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# we need to supply our own assembly versions of libgcc1.c files,
# since the user may not have native 'cc' available
# gmon build rule:
gmon.o: $(srcdir)/config/sparc/gmon-sol2.c $(GCC_PASSES) $(CONFIG_H) stmp-int-hdrs
-c $(srcdir)/config/sparc/gmon-sol2.c -o gmon.o
# Assemble startup files.
crt1.o: $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-c1.asm $(GCC_PASSES)
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -c -o crt1.o -x assembler $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-c1.asm
crti.o: $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-ci.asm $(GCC_PASSES)
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -c -o crti.o -x assembler $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-ci.asm
crtn.o: $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-cn.asm $(GCC_PASSES)
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -c -o crtn.o -x assembler $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-cn.asm
gcrt1.o: $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-g1.asm $(GCC_PASSES)
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -c -o gcrt1.o -x assembler $(srcdir)/config/sparc/sol2-g1.asm
# We need to use -fPIC when we are using gcc to compile the routines in
# crtstuff.c. This is only really needed when we are going to use gcc/g++
# to produce a shared library, but since we don't know ahead of time when
# we will be doing that, we just always use -fPIC when compiling the
# routines in crtstuff.c.