective-C grammer. These look like messages and preclude the
use of messages in initializers.
(recognize_objc_keyword): Deleted. The keywords are now in
* c-tree.h: Add declarations for functions in objc-act.c.
(doing_objc_thang): Declare here.
* c-decl.c (grokfield): Check for statically allocated objects.
* c-lang.c (is_class_name, maybe_objc_method_name,
build_objc_string): New functions.
(maybe_objc_comptypes): Add REFLEXIVE parameter.
* c-typeck.c (comptypes, convert_for_assignment): Check for
Objective-C protocols (non-reflexive use of maybe_objc_comptypes).
(comp_target_types): Rewrite so that maybe_objc_comptypes checks
protocols when processing an Objective-C module. For C modules,
the code path is unchanged.
(convert_for_assignment): Improve the error message for
incompatible message arguments.
* objc-act.h, objc-act.c: Add support for protocols, classes, and
strings. Update the runtime targets for the new GNU runtimes as
well as existing NeXT runtimes.
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add -fgnu-runtime and -fnext-runtime.
* configure (i[34]86-next-*): New configuration.
* config.sub: Default to bsd if vendor is next.
* i386/next.h, i386/next.c, i386/x-next, i386/t-next,
i386/xm-next: New files.
* m68k/next.h, m68k/next.c: Move machine independent portions to
nextstep.h and nextstep.c. Update to NeXTSTEP 3.0 and 3.1.
* nextstep.h, nextstep.c: New files.
Dumped Kresten's latest objc-runtime into the objc directory.
This needs work.
* objc/core.c, objc/objc-proto.h, objc/object.h, objc/object.m,
objc/record.h: Deleted.
Thu Apr 1 11:02:49 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at xiv)
* objc/list.h (list_remove_head): added case for one element list.
* objc-init.c (__objc_exec_class): changed objc_get_class to
objc_lookup_class. (thanks to
Thu Mar 30 11:04:11 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at xiv)
* Protocol.m, objc/Protocol.h: added
* objc.h (struct objc_protocol): added
* objc-init.c (__objc_init_protocols): added
(__objc_exec_class): added code for initializing protocols
* objc-class.c (__objc_class_add_protocols): added
Thu Mar 25 17:09:40 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at xiv)
* configure, added
* (install): added
Wed Mar 24 14:32:14 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at xiv)
* objc/objc.h: Define objc_msg_lookup inline if optimization is
turned on. objc-actions.c changed accordingly.
Tue Mar 23 18:02:04 1993 Kresten Krab Thorup (krab at eos)
* sarray.c, objc/sarray.h: Structure of `sarray' changed
eliminating one indirection. This affects most functions.
Mon Mar 29 1993 Christopher J. Kane (kane@rock-opera)
* objc-object.c (_objc_object_alloc, _objc_object_dispose,
_objc_object_copy): moved to objc-misc.c, init to 0.
: deleted file.
* Object.m (-perform:, -perform:with:, -perform:with:with:): check
return value of objc_msg_looup before using it.
(-name, -doesNotRecognize:, -error:): changed class_get_class_name
to object_get_class_name.
(+readFrom:): added check for class name length.
* objc-api.m (class_create_instance, object_copy, object_dispose):
moved from objc-object.c, inline'd
Sun Mar 28 1993 Christopher J. Kane (kane@prelude)
* objc-api.h (several inline functions): rewritten to
use new CLS_ISCLASS and CLS_ISMETA macros.
(object_is_metaclass): added.
* objc.h (_objc_alloc, _objc_dealloc, _objc_realloc,
_objc_copy, objc_trace): removed (not used).
(class_get_class_number, class_set_class_number): removed.
(CLS_ISCLASS, CLS_ISMETA): check for nil parameter.
Sat Mar 27 1993 Christopher J. Kane (kane@toccata)
* Object.m: method comments added.
(-transmuteClassTo:): removed error message.
(+error:): removed.
(-error:): added +error: functionality.
(+readFrom:): changed objc_get_class to objc_lookup_class.
(+readFrom:): added class_set_version.
* objc-api.h (object_get_class, object_get_super_class,
object_get_meta_class, object_is_class,
object_is_instance, _objc_error): added.
* objc.h (_objc_error): moved to objc-api.h.
Fri Mar 26 1993 Christopher J. Kane (kane@toccata)
* objc-api.h: function comments added.
(class_set_class_number, class_get_class_number, METHOD_NULL,
class_add_method_list, objc_msg_lookup_super): moved to
(objc_msg_sendv): removed.
* Object.h, Object.m (-isMetaClass): added.
(+free, +name, +respondsTo:, +respondsTo:): removed.
(+class, +superClass, +metaClass): removed.
* Object.m (-storeOn:): added variable class_encoding.
(+readFrom:): replaced constant '#' with _C_CLASS.
(-descriptionForMethod): changed descriptionForInstanceMethod: message
to class_get_instance_method.
(-class): now calls object_get_class.
(-superClass): now calls object_get_super_class.
(-metaClass): now calls object_get_meta_class.
Wed Mar 24 1993 Christopher J. Kane (kane@rock-opera)
* objc-api.h (METHOD_NULL): new define.
(method_get_argsize, method_get_imp, class_get_super_class,
class_get_meta_class, class_get_instance_size): new
* Object.m (-isStructuredLike:, CLASS, IMP2): removed.
(#include <objc/objc.h>): removed.
(includes <stdio.h>, <stdarg.h>, <errno.h>): replaced w/ extern decls.
(+poseAs:): implemented.
(-transmuteClassTo:): now returns previous class.
(-performv::): changed constant 96 to method_get_argsize.
(-perform:, -perform:with:, -perform:with:with:): removed casts.
(-storeOn:, +readFrom:): replaced "strlen("#")" with "1".
(-isKindOfClassNamed:, -isMemberOfClassNamed:, -error:,
+error:): check for NULL.
(many methods): changed pointer indirections to function calls.
(+instancesRespondTo:, -respondsTo:, -methodFor:
+instanceMethodFor:): simplified.
* Object.h, Object.m (-changeClass:): renamed to -transmuteClassTo:.
(+initialize, -isClass, -isInstance): added.
* Object.h: redundant #defines, typedefs removed; comments modified.
(+readFrom:, -readFrom:, -storeOn:) added.
(-perform:with:): duplicate declaration removed.
Fri Apr 9 17:42:11 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config.sub: Accept i370, mvs.
For i370-ibm*, assume mvs by default.
Later, likewise, for i370-*.
For -mvs*, assume ibm as default vendor.
* c-lex.c (yylex): Use MAP_CHARACTER if it's defined.
* cccp.c (no_precomp): Make it 1 by default.
Fri Apr 9 17:15:00 DJ Delorie (
* configure.bat: Updated to handle current Makefile
and new config/i386/go32.h.
* config/i386/go32.h: New file.
* config/i386/xm-dos.h: Define MKTEMP_EACH_FILE and
Fri Apr 9 15:11:25 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* Install as $(target)-gcc, not gcc-$(target).
* fixincludes: Avoid inserting #ifndefs in limits.h if they are
already there (solves HP/UX problem).
Thu Apr 8 21:36:11 1993 Richard Kenner (
* combine.c: Include hard-reg-set.h.
(reg_nonzero_bits): Should be unsigned.
(reg_last_set_{mode,nonzero_bits,sign_bit_copies}): New variables.
(combine_instructions): Allocate and initialized them.
(nonzero_bits, num_sign_bit_copies, case REG): Use new variables
to get information on regs we've seen before.
(record_value_for_reg): Set new variables for register being modified.
(record_dead_and_set_regs): Invalidate regs clobbered by CALL_INSN.
* (combine.o): Includes hard-reg-set.h.
* expr.c (do_store_flag, case GT_EXPR, LE_EXPR): Don't
confuse highest unsigned value with -1.
* combine.c (force_to_mode, case xSHIFT): Don't narrow the
mode unless we can be sure that the shift count is smaller
than the size of the mode.
* ns32k.h (enum reg_class, REG_CLASS_NAMES, REG_CLASS_CONTENTS):
Add new register class GEN_AND_FLOAT_REGS.
Thu Apr 8 18:42:27 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (c-parse.y, objc-parse.y): Use sed, not awk.
* c-decl.c (finish_enum): Store layout results into variant types.
* flow.c (mark_set_1): Clear reg_next_use at the proper place.
Thu Apr 8 10:50:00 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* (LIBGCC2_INCLUDES, LIBGCC2_DEPS): New variables,
with empty values, to be overriden by t-* files.
(libgcc2.ready): Depend on LIBGCC2_DEPS.
(stmp-int-hdrs): New target, all of old stmp-headers except
(stmp-headers): Depend on stmp-int-hdrs, and just install float.h.
Thu Apr 8 06:58:27 1993 Michael Meissner (
* c-tree.h (require_complete_type, lookup_name_current_level): Add
* tree.h (require_complete_type, lookup_name_current_level): Remove
prototypes, these are defined in c-typeck.c and c-decl.c, and
lookup_name_current_level is declared static in cp-decl.c.
Wed Apr 7 14:37:41 1993 Richard Stallman (
* flow.c (mark_set_1): Clear reg_next_use for all kinds of regs.
Wed Apr 7 09:18:20 1993 Michael Meissner (
* i386/osfrose.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Allow -fpic again to
mean System V.4 semantics.
(CC1_SPEC): -fpic and -fPIC turn off OSF/rose shared library
Tue Apr 6 18:07:20 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-decl.c (start_function):
Inhibit missing prototype warning for `main'.
Tue Apr 6 17:23:34 1993 Bill Cox (
* tree.h (require_complete_type, lookup_name_current_level): Add
Tue Apr 6 15:09:42 1993 Jim Wilson (
* va-sparc.h (va_arg): Cast argument pointer to (char *).
* unroll.c (loop_iterations): When computing comparison_value, use
reg_set_p to identify instructions that modify it.
* (lshldi3, lshrdi3): Define.
* (STAGESTUFF): Add insn-opinit.c, stamp-opinit, and
* cccp.c (do_include): For missing header file, if -M, don't
output dependencies, and warning not error if no dependency is
* c-common.c (decl_attributes, format case): Error if num_arg does
not point to a string type argument, or if first_arg_num not the
anonymous argument.
* function.c (init_function_start): Always set
current_funtion_returns_pcc_struct if PCC_STATIC_STRUCT_RETURN defined.
* (movdi): End by returning the last template; otherwise
we return junk for a template.
* README.ALTOS: Comment as possibly obsolete.
* install.texi: Delete references to COFF encapsulation.
* tree.h: Add more prototypes.
Tue Apr 6 12:01:17 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips.h (MIPS_VERSION): Bump Meissner version number to 38.
(PUT_SDB_*): If -mgas, don't put # in front of directives.
(MIPS_DEFAULT_GVALUE): If not define, define as 8, which is the
default -G xx value to use.
* mips.c (override_options): Set mips_section_threshold to
MIPS_DEFAULT_GVLAUE if -G xx not used.
* mips/osfrose.h (DWARF_DEBUGGING_INFO): Define.
(MIPS_DEFAULT_GVALUE): If mips assembler, the value is 8,
otherwise it is 0.
* i386/osfrose.h (DWARF_DEBUGGING_INFO): Define.
Mon Apr 5 20:47:44 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* Represent prologue and epilogue as RTL on the PA
* (prologue, epilogue): New define_expands.
(return_internal, call_profiler): New define_insns.
* pa.h (FIXED_REGISTERS): %r4 is no longer fixed.
(CALL_USED_REGISTERS): %r4 is no longer CALL_USED either.
(REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Move %r4 up in the allocation order.
* pa.c (print_stw, print_ldw): Delete.
(eligible_for_epilogue_delay): Delete.
(hppa_epilogue_delay_slots): Delete.
(store_reg, load_reg, set_reg_plus_d): New helper functions.
(output_function_prologue): Only emit assembler pseudo-ops
to denote the start of a function. Place the correct
value into hp_profile_label_name if profiling.
(output_function_epilogue): Only emit assembler pseudo-ops
to deonte the end of a function.
(hppa_expand_prologue): New function to emit all prologue
code as RTL.
(hppa_expand_epilogue): Likewise for the epilogue.
(compute_frame_size): Update to account for using %r4 as an
allocatable register if the frame pointer was eliminated.
Mon Apr 5 06:57:35 1993 Richard Kenner (
* expr.c (expand_expr, case SAVE_EXPR): Pass promoted type to
Mon Apr 5 03:26:06 1993 Richard Stallman (
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): Cast enum array index to int.
* expr.c (store_constructor): Properly compute size of array
when clearing the whole array.
Mon Apr 5 02:54:54 1993 Per Bothner (
* c-decl.c (lookup_name_current_level): Make non-static.
Sun Apr 4 20:09:19 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Do not accept integer modes
greater than 32 bits in 1.0 FP registers.
* (movdi patterns): Do not accept 1.0 FP registers.
(floatunsdisf, floatunsdidf expanders): Disable unless TARGET_SNAKE.
(floatdisf2, floatdidf2 patterns): Likewise.
(fix_truncdisf2, fix_truncdidf2): Likewise.
* (dbra pattern): Extend to allow any 5 bit increment,
any comparison operator for the compare against zero, and
no longer require the REG_NONNEG note.
* pa.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): Refine 'T' constraint to not accept
pseudos which did not get hard registers and to not use
* pa.c (short_memory_operand): Delete.
(emit_move_sequence): Do not use short_memory_operand when testing
for secondary reloads for FP loads/stores.
* (movsi for FP regs): Delete special case patterns.
(movdi for FP regs): Likewise.
(movsi main recognizer): Allow fp<->memory copies.
(movdi main recognizer): Likewise.
Sun Apr 4 18:56:25 1993 Torbjorn Granlund (
Sun Apr 4 17:47:43 1993 John F Carr (
* reorg.c (get_jump_flags): Check for LABEL == 0 before using
Sun Apr 4 16:38:04 1993 Richard Stallman (
* mips-tfile.c: Change "illegal" to "invalid" in error messages.
(parse_stabs_common): Allow nonzero ignored fields in .stabs/.stabn.
* calls.c (expand_call) [PCC_STATIC_STRUCT_RETURN]:
Always set pcc_struct_value if aggregate_value_p returns 1.
* (alloca.o): Delete -Demacs from command.
Sun Apr 4 11:19:07 PDT 1993 Ron Guilmette (rfg at
* dwarfout.c (type_attribute): Use the TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT of the
given type when calling `user_def_type_attribute'.
Sun Apr 4 07:57:18 1993 Richard Kenner (
* optabs.c: Include reload.h.
* (optabs.o): Show includes reload.h.
* alpha.c (output_prolog): Need LDGP even for static procedure.
* alpha.c (alpha_builtin_saveregs): Adjust for fact that
virtual_incoming_args_rtx includes pretend size.
* alpha.h (SETUP_INCOMING_VARARGS): Likewise.
* alpha.h (LINK_SPEC): Don't pass -O2 to ld; it seems to be broken.
* reorg.c (rare_destination): New function.
(mostly_true_jump): Refine to use more info about destination
and fallthrough; now returns -1 for very unlikely branches.
(fill_eager_delay_slots, relax_delay_slots): Allow -1 return
from mostly_true_jump.
Sun Apr 4 03:09:23 1993 Richard Stallman (
* gstdarg.h [__svr4__]: Test only _VA_LIST_ to avoid dup typedef.
(This used to be if __SVR4_2__.)
* config/m68k/m68k.c (floating_exact_log2): Initialize r1.
Sat Apr 3 20:01:05 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.c (hppa_legitimize_address): Use Pmode consistently.
Sat Apr 3 17:35:11 1993 Richard Kenner (
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): Don't update the status of a
register from an input reload if it also has an output reload.
* expr.c (store_expr): Call size_binop instead of doing the
same thing with fold and build.
* combine.c (simplify_comparison, case PLUS): Generalize
simplification of (eq (plus A B) C).
(simplify_comparison, case MINUS): Add corresponding cases.
Fri Apr 2 19:11:46 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (expr_no_commas, from ASSIGN op):
Store ERROR_MARK as the original code.
Fri Apr 2 07:49:03 1993 Richard Kenner (
* reload1.c (reload_reg_used_for_inherit): New variable.
(clear_reload_reg_in_use): New function.
(allocate_reload_reg): Don't consider an inherited register as
one that we should share in the first pass.
Don't mark a register in use until we are sure it will fit.
(choose_reload_regs): Mark spill regs used for inheriting.
When we decide we can no longer use a register, show it isn't
being used.
* genopinit (optabs): Fix typo in name for "fix" pattern.
Thu Apr 1 21:24:04 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
Cygnus<->FSF merge.
Thu Apr 1 17:20:05 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-decl.c (start_method): Never allow circularities in
TREE_CHAINs, as otherwise the compiler will core dump. This happens
when a method is redeclared improperly at leat.
Thu Apr 1 12:06:03 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Check if `rhs' is an
error_mark_node before looking to see if it's of OFFSET_TYPE.
* cp-decl.c (grokvardecl): Don't use declarator unless it's non-null
when looking for a redefinition.
* cp-typeck.c (convert_for_initialization): Check if `rhs' is a
TREE_LIST before looking for its value.
* cp-init.c (expand_default_init): Don't clear DECL_REGISTER.
Wed Mar 31 17:57:50 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-spew.c (yylex, case IDENTIFIER): If identifier_typedecl_value
returns a NULL_TREE, then set `lastiddecl' to be `trrr'.
* cp-lex.c (identifier_typedecl_value): Instead of internal error 62
when we don't have a match for `type', return a NULL_TREE since our
callers will know what to do in that case.
* cp-tree.h (IDENTIFIER_TYPEDECL_VALUE): Deleted.
(identifier_typedecl_value): Deleted first prototype, kept second.
* cp-tree.c (list_hash_lookup_or_cons): Call the function for
identifier_typedecl_value, don't use the macro.
* cp-spew.c (yylex): Likewise.
Wed Mar 31 14:43:50 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-cvt.c (convert_from_reference): Make sure we set
TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS if we need to. Cures duplicate evaluations in
things like: foo.mem(g++) = class_c; where foo.mem returns a
reference to a class object.
Wed Mar 31 13:32:38 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-method.c (report_type_mismatch): Arguments are numbered
starting from 1 now.
Tue Mar 30 17:21:18 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-decl.c (grokfndecl): When re-using an old decl in place of a
new decl, make sure to wipe out the DECL_CHAIN slot, as otherwise
this creates a circularity, causing an infinite loop in the compiler
Tue Mar 30 14:14:53 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl2.c (check_classfn): Say which class when giving an error
about arglist mismatches or missing members.
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): For class-local typedefs, call pushtag
to make sure the identifier is in scope properly.
Mon Mar 29 18:05:22 1993 Mike Stump (
lookup_fnfields hacking... Corrects some problems found with Thu
Mar 25 23:09:27 1993 vtable fixes.
* cp-init.c (build_offset_ref): When looking for the component,
have lookup_fnfields do the ambiguity checking, as we know it works
much better than anything here.
* cp-method.c (hack_identifier): If a name is ambiguous, go ahead
and report the error.
* cp-search.c (lookup_fnfields): Refine semantics and document
semantics with respect to ambiguities and returning error_mark_node.
Also, extend to be able to find all virtual functions.
* cp-search.c (get_virtuals_named_this): Remove unused second
argument. Arrange for call to lookup_fnfields to find all virtual
functions, even if they are hidden.
* cp-search.c (get_first_matching_virtual): Removed unused second
argument to get_virtuals_named_this.
Mon Mar 29 16:42:58 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-method.c (dump_init): If the init value is an enum, then use
its tag in the error message, instead of its value.
* cp-typeck.c (build_binary_op_nodefault): Delete spurious warning
about comparision between signed/unsigned (matches C front-end).
Fri Mar 26 16:30:57 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-parse.y (GCC_ASM_KEYWORD): New token.
(asm_keyword): New rule.
(extdef, maybeasm, simple_stmt): Use the rule instead of ASM_KEYWORD.
(maybe_type_qual): Don't warn about use of asm.
* gplus.gperf (__asm, __asm__): Token is GCC_ASM_KEYWORD.
* cp-spew.c (init_spew): Add GCC_ASM_KEYWORD.
* cp-typeck.c (build_unary_op): Fix a bug so errors about ++/-- on
invalid pointer types actually get emitted. Don't restrict it to
when PEDANTIC is set, and use type_as_string to say what type is
being operated on.
Fri Mar 26 01:21:43 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't set TREE_PUBLIC for friends.
Fri Mar 26 01:09:34 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (pushdecl): Give a pedwarn, not a regular warning, when
we shadow a formal parameter.
* cp-init.c (expand_default_init): Get rid of spurious abort call.
Thu Mar 25 23:09:27 1993 Mike Stump (
Major vtable re-vamp.
* cp-call.c (build_method_call): Reword and improve error messages.
* cp-class.c (modify_vtable_entries), cp-class.c (finish_struct),
cp-init.c (init_vfields), cp-tree.c (virtual_member, virtual_offset),
cp-tree.h: Remove third argument to binfo_value, as it is unneeded.
* cp-class.c (finish_base_struct): Unshare base class binfos.
* cp-decl.c (finish_function): Fixup second argument to
build_virtual_init, so as to make it unambiguous.
* cp-init.c (build_virtual_init): Use second argument to get the
vtable, not the first, as the second is more specific.
* cp-search.c (is_subobject_of_p, hides, lookup_fnfields_here): New
* cp-seach.c (lookup_field, lookup_fnfields_1): Re-implement. The
new implementation allows for better ambiguity checking (10.1.1),
and implements most hiding (10p4).
* cp-tree.c (binfo_value): Re-implement.
* cp-typeck.c (build_component_ref): Propagate error_mark_nodes up.
Thu Apr 1 19:38:53 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* reorg.c (redundant_insn_p): Stop searching for a redundant
insn if an INSN or JUMP_INSN with delayed effects is
Thu Apr 1 12:00:01 1993 Michael Meissner (
* real.c (toplevel): Add 'extern' keyword in forward declaration
of arrays without bounds to silence warnings from the MIPS
* i386/osfrose.h (LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Undef this to protect
against long double going to 80 bits until the OSF libraries are
ready to handle it.
* mips/ (untyped_call): Rewrite code so that the MIPS
compiler will not issue statement not reached warning messages.
Thu Apr 1 07:28:11 1993 James Van Artsdalen (
* expr.c (emit_push_insn, expand_assignment): Fix typo in last change.
Thu Apr 1 02:31:16 1993 Per Bothner (
* emit-rtl.c (init_emit): Clear sequence_stack. Otherwise,
if we're in a sequence when starting a nested function
expand_function_end () will end all the sequences.
Thu Apr 1 02:11:10 1993 Richard Stallman (
* (LIB2FUNCS): Add _fixunsxfdi, _fixxfdi, _floatdixf,
* libgcc2.c (XFtype): Do define it, if LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE == 96.
(__fixunsxfdi): New function, if LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE == 96.
(__fixxfdi, __floatdixf, __fixunsxfsi): Likewise.
Wed Mar 31 20:05:19 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips.h (CLASS_UNITS): Fix typo in previous change, patch from
Wed Mar 31 17:18:27 1993 Richard Stallman (
* toplev.c (compile_file): Call incomplete_decl_finalize_hook
only if nonzero.
Wed Mar 31 00:59:50 1993 Gerald Baumgarnter (
* toplev.c (compile_file): Only call `*incomplete_decl_finalize_hook'
if the `decl' in question is a VAR_DECL.
Wed Mar 31 15:27:41 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* pa.h (CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Fix typo in last change.
Wed Mar 31 15:11:12 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* clipper/clipper.h, convex/convex.h, elxsi/elxsi.h, fx80/fx80.h,
gmicro/gmicro.h, h8300/h8300.h, i386/i386.h, i386/osfrose.h,
i860/i860.h, i960/i960.h, m68k/m68k.h, m88k/m88k.h, mips/mips.h,
pa/pa.h, pyr/pyr.h, romp/romp.h, rs6000/rs6000.h, sparc/sparc.h,
spur/spur.h, tahoe/tahoe.h, vax/vax.h, we32k/we32k.h
(CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P): Define with body of `CONSTANT_P', but leave
Wed Mar 31 11:28:21 1993 James Van Artsdalen (
* reg-stack.c (emit_swap_insn): Don't link cc0 insns: emit swap
after cc0 user.
Wed Mar 31 07:00:45 1993 Richard Kenner (
* expr.c (expand_expr, case ADDR_EXPR): Allow taking the
address of any object; used in call-by-reference situations.
* tree.c (next_type_uid): Move definition to reasonable place.
(copy_node): Make new DECL_UID and TYPE_UID as comments say.
* expr.c (emit_block_move, emit_push_insn, expand_assignment):
Size passed to memcpy/bcopy is SIZETYPE, not Pmode.
* cse.c (simplify_binary_operation, case MULT): When testing for
floating-point equality, make sure we do so inside a region
protected from traps.
* i386.c (standard_80387_constant_p): Likewise.
current_function_pretend_args_size from OFFSET for AP.
* alpha.h (LINK_SPEC): New definition.
* cse.c (insert_regs): If a REG already is in a class but not
in the mode we want, don't do anything to the classes.
Wed Mar 31 02:02:29 1993 Richard Stallman (
* gvarargs.h [__svr4__]: Test only _VA_LIST_ to avoid dup typedef.
(This used to be if __SVR4_2__.)
* local-alloc.c (optimize_reg_copy_1): Don't increment n_calls
specially if P is a call_insn.
* convert.c (convert_to_real): Pass mode arg to REAL_VALUE_ATOF.
Tue Mar 30 17:07:33 1993 Stephen L. Moshier (
* real.c: This is a new C file to implement floating point
REAL_ARITHMETIC, target machine bit patterns for cross-compilation,
and REAL_VALUE_ATOF for decimal input constants in long double
XFmode as well as lower precisions.
* real.h: If REAL_ARITHMETIC is defined or if LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE
is 96, then define REAL_VALUE_ macros to invoke functions in real.c.
New macros truncate toward zero to integer value but
* real.h (REAL_VALUE_TO_DECIMAL): New macro defaults to
fprintf if no REAL_ARITHMETIC, otherwise uses real.c for
binary to decimal conversion. Use in ASM_OUTPUT_ macros.
* (real.o): New target.
(OBJS): Add real.o.
* c-lex.c (yylex): Convert real decimal constants directly
to the precision specified by the letter at the end of the number.
Pass mode arg to REAL_VALUE_ATOF to specify precision.
Move the "out of range of double" error check.
* cp-lex.c (yylex): Redo converting float values to desired type.
* final.c (split_double) : Use REAL_VALUE macros to extract ints
from float mode CONST_DOUBLEs.
* emit-rtl.c (operand_subword): Use REAL_VALUE_TO_TARGET_SINGLE
to convert to target float.
If REAL_ARITHMETIC is defined, let real.c handle incompatible host
and target floating point bit patterns.
(init_emit_once): Add machine_mode argument to REAL_VALUE_ATOF.
* fold-const.c (real_value_truncate): If REAL_ARITHMETIC, replace
by routine of same name in real.c.
target_isinf, target_isnan, target_negative): Likewise.
(const_binop): Delete `register' from decls using REAL_VALUE_TYPE.
(fold_convert): Use REAL_VALUE_TO_INT.
* rtl.c: Include real.h to get the definition of REAL_VALUE_TYPE.
* varasm.c (assemble_real): Case TFmode and XFmode invoke
* optabs.c (expand_fix): Initialized REAL_VALUE_TYPE
confuses some compilers.
* cse.c (simplify_binary_operation): real_value_truncate
Convert rtx_code into tree_code for argument to REAL_ARITHMETIC.
* cse.c (simplify_unary_operation): Use new ..._RNDZINT macros
instead of casting value of REAL_VALUE_FIX_TRUNCATE
* explow.c (rtx_to_tree_code): New function.
* rtl.h (rtx_to_tree_code): Declare.
* m68k/m68k.c (standard_68881_constant_p): Initialize REAL_VALUE_TYPE
binary constants from decimal values. Use REAL_VALUE_... macros.
(standard_sun_fpa_constant_p): Likewise.
(print_operand, floating_exact_log2): Use REAL_VALUE_... macros.
(init_68881_table): New function.
* m68k/m68k.h (LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE): Set to 96, for XFmode support.
(ASM_OUTPUT_FLOAT_OPERAND): Likewise. Also, new argument CODE.
(ASM_OUTPUT_FLOAT): Delete special def for CROSS_COMPILE.
(PRINT_OPERAND_EXTRACT_FLOAT): Definitions deleted.
(PRINT_OPERAND_PRINT_FLOAT): Definitions deleted.
* m68k/ (movxf, tstxf, extendsfxf2, extenddfxf2): New patterns.
(truncxfdf2, truncxfsf2, floatsixf2, floathixf2, floatqixf2): Likewise.
(ftruncxf2, fixxfqi2, fixxfhi2, fixxfsi2): Likewise.
(addxf3, subxf3, mulxf3, divxf3, negxf2, absxf2, sqrtxf2): Likewise.
* m68k/mot3300.h, m68k/news.h (LIBCALL_VALUE): Handle XFmode.
* m68k/mot3300.h, m68k/tower-as.h:
(PRINT_OPERAND): Likewise.
(ASM_OUTPUT_LONG_DOUBLE): New definition.
Use REAL_VALUE... macros.
* m68k/next.h, m68k/sun2o4.h, m68k/sun3.h, m68k/altos3068.h:
Use REAL_VALUE... macros.
(ASM_OUTPUT_LONG_DOUBLE): New definition.
Use new REAL_VALUE... macros.
(ASM_OUTPUT_LONG_DOUBLE): New definition.
Use new REAL_VALUE... macros.
Use new REAL_VALUE... macros.
(CHECK_FLOAT_VALUE): Call check_float_value.
* vax.c (check_float_value): New function.
* vaxv.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DOUBLE): Use new REAL_VALUE... macros.
Use new REAL_VALUE... macros.
Tue Mar 30 17:07:33 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
For Tege:
* (sminsi3, smaxsi3): Fix bugs in last addition.
Tue Mar 30 16:52:15 1993 Michael Meissner (
* mips.h (MIPS_VERSION): Bump Meissner version to 37.
(CLASS_MAX_NREGS): Make floats in gp registers only use one
register, and only allocate one float register instead of a
register pair if -mfloat64 is used.
Tue Mar 30 05:40:26 1993 Richard Kenner (
* combine.c (record_dead_and_set_regs): Record death of all
hard regs when a multi-reg object in hard regs dies.
(move_deaths): Handle the case when we only have to move
part of a multi-register death note.
* rtlanal.c (find_regno_note): Find note that overlaps REGNO,
not just one that mentions REGNO explicitly.
* reload.c (form_sum): Use mode of inputs when making new PLUS.
* genopinit.c: New file.
* expr.h (extendtab, fixtab, fixtrunctab, floattab, movstr_optab):
New definitions.
* expr.c (movstr_optab): No longer static.
(init_expr_once): Don't initialize movstr_optab.
* optabs.c (extendtab, fixtab, fixtrunctab, floattab): Not static.
(init_extends, init_fixtab, init_floattab): Deleted.
(init_optabs): Move active stuff from above functions in.
Delete filling of optabs.
Call init_all_optabs.
* reload1.c (init_reload): Don't initialize optabs here.
* (OBJS): Add insn-opinit.o.
(insn-opinit.o, insn-opinit.c, stamp-opinit): New rules.
(genopinit, genopinit.o): Likewise.
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): Properly track what was reloaded
into what register when what we reloaded was a hard register group.
Mon Mar 29 17:35:04 1993 Jim Wilson (
* (movsi+2): Add f/f constraint case.
* sched.c (schedule_block): Reset n_ready if schedule_select
removes all insns from ready list.
* i960.h (FUNCTION_PROFILER): Call output_function_profiler.
(CALL_USED_REGISTERS): Add more comments about register usage.
* i960.c (i960_function_prologue): When profiling, don't use those
registers clobbered around an mcount call.
(output_function_profiler): New function.
Mon Mar 29 13:57:28 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-iterate.c (collect_iterators): Cast tree code to int for indexing.
Mon Mar 29 06:28:57 1993 Richard Kenner (
* combine.c (num_sign_bit_copies, case PLUS, case MULT):
Replace occurrences of HOST_BITS_PER_INT with HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT.
* reload.c (secondary_memlocs_elim): Now one per mode per operand.
(get_secondary_mem, combine_reloads): Reflect changed var above.
(clear_secondary_mem): Use bzero.
* genrecog.c: Add prototypes for all functions defined in file.
Change a few occurrences of RTX_CODE to enum rtx_code for consistency.
(merge_trees): Add casts of args to mybcopy.
(write_tree_1): Now static.
(fatal): Always called with one arg, so define that way.
* reload.h: Add missing declarations for external functions
in reload.c, reload1.c, and caller-save.c.
(reload_strict_low, reload_needed_for_multiple, reload_needed_for):
(reload_opnum): New array.
(enum reload_type): Renamed from reload_when_needed and expanded
to include more reload types.
(reload_n_operands): New variable.
* reload.c: Add prototypes for all static functions and clean up
some definitions.
(struct decompose): Move to before function declarations.
(secondary_memlocs_elim): One per operand, not per mode.
(get_secondary_mem): Accept and use reload description (opnum
and type).
(push_reload): Accept and use new reload description instead of
Define two new macros: MERGEABLE_RELOADS and MERGE_TO_OTHER.
Use these macros to see if reloads can be merged and how to do it.
(transfer_replacements): New function.
(combine_reloads): Refine when we can combine reloads.
(find_reloads): Use new method of tracking what a reload is for.
When we make a CLOBBER insn, do so with DImode.
Merge cases of making optional reloads, avoid making output-only
optional reloads, refine when we may not make in-out optional reloads,
and make an optional reload for a pair of matching operands.
(find_reloads_toplev, find_reloads_address{,_1, part}): Accept and
use reload description.
(forget_volatility): Delete long-obsolete function.
* reload1.c: Add prototypes for static functions.
(REGISTER_MOVE_COST, MEMORY_MOVE_COST): Include default definitions.
(reload): Count number of registers needed for insn using new
reload type information.
If mode of insn is DImode, don't change it.
Refine the way we handle conflict with the return value register.
Don't try to account for needs already covered by previously
spilled registers; instead, put them back in the front of
potential_reload_regs and let them be allocated again.
(order_regs_for_reload): Don't restrict regs explicitly used if
(reload_as_needed): Don't need to deactivate optional reloads
ever; if they inherit, it must have been safe.
Call merge_assigned_reloads if SMALL_REGISTER_CLASSES.
(reload_reg_used_*): Refine our tracking of reload reg usage
by defining more of these HARD_REG_SETs.
(mark_reload_reg_in_use, reload_reg_free_p): Rework to use new
method of describing where a reload register is used.
(reload_reg_free_before_p, reload_reg_reaches_end_p): Likewise.
(allocate_reload_reg): Pass new reload descriptions.
(choose_reload_regs): Likewise.
Save and restore the new HARD_REG_SETs.
Remove now-redundant code to prevent conflicts.
(merge_assigned_reloads): New function.
(emit_reload_insns): Output each reload type into its own
sequence, then output the sequences in the proper order.
Put our output reloads after a CLOBBER made by find_reloads.
Pass ALL_REGS to find_equiv_regs; nothing special about
Don't use an old equivalence if doing so would be more expensive.
Clean up tracking of values still in reload regs using reload
description info to see if the reload reaches the end of the insn.
(gen_input_reload): Pass reload description and emit insns to end of
current sequence.
(inc_for_reload): Return void; no longer need INSN as operand.
Emit insns to end of current sequence.
Mon Mar 29 02:59:27 1993 Richard Stallman (
* expr.c (expand_expr, case MAX_EXPR/MIN_EXPR): If mode is
multiword int, use do_jump_by_parts_greater_rtx to compare efficiently.
(do_jump_by_parts_greater_rtx): New function.
Sun Mar 28 20:26:11 1993 Richard Kenner (
* calls.c (expand_call): Always allocate TARGET in mode of
result expression; VALREG might have been promoted.
Ensure TARGET is a REG when checking for promotion and verify
that we get back the mode we expect.
Sun Mar 28 18:49:12 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-decl.c (store_parm_decls): Use pedwarn for "promoted arg doesn't
match prototype" warning.
* expr.c (expand_expr): For COMPONENT_REF, don't force_reg op0
if it is BLKmode.
Sun Mar 28 16:25:59 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* (smin, umin, smax, umax): New patterns.
* Support nullification of conditional branch delay slots on
the PA.
* (cbranch define_delay): Enable nullification of
conditional branch delay slots (based upon branch direction).
(conditional branch patterns): Call output_cbranch to get the
correct output template. Long conditional branches with an
annulled delay slot have a length of 3.
(branch on bit patterns): Call output_bb to get the correct
output template. Long branches with an annulled delay slot have
a length of 3.
(decrement and branch pattern): Handle nullification of long
backward branches. Such branches have lengths of either 3 or 6.
* pa.c (output_cbranch): New function. Given the operands of the
branch, possible nullification, length of the branch, possible branch
negation, and the branch insn itself, return the output template for
the desired conditional branch.
(output_bb): Likewise, but for branch on bit.
* pa.h (toplevel): Declare output_bb.
* genattr.c (main): Output ATTR_FLAG masks.
* rtl.def (ATTR_FLAG): New RTL code.
* genattrtab.c (write_eligible_delay): Add new variable
"flags" to the generated functions. All callers changed.
(check_attr_test): Handle ATTR_FLAG.
(clear_struct_flag): Likewise.
(count_sub_rtxs): Likewise.
(write_test_expr): Likewise.
flags variable to these dummy macros.
(get_jump_flags): New function.
(optimize_skip): Get jump flags information from the delay insn.
(steal_delay_list_from_target): Get jump flags information from the
delay insn and the label of the trial jump.
(steal_delay_list_from_fallthrough): Get jump flags information
from the delay insn.
(try_merge_delay_insns): Likewise.
(fill_simple_delay_slots): Likewise.
(fill_slots_from_thread): Likewise.
(make_return_insn): Likewise.
Sun Mar 28 00:36:04 1993 Richard Stallman (
* fixincludes: Move comments about big sed command outside the
command itself.
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add -W{no-,}missing-braces.
* c-typeck.c (process_init_constructor, digest_init):
Check and set new static var partial_bracket_mentioned.
* c-lex.c: Updated for recent change in c-parse.gperf.
Sat Mar 27 13:43:27 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* Trampoline support from Jukka Virtanen.
* (cacheflush): New pattern.
* pa.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Define for the PA.
(TRAMPOLINE_SIZE): Define for the PA.
Sat Mar 27 08:22:25 1993 Richard Kenner (
* function.c (expand_function_start): When evaluating sizes of
variable types, do so just for side-effects (the SAVE_EXPRs).
* stor-layout.c (variable_size): Likewise.
* va-alpha.h: Major rework to agree with new calling sequence.
Should have been installed with Feb 10th changes.
* (mov[qhs]i): Allow moving a special reg to itself.
Sat Mar 27 03:13:46 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/sparc/sparc.c (S_MODES, D_MODES, T_MODES):
Accept only those complex modes that are small enough.
Rewrite to make the expressions simpler.
Fri Mar 26 17:07:31 1993 Richard Kenner (
* c-tree.h, output.h: Use STDIO_PROTO for prototypes with FILE.
* input.h: Add standard copyright notice.
* caller-save.c: Add prototypes for static functions.
(choose_hard_reg_mode): Add missing parameters declaration.
* (multiply/multiplu/mulm/mulmu insns): These clobber Q.
Fri Mar 26 06:23:31 1993 Tom Wood (
* i960.h (FUNCTION_VALUE_REGNO_P): Change to agree with
* pyr.h, spur.h (INCOMING_REGNO, OUTGOING_REGNO): Define.
* (untyped_call, blockage): New patterns.
Fri Mar 26 02:09:02 1993 Richard Stallman (
* configure (sparc-tti-*, m68k-tti-*): Don't set use_collect2.
Fri Mar 26 01:05:43 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
Cygnus<->FSF merge.
Thu Mar 25 18:19:19 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-cvt.c (convert_to_reference), cp-init.c (expand_aggr_init_1):
Don't try to do more than one level of user defined conversions,
avoids an infinite loop. Uses LOOKUP_NO_CONVERSION.
Wed Mar 24 16:28:17 1993 Per Bothner (
* cp-call.c (build_method_call): Fix handling of foo->~Class().
Sat Mar 20 12:29:37 1993 Michael Tiemann (
* cp-pt.c (tsubst): Don't get faked out by the fact that ctors and
dtors have the same method name and can have the same signature.
Fri Mar 19 15:58:34 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-pt.c (tsubst): Call build_decl_overload for the new
Thu Mar 18 19:09:39 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* cp-decl2.c (flag_implement_inlines): New variable.
(lang_f_options): Recognize "implement-inlines".
* toplev.c (lang_options): Recognize -f[no-]implement-inlines.
* cp-decl.c (flag_implement_inlines): Declare it.
(start_function): If it's clear, functions declared inline are
external under `#pragma implementation'.
Tue Mar 2 16:24:39 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-typeck.c (c_expand_return): If operand 0 is a TREE_LIST, then
make sure to use its value.
Mon Mar 1 14:22:12 1993 Bill Cox (
* cp-decl.c (push_level_decl): Add cast to correct push_stack_level
Mon Mar 1 10:19:38 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-lex.c (do_identifier): Improve wording on error message.
Wed Feb 24 19:54:46 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-typeck.c (commonparms, convert_for_assignment): Number
arguments starting at 1 in error messages to match the C front-end.
Wed Feb 24 14:55:54 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (saw_first_vbase): Deleted.
cp-search.c (dfs_walk): When walking the class lattice, use the last
virtual base class seen, not the first. Fixes major problem
introduced on Tue Oct 6 17:54:09 1992 that prevents multi-level
virtual base classes from working.
Mon Feb 22 18:07:23 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-search.c (get_base_distance_recursive): When searching, if the
object refers to the same object as before, but just found along a
different path, the object is not ambiguous. Fixes problem
introduced on Feb 16 22:47:29 1993.
Wed Feb 17 15:12:12 1993 Mike Stump (
* cp-decl2.c (grok_function_init): Pure virtual descructor must be
defined, and calls to them generated. Now conforms with ANSI C++
working paper dated September 17, 1992 12.4.5.
Tue Feb 16 22:47:29 1993 Mike Stump (
Implement a new searching scheme for base classes and use it to
ensure only related virtual function slots are filled in by
modify_vtable_entries. Affects get_base_distance and get_binfo
answers. Cures InterViews doc problem. Solves the problem of
calling the wrong virtual function in the presence of multiple
* cp-search.c (get_binfo_recursive, get_base_distance_recursive):
New routines that use a depth first search strategy instead of
breadth first.
* cp-search.c (get_binfo): Re-implement, and use
* cp-search.c (get_base_distance): Re-implement, and use
* cp-class.c (related_vslot): New routine to ensure that only
vfields that are related to the given base_fndecl are modified.
Relies upon new searching scheme for base classes.
* cp-class.c (modify_vtable_entries): Use related_vslot to ensure
that only slots related to the base virtual function are filled in.
* cp-class.c (build_vtable, prepare_fresh_vtable, finish_struct),
cp-tree.h: Remove DECL_VPARENT.
* cp-class.c (get_vtable_entry): Use unsigned when dealing with
* cp-class.c (finish_struct): Use get_vtable_entry instead of open
coding that routine here.
Fri Feb 12 10:24:52 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (sigsegv): Check if SIGIOT is defined first. Also check
(init_decl_processing): Likewise; set up handlers for SIGILL and
Thu Feb 11 10:30:59 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-type2.c (readonly_error): New arg `SOFT', to pedwarn instead of
* cp-typeck.c, cp-cvt.c, cp-tree.h: Modify callers appropriately.
Tue Feb 9 10:02:58 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-lex.c (real_yylex): When parsing an exponent, check for 'e' and
'E' explicitly.
* cp-typeck.c (build_unary_op): Disallow taking the address of
the `main' fn.
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Check for the length of ORIGINAL_NAME
being 4, and that it starts with 'm', before calling strcmp.
* cp-type2.c (readonly_warning_or_error): Rename to readonly_error,
make it now ARM compliant by emitting a hard error, instead of a
* cp-cvt.c, cp-typeck.c: Change all callers.
* cp-tree.h (readonly_error): Rename prototype.
Sun Jan 31 09:58:16 1993 Niklas Hallqvist (niklas at
* cp-typeck.c (build_modify_expr): Accept taking the address of a
temporary generated by an explicit constructor call, but generate
a warning.
Mon Feb 8 10:45:56 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* cp-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Demangle DECLARATOR if it's an operator.
Thu Mar 25 11:38:02 1993 Richard Stallman (
* cccp.c (do_include):
For "..." case, leave fend pointing at terminating 0.
Distinct error msgs for empty file name and for bad syntax.
* (USER_H): Add va-clipper.h.
Thu Mar 25 07:01:14 1993 Richard Kenner (
* calls.c (store_one_arg): Fix typo in previous change.
Thu Mar 25 03:37:51 1993 Mike Stump (
* c-lang.c (lang_identify), cp-lex.c (lang_identify), objc-act.c
(lang_identify), tree.h (lang_identify): New routine.
* defaults.h (ASM_IDENTIFY_LANGUAGE) New macro used to identify
which front-end produced the object file. Ports that do not
define ASM_IDENTIFY_GCC will automatically get a reasonable
definition for ASM_IDENTIFY_LANGUAGE, ports that do define
ASM_IDENTIFY_GCC for any reason may want to define
* toplev.c (output_lang_identify): New routine to identify which
front-end produced the object file.
* toplev.c (compile_file): Use ASM_IDENTIFY_LANGUAGE if it exists.
Wed Mar 24 17:53:11 1993 Richard Stallman (
* c-parse.gperf: Change __cimag__ to __imag__, __creal__ to __real__,
to void rejection by gperf.
Tue Mar 23 18:43:14 1993 Holger Teutsch (
* Assign "fp" attribute to fp insns. Add DImode
insns for widening mul, shift and rotate. Remove 'decrement, test
and branch' combination patterns. They are not reloadable.
* clipper.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): DImode regs must start on even
* gstdarg.h, gvarargs.h: Use va-clipper.h.
* config.sub: Default to clipper-intergraph if system is clix.
* configure (clipper-intergraph-clix*): New configuration.
* clipper.h, clipper.c, New files.
* x-clix, t-clix, xm-clix.h, clix.h: New files.
Wed Mar 24 1993 18:54:51 Paul Eggert (
* fixincludes (memory.h):
Use proper ANSI syntax in `#endif __memory_h__'.
Wed Mar 24 12:52:40 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* (sh[123]add): Collapse into a single pattern.
(sh[123]add for reload): Likewise.
* pa.c (shadd_operand): New function.
(print_operand): Handle '%O' for shadd patterns.
Wed Mar 24 08:03:31 1993 Richard Kenner (
Don't output tab before .csect pseudo-op.
Wed Mar 24 02:01:14 1993 Richard Stallman (
* config/pyr/pyr.h (NO_DOT_IN_LABEL): Defined.
* tree.c (stabilize_reference_1): For division and remainder,
make a save_expr.
Tue Mar 23 14:51:07 1993 Jim Wilson (
* alpha.h, i386/sysv4.h, mips.h, rs6000.h (RETURN_IN_MEMORY):
Delete struct and union references.
* sparc.h (RETURN_IN_MEMORY): Update comment.
* h8300.h, 386bsd.h, linux.h, i386/mach.h, i386/osfrose.h,
i860/mach.h, i960.h, hp2bsd.h, hp3bsd.h, hp3bsd44.h, next.h,
sun3mach.h, m88k.h, ns32k/pc532-mach.h, pa-utahmach.h, pa1-utahmach.h,
rs6000/mach.h (DEFAULT_PCC_STRUCT_RETURN): Define to 0.
* toplev.c (DEFAULT_PCC_STRUCT_RETURN): Add default definition of 1.
(flag_pcc_struct_return): Default to DEFAULT_PCC_STRUCT_RETURN.
(f_options): Add -freg-struct-return flag.
Tue Mar 23 07:43:18 1993 Tom Wood (
* emit-rtl.c (push_topmost_sequence, pop_topmost_sequence): New
* expr.c (expand_builtin, BUILT_IN_SAVEREGS): Use these to put the
code at the start of the function, even when inside a sequence.
* tree.h (enum built_in_function): Add BUILT_IN_APPLY_ARGS,
* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Declare __builtin_apply_args,
__builtin_apply, and __builtin_return.
* function.h (struct function): Add apply_args_value field.
* expr.c (apply_args_value): New variable.
(init_expr, save_expr_status, restore_expr_status): Initialize,
save, and restore apply_args_value.
(expand_builtin): Implement new built-in functions.
(apply_args_mode, apply_result_mode): New variables.
(apply_args_size, apply_result_size, result_vector,
expand_builtin_apply_args, expand_builtin_apply,
expand_builtin_return): New functions.
(INCOMING_REGNO, OUTGOING_REGNO): Supply default definitions.
* (untyped_call, untyped_return): New patterns.
* i386.h (APPLY_RESULT_SIZE): Define.
* (untyped_call, untyped_return): New patterns.
* m68k/isi.h, m68k/m68k.h, m68k/m68kv4.h, m68k/mot3300.h
*,,, i860,md,
(untyped_call, blockage): New patterns.
* (untyped_call): New pattern.
Tue Mar 23 06:38:36 1993 Richard Kenner (
* calls.c (store_one_arg): Use int_size_in_bytes and
expr_size when appropriate instead of size_in_bytes.