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# x-apollo68 -- 680x0 based Apollos as host system
# says this is how to compile on an Apollo (SR10.x).
# Use a Berkeley environment.
CC=cc -g -A nansi -A cpu,3000 -A runtype,bsd4.3 -A systype,any -DSHORT_ENUM_BUG
OLDCC=cc -g -A nansi -A cpu,3000 -A runtype,bsd4.3 -A systype,any -DSHORT_ENUM_BUG
# This used to redefine CFLAGS and LIBGCC2_CFLAGS to eliminate the unsupported
# -g flag from both macros. This gives an undebuggable stage1 compiler which
# is bad, and it also does the wrong thing if we are cross compiling to a
# target which does support debugging. There is currently no way to avoid
# the -g option that doesn't break something else.
# Apollo does not have B option.