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# Define CC and OLDCC as the same, so that the tests:
# if [ x"$(OLDCC)" = x"$(CC)" ] ...
# will succeed (if OLDCC != CC, it is assumed that GCC is
# being used in secondary stage builds). We need to pass
# the -Wf,-XNg1500 option so the compiler can compile the
# G++ file cp-parse.c. Otherwise it complains about
# too many case statements. -Olimit is so the user
# can use -O2. Down with fixed size tables!
# In at least one version of Irix, v3.3.2, the compiler does not accept
# the -cckr option, so, lets try without it for all versions of Irix 3.x.
# The -cckr is to turn off strict ANSI checking.
OPT = -O1
OLDCC = cc -Wf,-XNh2000,-XNg1500 -Olimit 3000 $(OPT)
# The bison output files are machine-indep,
# so different flags for a particular machine are not useful.
# -lmld is so we can link collect2 running native.
# -lmalloc is supposed to be faster than the normal malloc
CLIB = -lmld -lmalloc
# Show we need to use the C version of ALLOCA
ALLOCA = alloca.o