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2005-12-30 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/22607
* trans-decl.c(gfc_get_extern_function_decl): Don't set
DECL_IS_PURE (fndecl) = 1 for return-by-reference
fortran/PR 25396
* interface.c (gfc_extend_expr): Initialize
e-> to NULL.
2005-12-29 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/25532
* trans-types.c (copy_dt_decls_ifequal): Copy declarations for
components of derived type components by recursing into
2005-12-28 Andrew Pinski <>
PR fortran/25587
* trans-io.c (gfc_build_st_parameter): Correct off by one error.
2005-12-28 Rafael Ávila de Espíndola <>
* Remove distdir from comment.
2005-12-24 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/25029
PR fortran/21256
* resolve.c (check_assumed_size_reference, resolve_assumed_size_actual):
Remove because of regressions caused by patch.
(resolve_function, resolve_call, resolve_variable): Remove assumed size
checks because of regressionscaused by patch.
2005-12-23 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/25029
PR fortran/21256
*resolve.c(resolve_function): Remove assumed size checking for SIZE
and UBOUND and rely on their built-in checking.
2005-12-22 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/18990
* gfortran.h (gfc_charlen): Add resolved field.
* expr.c (gfc_specification_expr): Accept NULL argument.
* resolve.c (gfc_resolve_charlen, gfc_resolve_derived): New.
(gfc_resolve_symbol): Resolve derived type definitions. Use
resolve_charlen to resolve character lengths.
2005-12-22 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/20889
*resolve.c(resolve_structure_cons): Do not attempt to convert
the type of mismatched pointer type components, except when
the constructor component is BT_UNKNOWN; emit error instead.
PR fortran/25029
PR fortran/21256
*resolve.c(check_assumed_size_reference): New function to check for upper
bound in assumed size array references.
(resolve_assumed_size_actual): New function to do a very restricted scan
of actual argument expressions of those procedures for which incomplete
assumed size array references are not allowed.
(resolve_function, resolve_call): Switch off assumed size checking of
actual arguments, except for elemental procedures and array valued
intrinsics; excepting LBOUND.
(resolve_variable): Call check_assumed_size_reference.
PR fortran/19362
PR fortran/20244
PR fortran/20864
PR fortran/25391
*interface.c(gfc_compare_types): Broken into two.
(gfc_compare_derived_types): Second half of gfc_compare_types with
corrections for a missing check that module name is non-NULL and
a check for private components.
*symbol.c(gfc_free_dt_list): New function.
(gfc_free_namespace): Call gfc_free_dt_list.
*resolve.c(resolve_symbol): Build the list of derived types in the
symbols namespace.
*gfortran.h: Define the structure type gfc_dt_list. Add a new field,
derived_types to gfc_namespace. Provide a prototye for the new
function gfc_compare_derived_types.
*trans_types.c(gfc_get_derived_type): Test for the derived type being
available in the host namespace. In this case, the host backend
declaration is used for the structure and its components. If an
unbuilt, equal structure that is not use associated is found in the
host namespace, build it there and then. On exit,traverse the
namespace of the derived type to see if there are equal but unbuilt.
If so, copy the structure and its component declarations.
(copy_dt_decls_ifequal): New functions to copy declarations to other
equal structure types.
PR fortran/20862
* io.c (gfc_match_format): Make the appearance of a format statement
in a module specification block an error.
PR fortran/23152
* match.c (gfc_match_namelist): Set assumed shape arrays in
namelists as std=GFC_STD_GNU and assumed size arrays as an
unconditional error.
PR fortran/25069
* match.c (gfc_match_namelist): Set the respecification of a USE
associated namelist group as std=GFC_STD_GNU. Permit the concatenation
on no error.
PR fortran/25053
PR fortran/25063
PR fortran/25064
PR fortran/25066
PR fortran/25067
PR fortran/25068
PR fortran/25307
* io.c (resolve_tag): Change std on IOSTAT != default integer to
GFC_STD_GNU and change message accordingly. Add same error for
(match_dt_element, gfortran.h): Add field err_where to gfc_dt and
set it when tags are being matched.
(gfc_resolve_dt): Remove tests that can be done before resolution
and add some of the new ones here.
(check_io_constraints): New function that checks for most of the
data transfer constraints. Some of these were previously done in
match_io, from where this function is called, and some were done
in gfc_resolve_dt.
(match_io): Remove most of the tests of constraints and add the
call to check_io_constraints.
2005-12-21 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/25423
* parse.c (parse_where_block): break instead of "fall
through" after parsing nested WHERE construct.
2005-12-18 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/25018
*expr.c(check_inquiry): Return FAILURE if there is no symtree to
provide a name. Error/warning for assumed character length argument
to LEN for an initialization expression, using GFC_GNU_STD. Add an
argument to flag that the expression is not restricted.
(check_init_expr): Improve the message for a failing variable.
(gfc_match_init_expr): Call check_enquiry again to make sure that
unsimplified expressions are not causing unnecessary errors.
2005-12-17 Steven G. Kargl <>
Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/25458
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_ibset, gfc_simplify_not): Add call to
2005-12-17 Steven G. Kargl <>
* decl.c (gfc_match_old_kind_spec,match_type_spec): Use gfc_std_notify
to report nonstandard intrinsic type declarations.
2005-12-16 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR fortran/24268
* io.c (format_lex): Allow whitespace within text of format specifier.
2005-12-16 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/25106
PR fortran/25055
* match.c (gfc_match_small_literal_int): Add cnt argument;
(gfc_match_st_label,gfc_match_stopcode): Account for cnt argument.
* match.h (gfc_match_small_literal_int): Update prototype.
* decl.c (match_char_length,gfc_match_old_kind_spec): Account for cnt.
* parse.c (next_free): Ditto.
* primary.c (match_kind_param): Ditto.
2005-12-16 Richard Guenther <>
* trans.h (tree): Remove declaration of gfc_build_function_call.
* trans.c (gfc_build_function_call): Remove.
(gfc_build_array_ref): Use build_function_call_expr.
(gfc_trans_runtime_check): Likewise.
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage): Likewise.
(gfc_grow_array): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_array_ctor_element): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor_value): Likewise.
(gfc_array_allocate): Likewise.
(gfc_array_deallocate): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_auto_array_allocation): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_dummy_array_bias): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_parameter): Likewise.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_power_op): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_string_tmp): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_concat_op): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_expr_op): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_string_copy): Likewise.
* trans-decl.c (build_entry_thunks): Likewise.
(gfc_generate_function_code): Likewise.
(gfc_generate_constructors): Likewise.
* trans-io.c (gfc_trans_open): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_close): Likewise.
(build_filepos): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_inquire): Likewise.
(transfer_namelist_element): Likewise.
(build_dt): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_dt_end): Likewise.
(transfer_expr): Likewise.
(transfer_array_desc): Likewise.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_pause): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_stop): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_character_select): Likewise.
(gfc_do_allocate): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_assign_need_temp): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_pointer_assign_need_temp): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_forall_1): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_where): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_allocate): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_deallocate): Likewise.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_aint): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_lib_function): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_exponent): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_abs): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_sign): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_ctime): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_fdate): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_ttynam): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishftc): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_len_trim): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_index): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_size): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_strcmp): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_adjust): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_associated): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_scan): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_verify): Likewise.
(call_builtin_clz): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_si_kind): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_sr_kind): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_trim): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_repeat): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_iargc): Likewise.
2005-12-16 Richard Guenther <>
* trans.h (gfc_build_indirect_ref): Remove declaration.
* trans.c (gfc_build_indirect_ref): Remove.
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_array_ctor_element): Use
build_fold_indirect_ref instead of gfc_build_indirect_ref.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor_value): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_index_offset): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_scalarized_array_ref): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_ref): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_dummy_array_bias): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_parameter): Likewise.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_finish_cray_pointee): Likewise.
(gfc_get_symbol_decl): Likewise.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_substring): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_component_ref): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_variable): Likewise.
(gfc_add_interface_mapping): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_function_call): Likewise.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ichar): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_transfer): Likewise.
* trans-io.c (nml_get_addr_expr): Likewise.
(transfer_namelist_element): Likewise.
(transfer_expr): Likewise.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_nested_forall_loop): Likewise.
(allocate_temp_for_forall_nest_1): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_forall_1): Likewise.
2005-12-16 Richard Guenther <>
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_descriptor_data_addr): Use
build_fold_addr_expr where appropriate.
(gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor_value): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_data): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_parameter): Likewise.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_function_val): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_function_call): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_expr_reference): Likewise.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ctime): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_fdate): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_ttynam): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_si_kind): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_trim): Likewise.
* trans-io.c (set_parameter_ref): Likewise.
(gfc_convert_array_to_string): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_open): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_close): Likewise.
(build_filepos): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_inquire): Likewise.
(nml_get_addr_expr): Likewise.
(transfer_namelist_element): Likewise.
(build_dt): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_dt_end): Likewise.
(transfer_array_component): Likewise.
(transfer_expr): Likewise.
(transfer_array_desc): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_transfer): Likewise.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_allocate): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_deallocate): Likewise.
2005-12-16 Kazu Hirata <>
* dependency.c, resolve.c, trans-array.c: Fix comment typos.
* gfortran.texi: Fix typos.
2005-12-14 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/18197
* resolve.c (resolve_formal_arglist): Remove code to set
the type of a function symbol from it's result symbol.
2005-12-13 Richard Guenther <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_substring): Use fold_build2 and
2005-12-13 Richard Sandiford <>
* (fortran/trans-resolve.o): Depend on
* gfortran.h (gfc_expr): Add an "inline_noncopying_intrinsic" flag.
* dependency.h (gfc_get_noncopying_intrinsic_argument): Declare.
(gfc_check_fncall_dependency): Change prototype.
* dependency.c (gfc_get_noncopying_intrinsic_argument): New function.
(gfc_check_argument_var_dependency): New function, split from
(gfc_check_argument_dependency): New function.
(gfc_check_fncall_dependency): Replace the expression parameter with
separate symbol and argument list parameters. Generalize the function
to handle dependencies for any type of expression, not just variables.
Accept a further argument giving the intent of the expression being
tested. Ignore intent(in) arguments if that expression is also
* resolve.c: Include dependency.h.
(find_noncopying_intrinsics): New function.
(resolve_function, resolve_call): Call it on success.
* trans-array.h (gfc_conv_array_transpose): Declare.
(gfc_check_fncall_dependency): Remove prototype.
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_array_transpose): New function.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Don't use the
libcall handling if the expression is to be evaluated inline.
Add a case for handling inline transpose()s.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_arrayfunc_assign): Adjust for the new
interface provided by gfc_check_fncall_dependency.
2005-12-12 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/25078
* match.c (gfc_match_equivalence): Count number of objects.
2005-12-11 Aldy Hernandez <>
* lang.opt: Add RejectNegative to ffixed-form and ffree-form.
2005-12-10 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/25068
* io.c (resolve_tag): Add correct diagnostic for F2003 feature.
2005-12-10 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/23815
* io.c (top level): Add convert to io_tag.
(resolve_tag): convert is GFC_STD_GNU.
(match_open_element): Add convert.
(gfc_free_open): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_open): Likewise.
(gfc_free_inquire): Likewise.
(match_inquire_element): Likewise.
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_code_node): Add
convet for open and inquire.
gfortran.h: Add convert to gfc_open and gfc_inquire.
* trans-io.c (gfc_trans_open): Add convert.
(gfc_trans_inquire): Likewise.
* ioparm.def: Add convert to open and inquire.
* gfortran.texi: Document CONVERT.
2005-12-09 Roger Sayle <>
PR fortran/22527
* f95-lang.c (gfc_truthvalue_conversion): Use a zero of the correct
integer type when building an inequality.
2005-12-09 Richard Guenther <>
* f95-lang.c (build_builtin_fntypes): Use correct
return types, as indicated by comments.
2005-12-08 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/25292
* check.c (gfc_check_associated): Allow function results
as actual arguments to ASSOCIATED. Moved a misplaced
2005-12-07 Rafael Ávila de Espíndola <>
* (, fortran.install-normal): Remove.
2005-12-07 Rafael Ávila de Espíndola <>
* Remove all dependencies on s-gtype, except for
2005-12-03 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/25106
* parse.c (next_free): Use new prototype for gfc_match_st_label.
Correctly emit hard error if a label is zero.
* match.c (gfc_match_st_label): Never allow zero as a valid
(gfc_match, gfc_match_do, gfc_match_goto): Use new prototype for
* primary.c (): Use new prototype for gfc_match_st_label.
* io.c (): Likewise.
* match.h: Likewise.
2005-12-02 Richard Guenther <>
* trans.h (build1_v): Use build1, not build to build the
void typed tree.
2005-12-01 Erik Schnetter <>
* decl.c (gfc_match_old_kind_spec): Improve handling of old style
2005-12-01 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24789
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_symbol_decl): Move the expression for
unit size of automatic character length, dummy pointer array
elements down a few lines from the version that fixed PR15809.
2005-11-30 Bernhard Fischer <>
PR fortran/21302
* lang.opt: New options -ffree-line-length- and -ffree-line-length-none.
* gfortran.h: Add free_line_length and add description of
free_line_length and fixed_line_length.
* options.c (gfc_init_options, gfc_handle_option): Initialize
and set free_line_length and fixed_line_length.
* scanner.c (load_line): Set free_line_length to 132 and
fixed_line_length to 72 or user requested values.
* scanner.c: Typo in comment.
* invoke.texi: Document -ffree-line-length- and
2005-11-30 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/15809
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_symbol_decl): In the case of automatic
character length, dummy pointer arrays, build an expression for
unit size of the array elements, to be picked up and used in the
descriptor dtype.
* trans-io.c (gfc_trans_transfer): Modify the detection of
components of derived type arrays to use the gfc_expr references
instead of the array descriptor dtype. This allows the latter
to contain expressions.
2005-11-30 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/15809
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_deferred_array): Allow PARM_DECLs past
in addition to VAR_DECLs.
2005-11-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
* io.c (gfc_resolve_open): RESOLVE_TAG access field as well.
2005-11-27 Bernhard Fischer <>
* gfortran.h: remove superfluous whitespace and use GNU
comment-style for the documentation of backend_decl.
2005-11-27 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/24917
* primary.c (match_boz_constant): Implement postfix BOZ constants;
(match_string_constant): Peek for b, o, z, and x
2005-11-27 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/23912
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_dim, gfc_resolve_mod,
gfc_resolve_modulo): When arguments have different kinds, fold
the lower one to the largest kind.
* check.c (gfc_check_a_p): Arguments of different kinds is not
a hard error, but an extension.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_dim, gfc_simplify_mod,
gfc_simplify_modulo): When arguments have different kinds, fold
the lower one to the largest kind.
2005-11-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/14943
PR fortran/21647
* (fortran/trans-io.o): Depend on fortran/ioparm.def.
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_code_node): Dump c->block for
* io.c (terminate_io, match_io, gfc_match_inquire): Put data
transfer commands into EXEC_{READ,WRITE,IOLENGTH}'s code->block.
* resolve.c (resolve_blocks): Handle EXEC_{READ,WRITE,IOLENGTH}.
* trans-io.c (ioparm_unit, ioparm_err, ioparm_end, ioparm_eor,
ioparm_list_format, ioparm_library_return, ioparm_iostat,
ioparm_exist, ioparm_opened, ioparm_number, ioparm_named,
ioparm_rec, ioparm_nextrec, ioparm_size, ioparm_recl_in,
ioparm_recl_out, ioparm_iolength, ioparm_file, ioparm_file_len,
ioparm_status, ioparm_status_len, ioparm_access, ioparm_access_len,
ioparm_form, ioparm_form_len, ioparm_blank, ioparm_blank_len,
ioparm_position, ioparm_position_len, ioparm_action,
ioparm_action_len, ioparm_delim, ioparm_delim_len, ioparm_pad,
ioparm_pad_len, ioparm_format, ioparm_format_len, ioparm_advance,
ioparm_advance_len, ioparm_name, ioparm_name_len,
ioparm_internal_unit, ioparm_internal_unit_len,
ioparm_internal_unit_desc, ioparm_sequential, ioparm_sequential_len,
ioparm_direct, ioparm_direct_len, ioparm_formatted,
ioparm_formatted_len, ioparm_unformatted, ioparm_unformatted_len,
ioparm_read, ioparm_read_len, ioparm_write, ioparm_write_len,
ioparm_readwrite, ioparm_readwrite_len, ioparm_namelist_name,
ioparm_namelist_name_len, ioparm_namelist_read_mode, ioparm_iomsg,
ioparm_iomsg_len, ioparm_var): Remove.
(enum ioparam_type, enum iofield_type, enum iofield,
enum iocall): New enums.
(gfc_st_parameter_field, gfc_st_parameter): New typedefs.
(st_parameter, st_parameter_field, iocall): New variables.
(dt_parm, dt_post_end_block): New variables.
(gfc_build_st_parameter): New function.
(gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Use it. Initialize iocall
array rather than ioparm_*, add extra first arguments to
the function types.
(set_parameter_const): New function.
(set_parameter_value): Add type argument, return a bitmask.
Changed to set a field in automatic structure variable rather
than set a field in a global _gfortran_ioparm variable.
(set_parameter_ref): Likewise. If requested var has different
size than what field should point to, call with a temporary and
then copy into the user variable. Add postblock argument.
(set_string): Remove var_len argument, add type argument, return
a bitmask. Changed to set fields in automatic structure variable
rather than set a field in a global _gfortran_ioparm variable.
(set_internal_unit): Remove iunit, iunit_len, iunit_desc arguments,
add var argument. Return a bitmask. Changed to set fields in
automatic structure variable rather than set a field in a global
_gfortran_ioparm variable.
(set_flag): Removed.
(io_result): Add var argument. Changed to read common.flags field
from automatic structure variable and bitwise AND it with 3.
(set_error_locus): Add var argument. Changed to set fields in
automatic structure variable rather than set a field in a global
_gfortran_{filename,line} variables.
(gfc_trans_open): Use gfc_start_block rather than gfc_init_block.
Create a temporary st_parameter_* structure. Adjust callers of
all above mentioned functions. Pass address of the temporary
variable as first argument to the generated function call.
Use iocall array rather than ioparm_* separate variables.
(gfc_trans_close, build_filepos, gfc_trans_inquire): Likewise.
(build_dt): Likewise. Change first argument to tree from tree *.
Don't dereference code->ext.dt if last_dt == INQUIRE. Emit
IOLENGTH argument setup here. Set dt_parm/dt_post_end_block
variables and gfc_trans_code the nested data transfer commands
in code->block.
(gfc_trans_iolength): Just set last_dt and call build_dt immediately.
(transfer_namelist_element): Pass address of dt_parm variable
to generated functions. Use iocall array rather than ioparm_*
separate variables.
(gfc_trans_backspace, gfc_trans_endfile, gfc_trans_rewind,
gfc_trans_flush, gfc_trans_read, gfc_trans_write): Use iocall array
rather than ioparm_* separate variables.
(gfc_trans_dt_end): Likewise. Pass address of dt_parm variable
as first argument to generated function. Adjust io_result caller.
Prepend dt_post_end_block before io_result code.
(transfer_expr): Use iocall array rather than ioparm_* separate
variables. Pass address of dt_parm variables as first argument
to generated functions.
* ioparm.def: New file.
2005-11-21 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24223
* resolve.c (resolve_contained_fntype) Error if an internal
function is assumed character length.
PR fortran/24705
* trans-decl.c (gfc_create_module_variable) Skip ICE in
when backend decl has been built and the symbol is marked
as being in an equivalence statement.
2005-11-20 Toon Moene <>
* invoke.texi: Remove superfluous @item.
2005-11-19 Janne Blomqvist <>
PR fortran/24862
* trans-io.c (gfc_trans_transfer): Handle arrays of derived type.
2005-11-17 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/20811
* scanner.c (gfc_open_included_file): Add an extra include_cwd
argument. Only include files in the current working directory if
its value is true.
* gfortran.h: Change prototype for gfc_open_included_file.
(load_file): Don't search for include files in the current working
* options.c (gfc_post_options): Add the directory of the source file
to the list of paths for included files.
* module.c (gfc_use_module): Look for module files in the current
2005-11-16 Alan Modra <>
PR fortran/24096
* trans-types.c (gfc_init_kinds): Use one less for max_exponent
of IBM extended double format.
2005-11-13 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add COMPLEX, FTELL, FGETC, FGET,
FPUTC, FPUT, AND, XOR and OR intrinsic functions.
(add_subroutines): Add FGETC, FGET, FPUTC, FPUT and FTELL intrinsic
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_and, gfc_resolve_complex,
gfc_resolve_or, gfc_resolve_fgetc, gfc_resolve_fget,
gfc_resolve_fputc, gfc_resolve_fput, gfc_resolve_ftell,
gfc_resolve_xor, gfc_resolve_fgetc_sub, gfc_resolve_fget_sub,
gfc_resolve_fputc_sub, gfc_resolve_fput_sub, gfc_resolve_ftell_sub):
New functions.
* check.c (gfc_check_complex, gfc_check_fgetputc_sub,
gfc_check_fgetputc, gfc_check_fgetput_sub, gfc_check_fgetput,
gfc_check_ftell, gfc_check_ftell_sub, gfc_check_and): New functions.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_and, gfc_simplify_complex, gfc_simplify_or,
gfc_simplify_xor): New functions.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Add cases for
* intrinsic.h: Add prototypes for all functions added to iresolve.c,
simplify.c and check.c.
2005-11-10 Paul Thomas <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/15976
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Disallow automatic arrays in module scope.
2005-11-10 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24655
PR fortran/24755
* match.c (recursive_stmt_fcn): Add checks that symtree exists
for the expression to weed out inline intrinsic functions and
PR fortran/24409
* module.c (mio_symtree_ref): Correct the patch of 0923 so that
a symbol is not substituted for by a the symbol for the module
itself and to prevent the promotion of a formal argument.
2005-11-10 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/24643
* primary.c (match_varspec): Check for implicitly typed CHARACTER
variables before matching substrings.
2005-11-09 Steven G. Kargl <>
* trans-intrinsic.c: Typo in comment.
2005-11-09 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/22607
* trans-decl.c(build_function_decl): Don't set
DECL_IS_PURE (fndecl) = 1 for return-by-reference
2005-11-08 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* dump-parse-tree.c: Fix comment typo, add a few blank lines.
2005-11-07 Steven G. Kargl <>
* error.c: Use flag_fatal_error.
* invoke.texi: Remove -Werror from list of options.
2005-11-06 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24534
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Exclude case of PRIVATE declared
within derived type from error associated with PRIVATE type
components within derived type.
PR fortran/20838
PR fortran/20840
* gfortran.h: Add prototype for gfc_has_vector_index.
* io.c (gfc_resolve_dt): Error if internal unit has a vector index.
* expr.c (gfc_has_vector_index): New function to check if any of
the array references of an expression have vector inidices.
(gfc_check_pointer_assign): Error if internal unit has a vector index.
PR fortran/17737
* data.c (gfc_assign_data_value): Remove gcc_assert that caused the ICE
and replace by a standard dependent warning/error if overwriting an
existing initialization.
* decl.c (gfc_data_variable): Remove old error for already initialized
variable and the unused error check for common block variables. Add
error for hots associated variable and standard dependent error for
common block variables, outside of blockdata.
* symbol.c (check_conflict): Add constraints for DATA statement.
2005-11-06 Janne Blomqvist <>
PR fortran/24174
PR fortran/24305
* fortran/trans-io.c (gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Add kind
argument to transfer_array.
(transfer_array_desc): Add kind argument.
2005-11-06 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add ctime and fdate intrinsics.
(add_subroutines): Likewise.
* intrinsic.h: Prototypes for gfc_check_ctime,
gfc_check_ctime_sub, gfc_check_fdate_sub, gfc_resolve_ctime,
gfc_resolve_fdate, gfc_resolve_ctime_sub, gfc_resolve_fdate_sub.
* gfortran.h: Add GFC_ISYM_CTIME and GFC_ISYM_FDATE.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_ctime, gfc_resolve_fdate,
gfc_resolve_ctime_sub, gfc_resolve_fdate_sub): New functions.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_build_intrinsic_function_decls): Add
gfor_fndecl_fdate and gfor_fndecl_ctime.
* check.c (gfc_check_ctime, gfc_check_ctime_sub,
gfc_check_fdate_sub): New functions.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ctime,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_fdate): New functions.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Add cases for GFC_ISYM_CTIME
* intrinsic.texi: Documentation for the new CTIME and FDATE
* trans.h: Declarations for gfor_fndecl_ctime and gfor_fndecl_fdate.
2005-11-05 Kazu Hirata <>
* decl.c, trans-decl.c: Fix comment typos.
* gfortran.texi: Fix a typo.
2005-11-05 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add function version of TTYNAM.
* intrinsic.h: Add prototypes for gfc_check_ttynam and
* gfortran.h: Add case for GFC_ISYM_TTYNAM.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_ttynam): New function.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_build_intrinsic_function_decls): Add a tree
for function call to library ttynam.
* check.c (gfc_check_ttynam): New function.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ttynam): New function.
(): Call gfc_conv_intrinsic_ttynam.
* trans.h: Add prototype for gfor_fndecl_ttynam.
2005-11-04 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/24636
* match.c (gfc_match_stopcode): Set stop_code = -1.
2005-11-04 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/18452
* lang-specs.h: Pass -lang-fortran to the preprocessor.
2005-11-02 Andrew Pinski <>
PR fortran/18157
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_resolve_dependencies): Use the correct
type for the temporary array.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_assignment): Pass lss
instead of lss_section
to gfc_conv_resolve_dependencies to get the
correct type.
2005-11-02 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* decl.c (gfc_match_entry): Function entries don't need an argument
list if there's no RESULT clause.
2005-11-01 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/24008
* decl.c (gfc_match_entry): Function entries need an argument list.
2005-11-01 Erik Edelmann <>
PR 24245
* trans.c (gfc_generate_code): Move code to create a main
program symbol from here ...
* parse.c (main_program_symbol): ... to this new
function, setting the locus from gfc_current_locus
instead of ns->code->loc.
(gfc_parse_file): Call main_program_symbol for main programs.
2005-11-01 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/24404
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Output symbol names in more error
messages, clarify error message.
2005-11-01 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* dump-parse-tree.c (show_symtree): Revert change unintentionally
committed in r106246.
2005-11-01 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/21565
* symbol.c (check_conflict): An object cannot be in a namelist and in
block data.
PR fortran/18737
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Set the error flag to
gfc_set_default_type, in the case of an external symbol, so that
an error message is emitted if IMPLICIT NONE is set.
PR fortran/14994
* gfortran.h (gfc_generic_isym_id): Add GFC_ISYM_SECNDS to enum.
* check.c (gfc_check_secnds): New function.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add call to secnds.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_secnds): New function.
* trans-intrinsic (gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Add call to
secnds via case GFC_ISYM_SECNDS.
* intrinsic.texi: Add documentation for secnds.
2005-10-31 Andreas Schwab <>
(fortran.install-common): Correctly install a cross compiler.
(fortran.uninstall): Use GFORTRAN_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME instead of
2005-10-30 Erik Edelmann <>
* gfortran.texi: Update contributors.
2005-10-30 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/18883
* trans-decl.c (gfc_finish_var_decl): Add decl to the
current function, rather than the parent. Make
assertion accept fake result variables.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): If the character
length of an ENTRY isn't set, get the length from
the master function instead.
2005-10-30 Thomas Koenig <>
* gfortran.texi: Remove reservations about I/O usability. Document
that array intrinsics mostly work.
2005-10-30 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.texi: Move license stuff to back. Add information
* invoke.texi: Document -fshort-enums.
2005-10-30 Gaurav Gautam <>
Tobias Schl"uter <>
* arith.c (gfc_enum_initializer): New function.
(gfc_check_integer_range): Made extern.
* decl.c (enumerator_history): New typedef.
(last_initializer, enum_history, max_enum): New variables.
(create_enum_history, gfc_free_enum_history): New functions.
(add_init_expr_to_sym): Call create_enum_history if parsing ENUM.
(variable_decl): Modified to parse enumerator definition.
(match_attr_spec): Add PARAMETER attribute to ENUMERATORs.
(gfc_match_data_decl): Issues error, if match_type_spec do not
return desired return values.
(set_enum_kind, gfc_match_enum, gfc_match_enumerator_def): New
(gfc_match_end): Deal with END ENUM.
* gfortran.h (gfc_statement): ST_ENUM, ST_ENUMERATOR, ST_END_ENUM
(symbol_attribute): Bit field for enumerator added.
(gfc_options): Add fshort_enums.
(gfc_enum_initializer, gfc_check_integer_range): Add prototypes.
* options.c: Include target.h
(gfc_init_options): Initialize fshort_enums.
(gfc_handle_option): Deal with fshort_enums.
* parse.c (decode_statement): Match ENUM and ENUMERATOR statement.
(gfc_ascii_statement): Deal with the enumerator statements.
(parse_enum): New function to parse enum construct.
(parse_spec): Added case ST_ENUM.
* parse.h (gfc_compile_state): COMP_ENUM added.
(gfc_match_enum, gfc_match_enumerator_def, gfc_free_enum_history):
Prototype added.
* symbol.c (gfc_copy_attr): Copy enumeration attribute.
* lang.opt (fshort-enums): Option added.
2005-10-30 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* check.c (gfc_check_malloc, gfc_check_free): New functions.
* gfortran.h (gfc_generic_isym_id): Add GFC_ISYM_MALLOC.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add symbols for MALLOC function.
(add_subroutines): Add symbol for FREE subroutine.
* intrinsic.h: Prototypes for gfc_check_malloc, gfc_check_free,
gfc_resolve_malloc and gfc_resolve_free.
* intrinsic.texi: Add doc for FREE and MALLOC intrinsics.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_malloc, gfc_resolve_free): New
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Add case for
2005-10-30 Steven Bosscher <>
* gfortran.texi: Update contributors.
2005-10-29 Steven Bosscher <>
* interface.c: Fix previous checkin (an incomplete patch
was commited for me).
2005-10-29 Joseph S. Myers <>
* intrinsic.texi: Remove empty @cindex line.
2005-10-28 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* check.c (gfc_check_alarm_sub, gfc_check_signal,
gfc_check_signal_sub): New functions.
* gfortran.h (gfc_generic_isym_id): Add GFC_ISYM_SIGNAL.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add signal intrinsic.
(add_subroutines): Add signal and alarm intrinsics.
* intrinsic.texi: Document the new intrinsics.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_signal, gfc_resolve_alarm_sub,
gfc_resolve_signal_sub): New functions.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Add case
* intrinsic.h: Add prototypes for gfc_check_alarm_sub,
gfc_check_signal, gfc_check_signal_sub, gfc_resolve_signal,
gfc_resolve_alarm_sub, gfc_resolve_signal_sub.
2005-10-28 Steven Bosscher <>
PR fortran/24545
* interface.c (gfc_match_end_interface): Fix typo in
2005-10-26 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/15586
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Remove the use of whynot, so that
error messages are not built from pieces.
2005-10-26 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24158
* decl.c (gfc_match_data_decl): Correct broken bit of code
that prevents undefined derived types from being used as
components of another derived type.
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Add backstop error when derived
type variables arrive here with a type that has no components.
2005-10-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* trans.h (gfc_conv_cray_pointee): Remove.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Revert 2005-10-24 change.
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_array_parameter): Likewise.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_conv_cray_pointee): Remove.
(gfc_finish_cray_pointee): New function.
(gfc_finish_var_decl): Use it. Don't return early for Cray
(gfc_create_module_variable): Revert 2005-10-24 change.
* decl.c (cray_pointer_decl): Update comment.
* gfortran.texi: Don't mention Cray pointees aren't visible in the
* symbol.c (check_conflict): Add conflict between cray_pointee
and in_common resp. in_equivalence.
* resolve.c (resolve_equivalence): Revert 2005-10-24 change.
* module.c (ab_attribute): Add AB_CRAY_POINTER and AB_CRAY_POINTEE.
(attr_bits): Likewise.
(mio_symbol_attribute): Save and restore cray_pointe{r,e} attributes.
(mio_symbol): For cray_pointee write/read cp_pointer reference.
2005-10-25 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/22290
* trans-decl.c (gfc_add_assign_aux_vars): New function. Add two
auxiliary variables.
(gfc_get_symbol_decl): Use it when a variable, including dummy
argument, is assigned a label.
(gfc_trans_assign_aux_var): New function. Set initial value of
the auxiliary variable explicitly.
(gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Use it.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_conv_label_variable): Handle dummy argument.
2005-10-24 Asher Langton <>
PR fortran/17031
PR fortran/22282
* check.c (gfc_check_loc): New function.
* decl.c (variable_decl): New variables cp_as and sym. Added a
check for variables that have already been declared as Cray
Pointers, so we can get the necessary attributes without adding
a new symbol.
(attr_decl1): Added code to catch pointee symbols and "fix"
their array specs.
(cray_pointer_decl): New method.
(gfc_match_pointer): Added Cray pointer parsing code.
(gfc_mod_pointee_as): New method.
* expr.c (gfc_check_assign): Added a check to catch vector-type
assignments to pointees with an unspecified final dimension.
* gfortran.h: (GFC_ISYM_LOC): New.
(symbol_attribute): Added cray_pointer and cray_pointee bits.
(gfc_array_spec): Added cray_pointee and cp_was_assumed bools.
(gfc_symbol): Added gfc_symbol *cp_pointer.
(gfc_option): Added flag_cray_pointer.
(gfc_add_cray_pointee): Declare.
(gfc_add_cray_pointer ): Declare.
(gfc_mod_pointee_as): Declare.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add code for loc() intrinsic.
* intrinsic.h (gfc_check_loc): Declare.
(gfc_resolve_loc): Declare.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_loc): New.
* lang.opt: Added fcray-pointer flag.
* options.c (gfc_init_options): Initialized.
(gfc_handle_option): Deal with -fcray-pointer.
* parse.c:(resolve_equivalence): Added code prohibiting Cray
pointees in equivalence statements.
* resolve.c (resolve_array_ref): Added code to prevent bounds
checking for Cray Pointee arrays.
(resolve_equivalence): Prohibited pointees in equivalence
* symbol.c (check_conflict): Added Cray pointer/pointee
attribute checking.
(gfc_add_cray_pointer): New.
(gfc_add_cray_pointee): New.
(gfc_copy_attr): New code for Cray pointers and pointees.
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_auto_array_allocation): Added code to
prevent space from being allocated for pointees.
(gfc_conv_array_parameter): Added code to catch pointees and
correctly set their base address.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_finish_var_decl): Added code to prevent
pointee declarations from making it to the back end.
(gfc_create_module_variable): Same.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Added code to detect and
translate pointees.
(gfc_conv_cray_pointee): New.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_loc): New.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): Added entry point for loc
* trans.h (gfc_conv_cray_pointee): Declare.
* gfortran.texi: Added section on Cray pointers, removed Cray
pointers from list of proposed extensions.
* intrinsic.texi: Added documentation for loc intrinsic.
* invoke.texi: Documented -fcray-pointer flag.
2005-10-24 Asher Langton <>
* decl.c (gfc_match_save): Changed duplicate SAVE errors to
warnings in the absence of strict standard conformance
* symbol.c (gfc_add_save): Same.
2005-10-24 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/15586
* arith.c (gfc_arith_error): Change message to include locus.
(check_result, eval_intrinsic, gfc_int2int, gfc_real2real,
gfc_real2complex, gfc_complex2real, gfc_complex2complex): Use
the new gfc_arith_error.
(arith_error): Rewrite full error messages instead of building
them from pieces.
* check.c (must_be): Removed.
(type_check, numeric_check, int_or_real_check, real_or_complex_check,
kind_check, double_check, logical_array_check, array_check,
scalar_check, same_type_check, rank_check, kind_value_check,
variable_check, gfc_check_allocated, gfc_check_associated,
gfc_check_cmplx, gfc_check_dcmplx, gfc_check_dot_product,
gfc_check_index, gfc_check_kind, gfc_check_matmul, gfc_check_null,
gfc_check_pack, gfc_check_precision, gfc_check_present,
gfc_check_spread): Rewrite full error messages instead of
building them from pieces.
* decl.c (gfc_match_entry): Rewrite full error messages instead
of building them from pieces.
* parse.c (gfc_state_name): Remove.
* parse.h: Remove prototype for gfc_state_name.
2005-10-23 Andrew Pinski <>
PR fortran/23635
* check.c (gfc_check_ichar_iachar): Move the code around so
that the check on the length is after check for
2005-10-23 Asher Langton <>
* decl.c (match_type_spec): Add a BYTE type as an extension.
2005-10-23 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/18022
* trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_arrayfunc_assign): Return NULL
if there is a component ref during an array ref to force
use of temporary in assignment.
PR fortran/24311
PR fortran/24384
* fortran/iresolve.c (check_charlen_present): New function to
add a charlen to the typespec, in the case of constant
(gfc_resolve_merge, gfc_resolve_spread): Call.the above.
(gfc_resolve_spread): Make calls to library functions that
handle the case of the spread intrinsic with a scalar source.
2005-10-22 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/24426
* decl.c (variable_decl): Don't assign default initializers to
2005-10-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
* interface.c (compare_actual_formal): Issue error when attempting
to pass an assumed-size array as assumed-shape array argument.
2005-10-20 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/21625
* resolve.c (expr_to_initialize): New function.
(resolve_allocate_expr): Take current statement as new
argument. Add default initializers to variables of
derived types, if they need it.
(resolve_code): Provide current statement as argument to
2005-10-19 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24440
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Correct error in check for
assumed size array with default initializer by testing
for arrayspec before dereferencing it.
2005-10-17 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/23446
* gfortran.h: Primitive for gfc_is_formal_arg.
* resolve.c(gfc_is_formal_arg): New function to signal across
several function calls that formal argument lists are being
(resolve_formal_arglist): Set/reset the flag for gfc_is_formal_arg.
*expr.c(check_restricted): Add check, via gfc_is_formal_arg, if
symbol is part of an formal argument declaration.
PR fortran/21459
* decl.c (add_init_expr_to_sym): Make a new character
length for each variable, when the expression is NULL
and link to cl_list.
PR fortran/20866
* match.c (recursive_stmt_fcn): New function that tests if
a statement function resurses through itself or other other
statement functions.
(gfc_match_st_function): Call recursive_stmt_fcn to check
if this is recursive and to raise error if so.
PR fortran/20849
PR fortran/20853
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Errors for assumed size arrays
with default initializer and for external objects with an
PR fortran/20837
* decl.c (match_attr_spec): Prevent PUBLIC from being used
outside a module.
2005-10-16 Erik Edelmann <>
PR 22273
* expr.c (check_inquiry): Add "len" to inquiry_function.
2005-10-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
* primary.c (match_boz_constant): Add missing break after gfc_error.
2005-10-12 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24092
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_derived_type): Insert code to obtain backend
declaration for derived types, building if necessary. Return the
derived type if the fields have been built by this process. Otherwise,
continue as before but using the already obtained backend_decls for the
derived type components. Change the gcc_assert to act on the field.
2005-10-12 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/18082
* decl.c (variable_decl): Make a new copy of the character
length for each variable, when the expression is not a
2005-10-12 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* gfortran.h: Add bitmasks for different FPE traps. Add fpe
member to options_t.
* invoke.texi: Document the new -ffpe-trap option.
* lang.opt: Add -ffpe-trap option.
* options.c (gfc_init_options): Initialize the FPE option.
(gfc_handle_fpe_trap_option): New function to parse the argument
of the -ffpe-trap option.
(gfc_handle_option): Add case for -ffpe-trap.
* trans-decl.c: Declare a tree for the set_fpe library function.
(gfc_build_builtin_function_decls): Build this tree.
(gfc_generate_function_code): Generate a call to set_fpe at
the beginning of the main program.
* trans.h: New tree for the set_fpe library function.
2005-10-12 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/20847
PR fortran/20856
* symbol.c (check_conflict): Prevent common variables and
function results from having the SAVE attribute,as required
by the standard.
2005-10-12 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/24207
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Exclude use and host associated
symbols from the test for private objects in a public namelist.
2005-10-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
* trans-common.c (build_field): Fix comment typo.
(create_common): Set backend_decl of COMMON or EQUIVALENCEd
variables to a VAR_DECL with the COMPONENT_REF in
* f95-lang.c (gfc_expand_function): Emit debug info for
EQUIVALENCEd variables if the equiv union is going to be output.
2005-10-11 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/20786
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_aint, gfc_resolve_anint): Type conversion
of the argument.
2005-10-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* f95-lang.c (gfc_init_decl_processing): Initialize
2005-10-07 Erik Edelmann <>
PR 18568
* resolve.c (find_array_spec): Search through the list of
components in the symbol of the type instead of the symbol of the
2005-10-05 Richard Guenther <>
PR fortran/24176
* parse.c (gfc_parse_file): Exit early for empty files.
2005-10-03 Steve Ellcey <>
* fortran/trans-types.c (gfc_init_kinds): Only pass float, double,
and long double floating point types through to Fortran compiler.
2005-10-03 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/20120
* f95-lang.c (DO_DEFINE_MATH_BUILTIN): Add support for long
double builtin function.
(gfc_init_builtin_functions): Add mfunc_longdouble,
mfunc_clongdouble and func_clongdouble_longdouble trees. Build
them for round, trunc, cabs, copysign and pow functions.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_reshape, gfc_resolve_transpose): Add
case for kind 10 and 16.
* trans-decl.c: Add trees for cpowl10, cpowl16, ishftc16,
exponent10 and exponent16.
(gfc_build_intrinsic_function_decls): Build nodes for int16,
real10, real16, complex10 and complex16 types. Build all possible
combinations for function _gfortran_pow_?n_?n. Build function
calls cpowl10, cpowl16, ishftc16, exponent10 and exponent16.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_power_op): Add case for integer(16),
real(10) and real(16).
* trans-intrinsic.c: Add suppport for long double builtin
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_aint): Add case for integer(16), real(10) and
real(16) kinds.
(gfc_build_intrinsic_lib_fndecls): Add support for real10_decl
and real16_decl in library functions.
(gfc_get_intrinsic_lib_fndecl): Add cases for real and complex
kinds 10 and 16.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_exponent): Add cases for real(10) and real(16)
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_sign): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishftc): Add case for integer(16) kind.
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_int_type, gfc_get_real_type,
gfc_get_complex_type, gfc_get_logical_type): Doesn't error out in
the case of kinds not available.
* trans.h: Declare trees for cpowl10, cpowl16, ishftc16,
exponent10 and exponent16.
2005-10-01 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/16404
PR fortran/20835
PR fortran/20890
PR fortran/20899
PR fortran/20900
PR fortran/20901
PR fortran/20902
* gfortran.h: Prototype for gfc_add_in_equivalence.
* match.c (gfc_match_equivalence): Make a structure component
an explicit,rather than a syntax, error in an equivalence
group. Call gfc_add_in_equivalence to add the constraints
imposed in check_conflict.
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Add constraints: No public
structures with private-type components and no public
procedures with private-type dummy arguments.
(resolve_equivalence_derived): Add constraint that prevents
a structure equivalence member from having a default
(sequence_type): New static function to determine whether an
object is default numeric, default character, non-default
or mixed sequence. Add corresponding enum typespec.
(resolve_equivalence): Add constraints to equivalence groups
or their members: No more than one initialized member and
that different types are not equivalenced for std=f95. All
the simple constraints have been moved to check_conflict.
* symbol.c (check_conflict): Simple equivalence constraints
added, including those removed from resolve_symbol.
(gfc_add_in_equivalence): New function to interface calls
match_equivalence to check_conflict.
2005-09-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/18518
* trans-common.c (build_equiv_decl): Add IS_SAVED argument.
If it is true, set TREE_STATIC on the decl.
(create_common): If any symbol in equivalence has SAVE attribute,
pass true as last argument to build_equiv_decl.
2005-09-24 Janne Blomqvist <>
* trans-io.c (gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Add entry
iocall_x_array for transfer_array.
(transfer_array_desc): New function.
(gfc_trans_transfer): Add code to call transfer_array_desc.
2005-09-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/23677
* symbol.c (gfc_is_var_automatic): Return true if character length
is non-constant rather than constant.
* resolve.c (gfc_resolve): Don't handle !gfc_option.flag_automatic
* options.c (gfc_post_options): Set gfc_option.flag_max_stack_var_size
to 0 for -fno-automatic.
2005-09-23 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/16861
* module.c (mio_component_ref): Return if the symbol is NULL
and wait for another iteration during module reads.
(mio_symtree_ref): Suppress the writing of contained symbols,
when a symbol is available in the main namespace.
(read_module): Restrict scope of special treatment of contained
symbols to variables only and suppress redundant call to
2005-09-22 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/24005
* interface.c (check_interface1): Fix NULL dereference.
2005-09-22 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/23843
* resolve.c (derived_inaccessible): New function.
(resolve_transfer): Use it to check for private
2005-09-22 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/23516
* intrinsic.c (add_function): Add IMAG, IMAGPART, and REALPART
* intrinsic.h: Prototypes for gfc_simplify_realpart and
* intrinsic.texi: Document intrinsic procedures.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_realpart): New function.
* irseolve.c (gfc_resolve_realpart): New function.
2005-09-21 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/19929
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_deallocate): Check if the
object to be deallocated is an array by looking at
expr->rank instead of expr->symtree->n.sym->attr.dimension.
2005-09-20 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/23420
* io.c (resolve_tag): Don't allow non-CHARACTER constants as formats.
(match_io): Fix usage of gfc_find_symbol.
2005-09-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/23663
* primary.c (match_actual_arg): Handle ENTRY the same way
2005-09-18 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* Make check-fortran alias for check-gfortran.
2005-09-18 Andreas Jaeger <>
* module.c (read_module): Add missed line from last patch.
2005-09-18 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/15975
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Don't assign default
initializer to pointers.
2005-09-18 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/16861
* module.c (read_module): Give symbols from module procedures
different true_name entries to those from the module proper.
2005-09-17 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/15586
* arith.c (gfc_arith_error): Add translation support for error
* array.c (gfc_match_array_ref): Likewise.
(gfc_match_array_spec): Likewise.
* check.c (must_be): Add msgid convention to third argument.
(same_type_check): Add translation support for error message.
(rank_check): Likewise.
(kind_value_check): Likewise.
(gfc_check_associated): Correct typo.
(gfc_check_reshape): Add translation support for error message.
(gfc_check_spread): Likewise.
* error.c (error_printf): Add nocmsgid convention to argument.
(gfc_warning, gfc_notify_std, gfc_warning_now, gfc_warning_check)
(gfc_error, gfc_error_now): Likewise.
(gfc_status): Add cmsgid convention to argument.
* expr.c (gfc_extract_int): Add translation support for error
(gfc_check_conformance): Add msgid convention to argument.
(gfc_check_pointer_assign): Correct tabbing.
* gfortran.h: Include intl.h header. Remove prototype for gfc_article.
* gfortranspec.c: Include intl.h header.
(lang_specific_driver): Add translation support for --version.
* io.c (check_format): Add translation support for error message.
(format_item_1): Likewise.
(data_desc): Likewise.
* matchexp.c: Likewise.
* misc.c (gfc_article): Remove function.
* module.c (bad_module): Use msgid convention. Add translation support
for error messages.
(require_atom): Add translation support for error messages.
* parse.c (gfc_ascii_statement): Likewise.
(gfc_state_name): Likewise.
* primary.c (match_boz_constant): Reorganise error messages for
* resolve.c (resolve_entries): Likewise.
(resolve_operator): Add translation support for error messages.
(gfc_resolve_expr): Use msgid convention. Reorganise error messages
for translations.
(resolve_symbol): Add translation support for error messages.
* symbol.c (gfc_add_procedure): Remove use of gfc_article function.
* trans-const.c (gfc_build_string_const): Use msgid convention.
2005-09-16 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/23906
* dependency.c (transform_sections): Divide by correct value.
Elaborate comment.
2005-09-14 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/21875 Internal Unit Array I/O, NIST
* fortran/trans-io.c (gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Add field for
array descriptor to IOPARM structure.
* fortran/trans-io.c (set_internal_unit): New function to generate code
to store the character (array) and the character length for an internal
* fortran/trans-io (build_dt): Use the new function set_internal_unit.
2005-09-14 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/19358
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_dummy_array_bias): correct the typo
which uses dim[i].upper for lbound, rather than dim[i].lower.
2005-09-13 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/17740
* trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_arrayfunc_assign): Check value
of attr.elemental for specific function instead of generic name.
2005-09-13 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/18899
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_bound): Move initialization
of argse. Remove now-redundant want_pointer assignment.
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): When not assigning to
a pointer, keep the original bounds of a full array reference.
2005-09-13 Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/19269
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_cshift, gfc_resolve_eoshift)
(gfc_resolve_pack, gfc_resolve_reshape, gfc_resolve_spread)
(gfc_resolve_transpose, gfc_resolve_unpack): Add "_char" to the name
for character-based operations.
(gfc_resolve_pack): Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from array argument.
(gfc_resolve_unpack): Copy the whole typespec from the vector.
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): In the EXPR_FUNCTION
case, get the string length from the scalarization state.
2005-09-14 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* Change targets prefixes from f95 to fortran.
* Change language name to "fortran".
* lang.opt: Change language name to "fortran".
* options.c: Change CL_F95 to CL_Fortran.
2005-09-09 Thomas Koenig <>
gfortran.texi: Document IOSTAT= specifier.
2005-09-09 Thomas Koenig <>
* gfortran.h: Add iomsg to gfc_open, gfc_close, gfc_filepos,
gfc_inquire and gfc_dt.
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_code_node): Add iomsg
for open, close, file positioning, inquire and namelist.
* io.c (io_tag): Add tag_iomsg.
(resolve_tag): Add standards warning for iomsg.
(match_open_element): Add iomsg.
(gfc_free_open): Add iomsg.
(gfc_resolve_open): Add iomsg.
(gfc_free_close): Add iomsg.
(match_close_element): Add iomsg.
(gfc_resolve_close): Add iomsg.
(gfc_free_filepos): Add iomsg.
(match_file_element): Add iomsg.
(gfc_resolve_filepos): Add iostat and iomsg.
(match-dt_element): Add iomsg.
(gfc_free_dt): Add iomsg.
(gfc_resolve_dt): Add iomsg.
(gfc_free_inquire): Add iomsg.
(match_inquire_element): Add iomsg.
(gfc_resolve_inquire): Add iomsg.
* trans_io.c: Add ioparm_iomsg and ioparm_iomsg_len.
(gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Add iomsg as last field.
(gfc_trans_open): Add iomsg.
(gfc_trans_close): Add iomsg.
(build_fileos): Call set_string for iomsg.
(gfc_trans_inquire): Add iomsg.
(build_dt): Add iomsg.
2005-09-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* match.h (gfc_match_equiv_variable): Declare.
2005-09-09 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/19239
* (fortran/trans-expr.o): Depend on dependency.h.
* dependency.h (gfc_ref_needs_temporary_p): Declare.
* dependency.c (gfc_ref_needs_temporary_p): New function.
(gfc_check_fncall_dependency): Use it instead of inlined check.
By so doing, take advantage of the fact that character substrings
within an array reference also need a temporary.
* trans.h (GFC_SS_VECTOR): Adjust comment.
* trans-array.c (gfc_free_ss): Remove GFC_SS_VECTOR case.
(gfc_set_vector_loop_bounds): New function.
(gfc_add_loop_ss_code): Call it after evaluating the subscripts of
a GFC_SS_SECTION. Deal with the GFC_SS_VECTOR case by evaluating
the vector expression and caching its descriptor for use within
the loop.
(gfc_conv_array_index_ref, gfc_conv_vector_array_index): Delete.
(gfc_conv_array_index_offset): Handle scalar, vector and range
dimensions as separate cases of a switch statement. In the vector
case, use the loop variable to calculate a vector index and use the
referenced element as the dimension's index. Perform bounds checking
on this final index.
(gfc_conv_section_upper_bound): Return null for vector indexes.
(gfc_conv_section_startstride): Give vector indexes a start value
of 0 and a stride of 1.
(gfc_conv_ss_startstride): Adjust for new GFC_SS_VECTOR representation.
(gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Expand comments. Generalize the
handling of the !want_pointer && !direct_byref case. Use
gfc_ref_needs_temporary_p to decide whether the variable case
needs a temporary.
(gfc_walk_variable_expr): Handle DIMEN_VECTOR by creating a
* trans-expr.c: Include dependency.h.
(gfc_trans_arrayfunc_assign): Fail if the target needs a temporary.
2005-09-09 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/21104
* trans.h (gfc_interface_sym_mapping, gfc_interface_mapping): Moved
from trans-expr.c.
(gfc_init_interface_mapping, gfc_free_interface_mapping)
(gfc_add_interface_mapping, gfc_finish_interface_mapping)
(gfc_apply_interface_mapping): Declare.
* trans-array.h (gfc_set_loop_bounds_from_array_spec): Declare.
(gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array): Add pre and post block arguments.
* trans-array.c (gfc_set_loop_bounds_from_array_spec): New function.
(gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage): Replace loop argument with
separate pre and post blocks.
(gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array): Add pre and post block arguments.
Update call to gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor, gfc_conv_loop_setup): Adjust for new
interface to gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_interface_sym_mapping, gfc_interface_mapping):
Moved to trans.h.
(gfc_init_interface_mapping, gfc_free_interface_mapping)
(gfc_add_interface_mapping, gfc_finish_interface_mapping)
(gfc_apply_interface_mapping): Make extern.
(gfc_conv_function_call): Build an interface mapping for array
return values too. Call gfc_set_loop_bounds_from_array_spec.
Adjust call to gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array so that code is
added to SE rather than LOOP.
2005-09-09 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/12840
* trans.h (gfor_fndecl_internal_realloc): Declare.
(gfor_fndecl_internal_realloc64): Declare.
* trans-decl.c (gfor_fndecl_internal_realloc): New variable.
(gfor_fndecl_internal_realloc64): New variable.
(gfc_build_builtin_function_decls): Initialize them.
* trans-array.h (gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array): Add a fourth argument.
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage): Add an argument
to say whether the array can grow later. Don't allocate the array
on the stack if so. Don't call malloc for zero-sized arrays.
(gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array): Add a similar argument here.
Pass it along to gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage.
(gfc_get_iteration_count, gfc_grow_array): New functions.
(gfc_iterator_has_dynamic_bounds): New function.
(gfc_get_array_constructor_element_size): New function.
(gfc_get_array_constructor_size): New function.
(gfc_trans_array_ctor_element): Replace pointer argument with
a descriptor tree.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor_subarray): Likewise. Take an extra
argument to say whether the variable-sized part of the constructor
must be allocated using realloc. Grow the array when this
argument is true.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor_value): Likewise.
(gfc_get_array_cons_size): Delete.
(gfc_trans_array_constructor): If the loop bound has not been set,
split the allocation into a static part and a dynamic part. Set
loop->to to the bounds for static part before allocating the
temporary. Adjust call to gfc_trans_array_constructor_value.
(gfc_conv_loop_setup): Allow any constructor to determine the
loop bounds. Check whether the constructor has a dynamic size
and prefer to use something else if so. Expect the loop bound
to be set later. Adjust call to gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Adjust another call here.
2005-09-09 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/18878
* module.c (find_use_name_n): Based on original
find_use_name. Either counts number of use names for a
given real name or returns use name n.
(find_use_name, number_use_names): Interfaces to the
function find_use_name_n.
(read_module): Add the logic and calls to these functions,
so that mutiple reuses of the same real name are loaded.
2005-09-09 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/22304
PR fortran/23270
PR fortran/18870
PR fortran/16511
PR fortran/17917
* gfortran.h: Move definition of BLANK_COMMON_NAME from trans-
common.c so that it is accessible to module.c. Add common_head
field to gfc_symbol structure. Add field for the equivalence
name AND new attr field, in_equivalence.
* match.c (gfc_match_common, gfc_match_equivalence): In loops
that flag common block equivalences, emit an error if the
common blocks are different, using sym->common_head as the
common block identifier. Ensure that symbols that are equivalence
associated with a common block are marked as being in_common.
* module.c (write_blank_common): New.
(write_common): Use unmangled common block name.
(load_equiv): New function ported from g95.
(read_module): Call load_equiv.
(write_equiv): New function ported from g95. Correct
string referencing for gfc functions. Give module
equivalences a unique name.
(write_module): Call write_equiv and write_blank_common.
* primary.c (match_variable) Old gfc_match_variable, made
static and third argument provided to indicate if parent
namespace to be visited or not.
(gfc_match_variable) New. Interface to match_variable.
(gfc_match_equiv_variable) New. Interface to match_variable.
* trans-common.c (finish_equivalences): Provide the call
to create_common with a gfc_common_header so that
module equivalences are made external, rather than local.
(find_equivalences): Ensure that all members in common block
equivalences are marked as used. This prevents the subsequent
call to this function from making local unions.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_generate_function_code): Move the call to
gfc_generate_contained_functions to after the call to
gfc_trans_common so the use-associated, contained common
blocks produce the correct references.
(gfc_create_module_variable): Return for equivalenced symbols
with existing backend declaration.
2005-09-08 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/23765
* match.c (gfc_match_common): Remove unnecessary / wrong special
cases for end-of-statement.
2005-09-08 Janne Blomqvist <>
* gfortran.texi: Add section about implemented F2003 features.
2005-09-08 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/15326
* trans-array.c (gfc_add_loop_ss_code): Set ss->string_length in
the GFC_SS_FUNCTION case too.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_val): Allow symbols to be bound
to function pointers as well as function decls.
(gfc_interface_sym_mapping, gfc_interface_mapping): New structures.
(gfc_init_interface_mapping, gfc_free_interface_mapping)
(gfc_get_interface_mapping_charlen, gfc_get_interface_mapping_array)
(gfc_set_interface_mapping_bounds, gfc_add_interface_mapping)
(gfc_finish_interface_mapping, gfc_apply_interface_mapping_to_cons)
(gfc_apply_interface_mapping): New functions.
(gfc_conv_function_call): Evaluate the arguments before working
out where the result should go. Make the null pointer case provide
the string length in parmse.string_length. Cope with non-constant
string lengths, using the above functions to evaluate such lengths.
Use a temporary typespec; don't assign to sym->cl->backend_decl.
Don't assign to se->string_length when returning a cached array
2005-09-08 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/19928
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_array_ref): Call gfc_advance_se_ss_chain
after handling scalarized references. Make "indexse" inherit from
"se" when handling AR_ELEMENTs.
(gfc_walk_variable_expr): Add GFC_SS_SCALAR entries for each
substring or scalar reference that follows an array section.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): When called from within a
scalarization loop, start out with "ref" pointing to the scalarized
part of the reference. Don't call gfc_advance_se_ss_chain here.
2005-09-07 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/23373
* trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_pointer_assignment): Assign to a temporary
descriptor if the rhs is not a null pointer or variable.
2005-09-07 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/20848
* symbol.c(check_conflict): Add conflict for parameter/save,
2005-09-06 Richard Sandiford <>
PR fortran/19269
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_transpose): Set the result's typespec from
the source, not the first element of the return value.
2005-09-04 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/23661
* io.c (match_io): Correctly backup if PRINT followed by
symbol which is not a namelist. Force blank between PRINT
and namelist in free form.
2005-08-31 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/20592
* gfortran.h (gfc_option_t): Add flag_automatic.
* invoke.texi: Document the -fno-automatic option.
* lang.opt: Add a -fautomatic option.
* options.c (gfc_init_options): Default for -fautomatic is on.
(gfc_handle_option): Add handling of -fautomatic option.
* resolve.c (gfc_resolve): When -fno-automatic is used, mark
needed variables as SAVE.
2005-08-27 Erik Edelmann <>
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_deferred_array): Fix comments.
2005-08-27 Erik Schnetter <>
* primary.c (match_charkind_name): Fix typo in comment leading to
2005-08-25 Erik Edelmann <>
PR fortran/20363
* symbol.c (find_special): Remove.
(build_sym, add_init_expr, attr_decl1): Remove calls to
find_special in favor of calls to gfc_get_symbol.
2005-08-24 Thomas Koenig <>
PR fortran/17758
* gfortran.h (symbol_attribute): Add noreturn to the structure.
(gfc_intrinsic_sym): Add noreturn to the structure.
* intrinsic.c (make_noreturn): New function.
(add_subroutines): Mark subroutines abort and exit as noreturn.
(gfc_intrinsic_sub_interface): Copy noreturn attribute from
isym to the resolved symbol.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_extern_function_decl): Set function
as VOLATILE (== noreturn) if the noreturn attribute is set.
2005-08-21 Steven G. Kargl <>
* decl.c: Typo in comment.
2005-08-21 Steven G. Kargl <>
* array.c: Bump GFC_MAX_AC_EXPAND from 100 to 65535.
2005-08-21 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_option_t): Remove source field. Add
flag_d_lines field.
(gfc_new_file): Remove arguments in prototype.
(gfc_source_file): Make 'const char *'.
* f95-lang.c (gfc_init): Use gfc_source_file instead of
gfc_option.source. Call gfc_new_file without arguments.
* invoke.texi: Document new options '-fd-lines-as-code' and
* lang.opt: Add new options. Alphabetize.
* options.c (gfc_init_options): Initialize gfc_source_file instead
of gfc_option.source. Initialize gfc_option.flag_d_lines.
(form_from_filename): Move here from scanner.c. Make
'filename' argument 'const'.
(gfc_post_options): Set gfc_source_file. Determine source form.
Warn if 'd-lines*' are used in free form.
* scanner.c (gfc_source_file): Constify.
(skip_fixed_comments): Deal with d-lines.
(get_file): Constify argument 'name'.
(load_file): Constify argument 'filename'.
(form_from_filename): Moved to options.c.
(gfc_new_file): Remove arguments. Don't initialize
gfc_source_file, don't determine source form.
* trans-const.c (gfc_init_constants): Use gfc_source_file instead
of gfc_option.source.
2005-08-19 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/23065
* gfortran.h: Remove PATH_MAX definition.
* module.c (write_module, gfc_dump_module): Use alloca to allocate
* scanner.c (gfc_release_include_path, form_from_filename): Ditto.
2005-08-16 Huang Chun <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_power_op): Evaluate the expression before
2005-08-14 Asher Langton <>
* parse.c (match): Enclose macro in do...while(0) and braces.
2005-08-14 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/21432.
* gfortran.texi: Document PRINT namelist.
2005-08-14 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/21432.
* io.c (match_io): Add code to implement PRINT namelist.
2005-08-14 Canqun Yang <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_arithmetic_if): Optimized in case of equal
2005-08-11 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
Steven Bosscher <>
PR libfortran/20006
* gfortran.h: Add is_main_program member to symbol_attribute.
* trans-decl: Add a gfor_fndecl_set_std tree.
(gfc_build_builtin_function_decls): Create it.
(gfc_generate_function_code): Add this call at the beginning of
the main program.
* trans.c (gfc_generate_code): Move main_program and attr.
* trans.h: Add declaration for gfor_fndecl_set_std.
2005-08-10 Thomas Koenig <>
PR libfortran/22143
gfortran.h: Declare new function gfc_resolve_dim_arg.
resolve.c: New function gfc_resolve_dim_arg.
iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_all): Use gfc_resolve_dim_arg.
(gfc_resolve_any): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_count): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_cshift): Likewise. If the kind of shift is less
gfc_default_integer_kind, convert it to default integer type.
(gfc_resolve_eoshift): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_maxloc): Use gfc_resolve_dim_arg.
(gfc_resolve_maxval): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_minloc): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_minval): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_product): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_spread): Likewise.
(gfc_resolve_sum): Likewise.
2005-08-09 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* check.c (gfc_check_ttynam_sub, gfc_check_isatty): Add check
functions for new intrinsics TTYNAM and ISATTY.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions, add_subroutines): Add new
* intrinsic.h: Add prototypes for new check and resolve
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_isatty, gfc_resolve_ttynam_sub): New
resolve functions for intrinsics TTYNAM and ISATTY.
* gfortran.h (gfc_generic_isym_id): Add symbol for ISATTY.
* trans-intrinsic.c: Add case for GFC_ISYM_ISATTY.
2005-08-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
* scanner.c (preprocessor_line): Don't write beyond the end of flag
2005-08-07 Janne Blomqvist <>
PR fortran/22390
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_code_node): Add case for FLUSH.
* gfortran.h: Add enums for FLUSH.
* io.c (gfc_free_filepos,match_file_element,match_filepos): Modify
comment appropriately. (gfc_match_flush): New function.
* match.c (gfc_match_if): Add match for flush.
* match.h: Add prototype.
* parse.c (decode_statement): Add flush to 'f' case.
(next_statement): Add case for flush. (gfc_ascii_statement): Likewise.
* resolve.c (resolve_code): Add flush case.
* st.c (gfc_free_statement): Add flush case.
* trans-io.c: Add prototype for flush.
(gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Build fndecl for flush.
(gfc_trans_flush): New function.
* trans-stmt.h: Add prototype.
* trans.c (gfc_trans_code): Add case for flush.
2005-08-06 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* primary.c (match_hollerith_constant): Fix typo.
2005-08-06 Kazu Hirata <>
* decl.c, dump-parse-tree.c, gfortran.texi, intrinsic.texi,
invoke.texi, resolve.c, trans-array.c, trans-array.h,
trans-common.c, trans-expr.c, trans-io.c, trans.h: Fix
comment/doc typos. Follow spelling conventions.
2005-08-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/18833
PR fortran/20850
* primary.c (match_varspec): If equiv_flag, don't look at sym's
attributes, call gfc_match_array_ref up to twice and don't do any
substring or component processing.
* resolve.c (resolve_equivalence): Transform REF_ARRAY into
REF_SUBSTRING or nothing if needed. Check that substrings
don't have zero length.
2005-08-05 Thomas Koenig <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_build_builtin_function_decls): Mark
stop_numeric and stop_string as non-returning.
2005-08-04 Paul Brook <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_expr, gfc_conv_expr_type): Update comments.
(gfc_conv_expr_lhs): Fix assertion.
(gfc_conv_expr_val): Merge post block. Set se.expr to new value.
2005-08-02 David Edelsohn <>
PR fortran/22491
* expr.c (simplify_parameter_variable): Do not copy the subobject
references if the expression value is a constant.
* expr.c (gfc_simplify_expr): Evaluate constant substrings.
2005-07-31 Jerry DeLisle <>
* intrinsic.texi: Add documentation for exponent, floor, and fnum and
fix description of ceiling in index.
2005-07-31 Steven Bosscher <>
* trans-decl.c (gfc_build_builtin_function_decls): Give the internal
malloc functions the 'malloc' attribute. Give runtime_error the
'noreturn' attribute.
2005-07-31 Steven Bosscher <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_goto): Jump to the known label instead
of the assigned goto variable.
2005-07-29 Steven Bosscher <>
* trans-types.h (gfc_array_range_type): Add missing GTY decl for this.
2005-07-28 Andrew Pinski <>
* fortran/f95-lang.c (language_function): Remove
named_labels, shadowed_labels, returns_value, returns_abnormally,
warn_about_return_type, and extern_inline fields.
(named_labels): Remove variable.
(gfc_init_decl_processing): Remove setting of named_labels.
2005-07-27 Volker Reichelt <>
PR fortran/22503
* resolve.c (resolve_operator): Improve diagnostic for comparison
of logicals with invalid operator.
2005-07-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/20063
* data.c (gfc_assign_data_value_range): Call
create_character_initializer if last_ts is a character type.
2005-07-22 Manfred Hollstein <>
* match.c (gfc_match_symbol): Fix uninitialised warnings.
* matchexp.c (gfc_match_expr): Likewise.
2005-07-20 Giovanni Bajo <>
Make CONSTRUCTOR use VEC to store initializers.
* trans-array.c (gfc_build_null_descriptor,
gfc_trans_array_constructor_value, gfc_conv_array_initializer):
Update to cope with VEC in CONSTRUCTOR_ELTS.
* trans-common.c (create_common): Likewise.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_structure): Likewise.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_character_select): Use
build_constructor_from_list instead of build_constructor.
2005-07-19 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/16940
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): A symbol with FL_UNKNOWN
is matched against interfaces in parent namespaces. If there
the symtree is set to point to the interface.
2005-07-16 David Edelsohn <>
PR fortran/21730
* decl.c (do_parm): Adjust character initializer to character length
of symbol before assigning.
2005-07-14 Steve Ellcey <>
* trans-types.c (MAX_REAL_KINDS): Increase from 4 to 5.
2005-07-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
* gfortran.h (MAX_ERROR_MESSAGE): Remove.
(gfc_error_buf): Add allocated and index fields. Change message
field from array to a pointer.
* error.c (use_warning_buffer, error_ptr, warning_ptr): Remove.
(cur_error_buffer): New variable.
(error_char): Use cur_error_buffer->{message,index} instead of
{warning,error}_{buffer.message,ptr}. Reallocate message buffer
if too small.
(gfc_warning, gfc_notify_std, gfc_error, gfc_error_now): Setup
cur_error_buffer and its index rather than {warning,error}_ptr
and use_warning_buffer.
(gfc_warning_check, gfc_error_check): Don't print anything if
message is NULL.
(gfc_push_error): Allocate saved message with xstrdup.
(gfc_pop_error): Free saved message with gfc_free.
(gfc_free_error): New function.
* primary.c (match_complex_constant): Call gfc_free_error if
gfc_pop_error will not be called.
* match.c (gfc_match_st_function): Likewise.
PR fortran/22417
* scanner.c (preprocessor_line): Don't treat flag 3 as the start of a new
file. Fix file left but not entered warning.
2005-07-14 Feng Wang <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
* array.c (resolve_character_array_constructor): Allocate gfc_charlen
for the array and attach to namespace list for automatic deallocation.
2005-07-13 Andreas Schwab <>
* (fortran/dependency.o): Depend on
2005-07-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_forall_loop): Clear maskindex before
the outermost loop.
(gfc_trans_assign_need_temp, gfc_trans_pointer_assign_need_temp,
gfc_trans_forall_1, gfc_evaluate_where_mask, gfc_trans_where_2):
Don't clear maskindexes here.
2005-07-08 Daniel Berlin <>
* trans-decl.c (create_function_arglist): DECL_ARG_TYPE_AS_WRITTEN
is removed.
2005-07-08 Jakub Jelinek <>
* primary.c (gfc_match_rvalue): Handle ENTRY the same way
2005-07-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
* scanner.c (load_line): Add pbuflen argument, don't make
buflen static. If maxlen == 0 or preprocessor_flag,
don't truncate at buflen, but at maxlen. In xrealloc add
1 byte at the end for the terminating '\0'. Don't fill
with spaces up to buflen, but gfc_option.fixed_line_length.
(load_file): Adjust load_line caller. Add line_len variable.
* scanner.c (preprocessor_line): Only set current_file->line when errors
have not been encountered. Warn and don't crash if a file leave
preprocessor line has no corresponding entering line. Formatting.
2005-07-07 Steven Bosscher <>
* primary.c (match_hollerith_constant): Use int, not unsigned int,
for the hollerith length. Fix indentation.
2005-07-07 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/16531
PR fortran/15966
PR fortran/18781
* arith.c (gfc_hollerith2int, gfc_hollerith2real,
gfc_hollerith2complex, gfc_hollerith2character, gfc_hollerith2logical):
New functions.
(eval_intrinsic): Don't evaluate if Hollerith constant arguments exist.
* arith.h (gfc_hollerith2int, gfc_hollerith2real,
gfc_hollerith2complex, gfc_hollerith2character, gfc_hollerith2logical):
Add prototypes.
* expr.c (free_expr0): Free memery allocated for Hollerith constant.
(gfc_copy_expr): Allocate and copy string if Expr is from Hollerith.
(gfc_check_assign): Enable conversion from Hollerith to other.
* gfortran.h (bt): Add BT_HOLLERITH.
(gfc_expr): Add from_H flag.
* intrinsic.c (gfc_type_letter): Return 'h' for BT_HOLLERITH.
(add_conversions): Add conversions from Hollerith constant to other.
(do_simplify): Don't simplify if Hollerith constant arguments exist.
* io.c (resolve_tag): Enable array in FORMAT tag under GFC_STD_GNU.
* misc.c (gfc_basetype_name): Return "HOLLERITH" for BT_HOLLERITH.
(gfc_type_name): Print "HOLLERITH" for BT_HOLLERITH.
* primary.c (match_hollerith_constant): New function.
(gfc_match_literal_constant): Add match Hollerith before Integer.
* simplify.c (gfc_convert_constant): Add conversion from Hollerith
to other.
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_constant_to_tree): Use VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR to
convert Hollerith constant to tree.
* trans-io.c (gfc_convert_array_to_string): Get array's address and
length to set string expr.
(set_string): Deal with array assigned Hollerith constant and character
* gfortran.texi: Document Hollerith constants as extention support.
2005-07-07 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/22327
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_array_constructor_value): Fix index of data.
2005-07-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
* decl.c (gfc_match_entry): Allow ENTRY without parentheses
even in FUNCTIONs.
2005-07-03 Kazu Hirata <>
* gfortran.texi, intrinsic.texi: Fix typos.
* symbol.c: Fix a comment typo.
2005-07-03 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* error.c (error_printf, error_print): Use ATTRIBUTE_GCC_GFC.
* gfortran.h (ATTRIBUTE_GCC_GFC): New.
(gfc_warning, gfc_warning_now, gfc_error, gfc_error_now,
gfc_fatal_error, gfc_internal_error, gfc_notify_std): Use
2005-07-03 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/20842
* io.c (match_dt_element): Do not allow END tag in PRINT or
WRITE statement.
2005-07-02 Joseph S. Myers <>
* lang.opt: Remove "." from end of help texts.
2005-07-01 Jerry DeLisle <>
* gfortran.texi: Fix typos and grammar.
* invoke.texi: Fix typos and grammar.
* intrinsic.texi: Add documentaion for eoshift, epsilon, etime, and
exit. Fixed alignment of text for dtime syntax. Fixed a few line
2005-06-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_forall_1): Prefer to use smaller logical
type than boolean_type_node.
2005-06-25 Kelley Cook <>
* all files: Update FSF address in copyright headers.
2005-06-24 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR fortran/21915
* gfortran.h: Add symbols for new intrinsic functions.
* intrinsic.c: Add new functions acosh, asinh, and atanh.
* intrinsic.h: Add prototypes for the new functions.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_acosh): New function.
(gfc_resolve_asinh): New function.
(gfc_resolve_atanh): New function.
* mathbuiltins.def: Add defines.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_acosh): New function.
(gfc_simplify_asinh): New function.
(gfc_simplify_atanh): New function.
2005-06-24 Feng Wang <>
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_modulo): Don't clear before get result.
2005-06-22 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/21034
* symbol.c (gfc_is_var_automatic): New function.
(save_symbol): Use it.
2005-06-21 Tobias Schlueter <>
Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/22010
Port from g95.
* module.c (mio_namelist): New function. Correct to set
namelist_tail and to give error on renaming namelist by use
(mio_symbol): Call mio_namelist.
2005-06-19 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* gfortran.h: Add flag_backslash compile-time option.
* lang.opt: Add support for -fbackslash option.
* options.c: Likewise.
* primary.c: Implement behavior for -fno-backslash.
* invoke.texi: Add doc for -fbackslash option.
* gfortran.texi: Remove mention of -fno-backslash as a
possible extension.
2005-06-20 Steven G. Kargl <>
(port from g95)
PR fortran/21257
* match.c (gfc_match_label): Detect duplicate labels.
2005-06-20 Erik Edelmann <>
* intrinsic.c (check_intrinsic_standard): Fix spelling error
in a warning message.
2005-06-18 Erik Edelman <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/19926
* primary.c (gfc_match_rvalue): expr_type can be EXPR_CONSTANT
for an array; check that sym->as is NULL.
2005-06-18 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.c (gfc_intrinsic_func_interface): Enable errors for generic
functions whose simplification routine return FAILURE.
2005-06-13 Geoffrey Keating <>
* (fortran.install-man): Doesn't depend on installdirs.
(rule for installing f95.1 manpage): Does depend on installdirs.
2005-06-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/22038
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_forall_loop): Only increment maskindex
in the innermost loop.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Return int instead of
void. Use a local variable for has_alternate_specifier and
return it. Avoid modification of function type's return value
in place, since it may be shared.
* trans.h (has_alternate_specifier): Remove.
(gfc_conv_function_call): Change return type.
* trans-stmt.c (has_alternate_specifier): Remove.
(gfc_trans_call): Add a local has_alternate_specifier variable,
set it from gfc_conv_function_call return value.
2005-06-12 Richard Henderson <>
* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_descriptor_data_get): Rename from
gfc_conv_descriptor_data. Cast the result to the DATAPTR type.
(gfc_conv_descriptor_data_set, gfc_conv_descriptor_data_addr): New.
(gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage): Use them.
(gfc_array_allocate, gfc_array_deallocate): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_dummy_array_bias, gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_deferred_array): Likewise.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_subcomponent_assign): Likewise.
(gfc_trans_pointer_assignment): Likewise.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_allocated): Likewise.
* trans-types.c (gfc_array_descriptor_base): New.
(gfc_get_element_type): Use GFC_TYPE_ARRAY_DATAPTR_TYPE.
(gfc_get_array_descriptor_base): Break out from ...
(gfc_get_array_type_bounds): ... here. Create type variants.
* trans-array.h (gfc_conv_descriptor_data_get): Declare.
(gfc_conv_descriptor_data_set, gfc_conv_descriptor_data_addr): Declare.
2005-06-12 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): POINTER results don't need f2c
calling conventions. Look at sym instead of sym->result.
* trans-types.c (gfc_sym_type): Remove workaround for frontend bug.
Remove condition which is always false with workaround removed.
(gfc_return_by_reference): Always look at sym, never at sym->result.
2005-06-11 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/17792
PR fortran/21375
* trans-array.c (gfc_array_deallocate): pstat is new argument
(gfc_array_allocate): update gfc_array_deallocate() call.
(gfc_trans_deferred_array): ditto.
* trans-array.h: update gfc_array_deallocate() prototype.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_build_builtin_function_decls): update declaration
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_deallocate): Implement STAT= feature.
2005-06-07 Jerry DeLisle <>
* intrinsic.texi: Add documentation for dcmplx, digits,
dim, idim, ddim, dot_product, dprod, dreal, and dtime.
2005-06-05 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/21912
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_array_constructor_value): Slightly reorder.
Generate correct exit condition in case of negative steps in
implied-do loops.
* invoke.texi: Fix description of flags required for compatibility
with g77.
2005-06-04 Tobias Schl"uter <>
Erik Schnetter <>
PR fortran/19195
* trans.c (gfc_get_backend_locus): Remove unnecessary adjustment,
remove FIXME comment.
2005-06-04 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* match.c (match_forall_iterator): Don't immediately give error if '='
is not followed by an expression.
2005-06-04 Tobias Schl"uter <>
Erik Edelmann <>
* array.c (gfc_match_array_constructor): Disallow empty array
2005-06-03 Jerry DeLisle <>
* fortran/intrinsic.texi: Add documentation for
command_argument_count, conjg, dconjg, count,
cpu_time, cshift, date_and_time, dble, dfloat.
2005-06-01 Roger Sayle <>
* intrinsic.c (add_conv): No longer take a "simplify" argument as
its always gfc_convert_constant, instead take a "standard" argument.
(add_conversions): Change all existing calls of add_conv to pass
GFC_STD_F77 as appropriate. Additionally, if we're allowing GNU
extensions support integer-logical and logical-integer conversions.
(gfc_convert_type_warn): Warn about use the use of these conversions
as a extension when appropriate, i.e. with -pedantic.
* simplify.c (gfc_convert_constant): Add support for integer to
logical and logical to integer conversions, using gfc_int2log and
* arith.c (gfc_log2int, gfc_int2log): New functions.
* arith.h (gfc_log2int, gfc_int2log): Prototype here.
* gfortran.texi: Document this new GNU extension.
2005-06-01 Paul Thomas <>
* fortran/trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Clean up bracketting.
* fortran/trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Insert spaces.
Correct comments and replace convert of integer_one_node with
2005-06-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/21729
* resolve.c (resolve_contained_fntype): Use sym->attr.untyped
to avoid giving error multiple times.
(resolve_entries): Don't error about BT_UNKNOWN here.
(resolve_unknown_f): Capitalize IMPLICIT for consistency.
(resolve_fntype): New function.
(gfc_resolve): Call resolve_fntype.
2005-06-01 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/20883
* fortran/io.c (resolve_tag): Fix error message.
2005-05-31 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* fortran/trans-decl.c: Don't include errors.h.
* fortran/ Updates dependencies.
2005-05-31 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/18109
PR fortran/18283
PR fortran/19107
* fortran/trans-array.c (gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Obtain the
string length from the expression typespec character length value
and set temp_ss->stringlength and backend_decl. Obtain the
tree expression from gfc_conv_expr rather than gfc_conv_expr_val.
Dereference the expression to obtain the character.
* fortran/trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_component_ref): Remove the
dereference of scalar character pointer structure components.
* fortran/trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_subarray_assign): Obtain the
string length for the structure component from the component
2005-05-30 Roger Sayle <>
* gfortran.h (GFC_STD_LEGACY): New "standard" macro. Reindent.
* options.c (gfc_init_options): By default, allow legacy extensions
but warn about them.
(gfc_post_options): Make -pedantic warn about legacy extensions
even with -std=legacy.
(gfc_handle_option): Make -std=gnu follow the default behaviour
of warning about legacy extensions, but allowing them. Make the
new -std=legacy accept everything and warn about nothing.
* lang.opt (std=legacy): New F95 command line option.
* invoke.texi: Document both -std=f2003 and -std=legacy.
* gfortran.texi: Explain the two types of extensions and document
how they are affected by the various -std= command line options.
2005-05-30 Kazu Hirata <>
* trans-expr.c: Remove trailing ^M.
* trans-expr.c: Fix comment typos.
2005-05-29 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/16939
PR fortran/17192
PR fortran/17193
PR fortran/17202
PR fortran/18689
PR fortran/18890
* fortran/trans-array.c (gfc_conv_resolve_dependencies): Add string
length to temp_ss for character pointer array assignments.
* fortran/trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Correct errors in
dereferencing of characters and character pointers.
* fortran/trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Provide string
length as return argument for various kinds of handling of return.
Return a char[]* temporary for character pointer functions and
dereference the temporary upon return.
2005-05-29 Janne Blomqvist <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
* io.c (gfc_match_inquire): Implement constraints on UNIT and FILE usage.
2005-05-29 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR libfortran/20006
* io.c (format_item_1): Add check and extension warning for
$ edit descriptor.
2005-05-28 Steven G. Kargl <>
* arith.c (gfc_arith_init_1): Fix off by one problem;
(gfc_check_integer_range): Chop extra bits in subnormal numbers.
2005-05-28 Jerry DeLisle <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.texi: added documentation for BIT_SIZE, BTEST, CHAR, CEILING
2005-05-27 Steven G. Kargl <>
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_deferred_array): Use build_int_cst to force
like types in comparsion.
2005-05-26 Kazu Hirata <>
* data.c, parse.c, trans-array.c, trans-decl.c,
trans-intrinsic.c, trans-stmt.c, trans-types.c, trans.c,
trans.h: Fix comment typos. Follow spelling conventions.
2005-05-22 Roger Sayle <>
* gfortran.texi: Document some more GNU extensions.
2005-05-22 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* error.c (gfc_warning): Fix typo in comment.
2005-05-18 Thomas Koenig <>
PR libfortran/21127
* fortran/iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_reshape): Add
gfc_type_letter (BT_COMPLEX) for complex to
to resolved function name.
2005-05-18 Erik Edelmann <>
* array.c (gfc_match_array_constructor): Support [ ... ]
style array constructors.
2005-05-18 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* f95-lang.c (gfc_init_builtin_functions): Define BUILT_IN_TRUNC
* trans-intrinsic.c (build_fix_expr): Change 'op' argument
to correct enum type.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_aint): Likewise. Clarify comment in front of
function. Add default case to switch, deal with FIX_TRUNC_EXPR
instead of FIX_FLOOR_EXPR.
2005-05-18 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/20954
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_const_charlen): Use gfc_charlen_type_node to
build character length.
2005-05-17 Zdenek Dvorak <>
* trans-types.c (gfc_array_range_type): New variable.
(gfc_init_types): Initialize gfc_array_range_type.
(gfc_get_array_type_bounds): Use gfc_array_range_type.
2005-05-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/15080
* trans-stmt.c (generate_loop_for_temp_to_lhs): Remove SIZE and COUNT2
arguments. If LSS is gfc_ss_terminator, increment COUNT1 by 1, instead
of incrementing COUNT2 and using COUNT1+COUNT2 increment COUNT1 and use
just that as index.
(generate_loop_for_rhs_to_temp): Likewise.
(compute_overall_iter_number): Add INNER_SIZE_BODY argument.
It non-NULL, add it to body.
(allocate_temp_for_forall_nest_1): New function, split from
(allocate_temp_for_forall_nest): Add INNER_SIZE_BODY argument,
propagate it down to compute_overall_iter_number. Use
(gfc_trans_assign_need_temp): Remove COUNT2. Call
compute_inner_temp_size into a new stmtblock_t. Adjust calls to
allocate_temp_for_forall_nest, generate_loop_for_rhs_to_temp
and generate_loop_for_temp_to_lhs.
(gfc_trans_pointer_assign_need_temp): Adjust calls to
(gfc_evaluate_where_mask): Call compute_inner_temp_size into a new
stmtblock_t. Call compute_overall_iter_number just once, then
allocate_temp_for_forall_nest_1 twice with the same size.
Initialize mask indexes if nested_forall_info != NULL.
(gfc_trans_where_2): Initialize mask indexes before calling
2005-05-15 Feng Wang <>
Jerry DeLisle <>
PR fortran/17432
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_label_assign): fix pointer type, to
resolve ICE on assign of format label.
* trans-io.c (set_string): add fold-convert to properly
handle assigned format label in write.
2005-05-13 Paul Brook <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_forall_1): Fix comment typo.
2005-05-12 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-types.c (gfc_is_nodesc_array): Remove redundant check.
2005-05-11 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/21260
* io.c (check_format): Look for literal characters inside
hollerith constant.
2005-05-11 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Copy 'pointer' and 'dimension'
attribute from result symbol to function symbol.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Look at sym->attr.dimension
instead of sym->result->attr.dimension.
2005-05-10 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/20178
* gfortran.h (gfc_option): Add flag_f2c.
* invoke.texi: Document '-ff2c' command line option. Adapt
documentation for '-fno-second-underscore' and '-fno-underscoring'.
* lang.opt (ff2c): New entry.
* options.c (gfc-init_options): Set default calling convention
to -fno-f2c. Mark -fsecond-underscore unset.
(gfc_post_options): Set -fsecond-underscore if not explicitly set
by user.
(handle_options): Set gfc_option.flag_f2c according to requested
calling convention.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_extern_function_decl): Use special f2c
intrinsics where necessary.
(gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Change todo error to assertion.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Dereference access
to hidden result argument.
(gfc_conv_function_call): Add hidden result argument to argument
list if f2c calling conventions requested. Slightly restructure
tests. Convert result of default REAL function to requested type
if f2c calling conventions are used. Dereference COMPLEX result
if f2c cc are used.
* trans-types.c (gfc_sym_type): Return double for default REAL
function if f2c cc are used.
(gfc_return_by_reference): Slightly restructure logic. Return
COMPLEX by reference depending on calling conventions.
(gfc_get_function_type): Correctly make hidden result argument a
pass-by-reference argument for COMPLEX. Remove old code which does
this for derived types.
2005-05-09 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* match.c (gfc_match_return): Only require space after keyword when
it is obligatory. Only give stdwarn to after matching is successful.
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_symbol): Deal with alternate returns.
2005-05-08 Kazu Hirata <>
* intrinsic.texi: Fix typos.
2005-05-07 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.texi: Document ASSOCIATED and ATAN2. Update Bessel function
description to include information about scalar arguments.
2005-05-03 Kazu Hirata <>
*, dump-parse-tree.c, invoke.texi, lang.opt,
match.h, trans-array.h: Update copyright.
2005-04-29 Tom Tromey <>
* f95-lang.c (poplevel): Updated for change to build_block.
2005-04-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/13082
PR fortran/18824
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_variable): Handle return values in functions
with alternate entry points.
* resolve.c (resolve_entries): Remove unnecessary string termination
after snprintf. Set result of entry master.
If all entries have the same type, set entry master's type
to that common type, otherwise set mixed_entry_master attribute.
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_mixed_entry_union): New function.
(gfc_get_function_type): Use it for mixed_entry_master functions.
* gfortran.h (symbol_attribute): Add mixed_entry_master bit.
* decl.c (gfc_match_entry): Set entry->result properly for
function ENTRY.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_get_symbol_decl): For entry_master, skip over
__entry argument.
(build_entry_thunks): Handle return values in entry thunks.
Clear BT_CHARACTER's>backend_decl, so that it is not
shared between multiple contexts.
(gfc_get_fake_result_decl): Use DECL_ARGUMENTS from
current_function_decl instead of sym->backend_decl. Skip over
entry master's entry id argument. For mixed_entry_master entries or
their results, return a COMPONENT_REF of the fake result.
(gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Don't warn about missing return value if
at least one entry point uses RESULT.
(gfc_generate_function_code): For entry master returning
CHARACTER, copy>backend_decl to all entry result syms.
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_dummy_array_bias): Don't consider return
values optional just because they are in entry master.
2005-04-29 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_namespace): Add seen_implicit_none field,
Tobias forgot this in previous commit.
2005-04-29 Paul Brook <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_expr_present): Fix broken assert. Update
2005-04-29 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_namespace): Add seen_implicit_none field.
* symbol.c (gfc_set_implicit_none): Give error if there's a previous
IMPLICIT NONE, set seen_implicit_none.
(gfc_merge_new_implicit): Error if there's an IMPLICIT NONE statement.
2005-04-28 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_gsymbol): Make name a const char *.
* symbol.c (gfc_get_gsymbol): Allocate gsymbol name via
2005-04-28 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/20865
* resolve.c (resolve_actual_arglist): Issue an error if a statement
functions is used as actual argument.
2005-04-27 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/21177
* interface.c (compare_parameter): Ignore type for EXPR_NULL
only if type is BT_UNKNOWN.
2005-04-25 Paul Brook <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/20879
* check.c (gfc_check_ichar_iachar): New function.
* instinsic.h (gfc_check_ichar_iachar): Add prototype.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Use it.
* primary.c (match_varspec, gfc_match_rvalue): Clear incorrect
character expression lengths.
2005-04-24 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/20059
* trans-common.c (translate_common): Cast offset and
common_segment->offset to type int for warning message.
2005-04-23 DJ Delorie <>
* trans-decl.c: Adjust warning() callers.
2005-04-23 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_mpfr_to_tree): Use hexadecimal string as
intermediate representation. Fix typo in comment.
2005-04-21 Steven G. Kargl <>
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_mpfr_to_tree): Remove unneeded computation;
simplify logic; Add a gcc_assert.
2005-04-19 Steven G. Kargl <>
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_mpz_to_tree): Fix comment.
2005-04-19 Arnaud Desitter <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
* invoke.texi: Update -Waliasing description
2005-04-19 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/16861
* resolve.c (resolve_variable): If e->symtree is not set, this
ought to be a FAILURE, and not a segfault.
2005-04-17 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/17472
PR fortran/18209
PR fortran/18396
PR fortran/19467
PR fortran/19657
* fortran/trans-io.c (gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): Create
declaration for st_set_nml_var and st_set_nml_var_dim. Remove
declarations of old namelist functions.
(build_dt): Simplified call to transfer_namelist_element.
(nml_get_addr_expr): Generates address expression for start of
object data. New function.
(nml_full_name): Qualified name for derived type components. New
(transfer_namelist_element): Modified for calls to new functions
and improved derived type handling.
2005-04-17 Richard Guenther <>
* scanner.c (gfc_next_char_literal): Reset truncation flag
for lines ending in a comment for both fixed and free form.
(load_line): Do not set truncated flag if only truncating
the EOL marker.
2005-04-15 Richard Guenther <>
PR fortran/14569
* gfortran.h (gfc_linebuf): Add truncated field.
* parse.c (next_statement): Handle warning for truncated
* scanner.c (load_line): Return if line was truncated.
No longer warn for truncated lines. Remove unused parameters.
(load_file): Store load_line return value to linebuf.
(gfc_error_recovery): Do not advance line at the end.
2005-04-14 Steven G. Kargl <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_real_info): Add subnormal struct member.
* arith.c (gfc_arith_init_1): Set it.
(gfc_check_real_range): Use it.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_nearest): Fix nearest(0.,1.).
2005-04-12 Kazu Hirata <>
* simplify.c: Fix a comment typo.
2005-04-11 Richard Sandiford <>
* lang.opt: Refer to the GCC internals documentation instead of c.opt.
2005-04-11 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_nearest): Overhaul.
2005-04-10 Kazu Hirata <>
* interface.c: Fix a comment typo.
2005-04-10 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* match.c (match_arithmetic_if): Arithmetic IF is obsolete in
Fortran 95.
2005-04-09 Steven G. Kargl <>
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_anint): Use mpfr_round()
(gfc_simplify_dnint): ditto.
(gfc_simplify_nint): ditto.
2005-04-09 Andrew Pinski <>
PR fortran/13257
* io.c (check_format): Allow an optional comma
between descriptors.
2005-04-09 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* match.c (match_arithmetic_if): Remove gfc_ prefix and correct
comment according to GNU coding style.
(gfc_match_if): Remove gfc_ prefix in call to
2005-04-08 Diego Novillo <>
* match.c (gfc_match_arithmetic_if): Declare static.
2005-04-08 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/17229
* match.c (gfc_match_arithmetic_if): New function to match an
arithmetic IF statement.
(gfc_match_if): Use gfc_match_arithmetic_if to match an
arithmetic IF statement embedded in a simple IF statement.
2005-04-07 Steven G. Kargl <>
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_exponent): Fix exponent(tiny(x))
2005-04-06 Steven G. Kargl <>
* invoke.texi: Remove documentation of -std=f90
2005-04-06 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* expr.c (gfc_check_assign): Don't allow NULL as rhs in a
non-pointer assignment.
2005-04-05 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/15959
PR fortran/20713
* array.c (resolve_character_array_constructor): New function. Set
constant character array's character length.
(gfc_resolve_array_constructor): Use it.
* decl.c (add_init_expr_to_sym): Set symbol and initializer character
(gfc_set_constant_character_len): New function. Set constant character
expression according the given length.
* match.h (gfc_set_constant_character_len): Add prototype.
2005-04-04 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* intrinsic.texi: BES?? functions are not in the f95 standard.
2005-04-03 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* intrinsic.texi: Document COS, EXP, LOG, LOG10, SIN, SQRT, TAN.
2005-04-03 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* intrinsic.texi: Document BESJ0, BESJ1, BESJN, BESY0, BESY1,
2005-04-02 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.texi: Document ALLOCATED, ANINT, ANY, ASIN; fix typos
2005-04-01 Kazu Hirata <>
* decl.c, f95-lang.c, interface.c, module.c, trans-stmt.c,
trans.h: Fix comment typos.
2005-03-29 Steven G. Kargl <>
* gfortran.h (option_t): Change d8, i8, r8 to flag_default_double,
flag_default_integer, flag_default_real
* invoke.texi: Update documentation
* lang.opt: Remove d8, i8, r8 definitions; Add fdefault-double-8
fdefault-integer-8, and fdefault-real-8 definitions.
* options.c (gfc_init_options): Set option defaults
(gfc_handle_option): Handle command line options.
* trans-types.c (gfc_init_kinds): Use options.
2005-03-29 Keith Besaw <>
* f95-lang.c (builtin_function): Process the attrs parameter
and apply the "const" attribute to the builtin if found.
2005-03-27 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.texi: Document AIMAG, AINT, ALL
2005-03-26 Steven G. Kargl <>
* arith.c (check_result): Fix illogical logic.
2005-03-26 Canqun Yang <>
* trans-common.c (create_common): Build RECORD_NODE for common blocks
contain no equivalence objects.
(add_equivalences): New argument saw_equiv.
(trans_common): New local variable saw_equiv.
(finish_equivalences): Add a local variable dummy, Always pass true
for the 3rd parameter to create_common.
2005-03-25 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.texi: Fix "make dvi"
2005-03-24 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.texi: New file.
* gfortran.texi: Include it; white space change; fix typo.
2005-03-23 Joseph S. Myers <>
2005-03-23 Steven Bosscher <>
* convert.c (convert): Replace fold (buildN (...)) with fold_buildN.
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_allocate_array_storage,
gfc_trans_allocate_temp_array gfc_trans_array_constructor_value,
gfc_conv_array_index_ref, gfc_trans_array_bound_check,
gfc_conv_array_index_offset, gfc_conv_scalarized_array_ref,
gfc_conv_array_ref, gfc_trans_preloop_setup, gfc_conv_ss_startstride,
gfc_conv_loop_setup, gfc_array_init_size, gfc_trans_array_bounds,
gfc_trans_auto_array_allocation, gfc_trans_dummy_array_bias,
gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Likewise.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_powi, gfc_conv_string_tmp,
gfc_conv_concat_op, gfc_conv_expr_op): Likewise.
* trans-intrinsic.c (build_round_expr, gfc_conv_intrinsic_bound,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_cmplx, gfc_conv_intrinsic_sign,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_minmaxloc, gfc_conv_intrinsic_minmaxval,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_btest, gfc_conv_intrinsic_bitop,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_singlebitop, gfc_conv_intrinsic_ibits,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishft, gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishftc,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_merge, prepare_arg_info,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_rrspacing, gfc_conv_intrinsic_repeat): Likewise.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_simple_do, gfc_trans_do, gfc_trans_do_while,
gfc_trans_forall_loop, gfc_do_allocate, generate_loop_for_temp_to_lhs,
generate_loop_for_rhs_to_temp, compute_inner_temp_size,
allocate_temp_for_forall_nest, gfc_trans_pointer_assign_need_temp,
gfc_trans_forall_1, gfc_evaluate_where_mask, gfc_trans_where_assign):
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_dtype, gfc_get_array_type_bounds): Likewise.
* trans.c (gfc_add_modify_expr): Likewise.
2005-03-22 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* check.c (gfc_check_chdir, gfc_check_chdir_sub, gfc_check_kill,
gfc_check_kill_sub, gfc_check_link, gfc_check_link_sub,
gfc_check_symlnk, gfc_check_symlnk_sub, gfc_check_rename,
gfc_check_rename_sub, gfc_check_sleep_sub, gfc_check_gerror,
gfc_check_getlog, gfc_check_hostnm, gfc_check_hostnm_sub,
gfc_check_perror): new functions to check newly implemented
g77 intrinsics.
* gfortran.h: adding symbols for new intrinsics.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): adding new intrinsics.
(add_subroutines): adding new intrinsics.
* intrinsic.h: prototype for all checking and resolving
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_chdir, gfc_resolve_chdir_sub,
gfc_resolve_hostnm, gfc_resolve_ierrno, gfc_resolve_kill,
gfc_resolve_link, gfc_resolve_rename, gfc_resolve_symlnk,
gfc_resolve_time, gfc_resolve_time8, gfc_resolve_rename_sub,
gfc_resolve_kill_sub, gfc_resolve_link_sub,
gfc_resolve_symlnk_sub, gfc_resolve_sleep_sub,
gfc_resolve_gerror, gfc_resolve_getlog, gfc_resolve_hostnm_sub,
gfc_resolve_perror): new functions to resolve intrinsics.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): add case
for new symbols.
2005-03-19 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_expr): Dump name of namespace
in which the variable is declared.
PR fortran/18525
* resolve.c (was_declared): Also check for dummy attribute.
2005-03-19 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (arith): Remove ARITH_0TO0.
* arith.c (gfc_arith_error): Remove handling of ARITH_0TO0.
(gfc_arith_power): Remove special casing of zero to integral
power zero.
2005-03-18 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (fortran-warn): Remove -Wno-error.
(expr.o-warn, resolve.o-warn, simplify.o-warn,
trans-common.o-warn): Specify -Wno-error.
2005-03-17 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_static_array_pointer,
get_array_ctor_var_strlen, gfc_conv_array_index_offset): Fix
comment and formatting typos.
2005-03-17 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* invoke.texi: Fix typos.
2005-03-15 Zack Weinberg <>
* (GFORTRAN_TEXI): Add gcc-vers.texi.
2005-03-15 Feng Wang <>
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_label_assign): Don't set DECL_ARTIFICIAL flag
to zero on label_tree.
2005-03-15 Feng Wang <>
PR fortran/18827
* io.c (resolve_tag): Add checking on assigned label.
(match_dt_format): Does not set symbol assign attribute.
* match.c (gfc_match_goto):Does not set symbol assign attribute.
* resolve.c (resolve_code): Add checking on assigned label.
* trans-common.c (build_field): Deals with common variable assigned
a label.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_conv_label_variable): New function.
(gfc_trans_label_assign): Use it.
(gfc_trans_goto): Ditto.
* trans-io.c (set_string): Ditto.
* trans.h (gfc_conv_label_variable): Add prototype.
2005-03-14 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/20467
* symbol.c (check_conflict): A dummy argument can't be a statement
2005-03-14 Zdenek Dvorak <>
* fortran/trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishft): Convert
the argument of the shift to the unsigned type.
2005-03-13 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/16907
* resolve.c (gfc_resolve_index): Allow REAL indices as an extension.
2005-03-13 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/20323
* resolve.c (gfc_resolve): Check if character lengths are
specification expressions.
2005-03-12 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/20361
* trans-array.c (gfc_stack_space_left): Remove unused variable.
(gfc_can_put_var_on_stack): Move to trans-decl.c, remove #if 0'ed
* trans-array.h (gfc_stack_space_left, gfc_can_put_var_on_stack):
Remove declaration / prototype.
* trans-common.c (build_equiv_decl): Give union a name. Check if
it can be put on the stack.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_stack_space_left): Move function here.
(gfc_build_qualified_array): Fix comment typo.
* trans.h (gfc_put_var_on_stack): Add prototype.
2005-03-11 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (fortran-warn): Set to $(STRICT_WARN) -Wno-error.
* decl.c, trans.c: Don't use C++ style comments.
* gfortran.h (sym_flavor, procedure_type, sym_intent, gfc_access,
ifsrc): Give names to enums and use ENUM_BITFIELD.
(gfc_access): Remove trailing comma.
2005-03-05 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR 19936
* primary.c (match_complex_constant): Mangled complex constant may
be an implied do-loop. Give implied do-loop matcher a chance.
2005-03-05 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/19754
* resolve.c (compare_shapes): New function.
(resolve_operator): Use it.
2005-03-05 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_constant_to_tree): Use correct tree
type for COMPLEX constants.
2005-03-04 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/19673
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Correctly dereference
argument from a pointer function also if it has a result clause.
2005-03-04 Steven G. Kargl <>
* expr.c (gfc_copy_shape_excluding): Change && to ||.
2005-03-04 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_get_symbol_for_expr): Fix comment typo,
clarify comment.
2005-02-28 Tobias Schl"uter <>
(port from g95)
PR fortran/19479
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_bound): Rename to ...
(simplify_bound): ... this and overhaul.
2005-02-28 Steven G. Kargl <>
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_iargc): remove boolean argument.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_function): update function calls
2005-02-27 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/20058
* trans-types.c (gfc_max_integer_kind): Declare
(gfc_init_kinds): Initialize it.
* gfortran.h (gfc_max_integer_kind): extern it.
* primary.c (match_boz_constant): Use it; remove gfortran extension
of kind suffixes on BOZ literal constants
2005-02-27 Steven G. Kargl <>
* arith.c (gfc_check_real_range): Remove multiple returns
(check_result): New function.
gfc_arith_divide,gfc_arith_power,gfc_arith_minus): Use it.
2005-02-24 Volker Reichelt <>
* decl.c, resolve.c, trans-array.c, trans.h: Fix comment typo(s).
2005-02-24 Tobias Schl"uter <>
Unrevert previously reverted patch. Adding this fix:
* module.c (find_true_name): Deal with NULL module.
2005-02-24 Tobias Schl"uter <>
Revert yesterday's patch:
2005-02-23 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_component, gfc_actual_arglist, ...
... argument. Copy string instead of pointing to it.
2005-02-23 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_get_namespace): Add second argument to prototype.
* intrinsic.c (gfc_intrinsic_init_1): Pass second argument to
* module.c (mio_namespace_ref, load_needed): Likewise.
* parse.c (parse_interface, parse_contained): Likewise. Here the
correct second argument matters.
* symbol.c (gfc_get_namespace): Add parent_types argument, only copy
parent's implicit types if this is set.
(gfc_symbol_init_2): Pass second argument to gfc_get_namespace.
* trans-common.c (build_common_decl): Likewise.
* gfortran.h (symbol_attribute): New 'untyped' field, fix comment
* symbol.c (gfc_set_default_type): Issue error only once, by setting
and checking 'untyped' attribute.
* gfortran.h (gfc_expr): Move 'operator', 'op1', 'op2', and 'uop'
fields into new struct 'op' inside the 'value' union.
* arith.c (eval_intrinsic): Adapt all users.
* dependency.c (gfc_check_dependency): Likewise.
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_expr): Likewise.
* expr.c (gfc_get_expr): Don't clear removed fields.
(free_expr0, gfc_copy_expr, gfc_type_convert_binary,
gfc_is_constant_expr, simplify_intrinsic_op, check_init_expr,
check_intrinsic_op): Adapt to new field names.
* interface.c (gfc_extend_expr): Likewise. Also explicitly
nullify 'esym' and 'isym' fields of new function call.
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_dot_product, gfc_resolve_matmul):
Adapt to renamed structure fields.
* matchexp.c (build_node, match_level_1, match_expr): Likewise.
* module.c (mio_expr): Likewise.
* resolve.c (resolve_operator): Likewise.
(gfc_find_forall_index): Likewise. Only look through operands
if dealing with EXPR_OP
* trans-array.c (gfc_walk_op_expr): Adapt to renamed fields.
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_unary_op, gfc_conv_power_op,
gfc_conv_concat_op, gfc_conv_expr_op): Likewise.
[ Reverted ]
* gfortran.h (gfc_component, gfc_actual_arglist, gfc_user_op): Make
'name' a 'const char *'.
(gfc_symbol): Likewise, also for 'module'.
(gfc_symtree): Make 'name' a 'const char *'.
(gfc_intrinsic_sym): Likewise, also for 'lib_name'.
(gfc_get_gsymbol, gfc_find_gsymbol): Add 'const' qualifier to
'char *' argument.
(gfc_intrinsic_symbol): Use 'gfc_get_string' instead of 'strcpy' to
initialize 'SYM->module'.
* check.c (gfc_check_minloc_maxloc, check_reduction): Check for NULL
pointer instead of empty string.
* dump-parse-tree.c (gfc_show_actual_arglist): Likewise.
* interface.c (gfc_compare_types): Adapt check to account for possible
NULL pointer.
(compare_actual_formal): Check for NULL pointer instead of empty
* intrinsic.c (gfc_current_intrinsic, gfc_current_intrinsic_arg):
Add 'const' qualifier.
(conv_name): Return a heap allocated string.
(find_conv): Add 'const' qualifier to 'target'.
(add_sym): Use 'gfc_get_string' instead of 'strcpy'.
(make_generic): Check for NULL pointer instead of empty string.
(make_alias): Use 'gfc_get_string' instead of 'strcpy'.
(add_conv): No need to strcpy result from 'conv_name'.
(sort_actual): Check for NULL pointer instead of empty string.
* intrinsic.h (gfc_current_intrinsic, gfc_current_intrinsic_arg):
Adapt prototype.
* module.c (compare_true_names): Compare pointers instead of strings
for 'module' member.
(find_true_name): Initialize string fields with gfc_get_string.
(mio_pool_string): New function.
(mio_internal_string): Adapt comment.
(mio_component_ref, mio_component, mio_actual_arg): Use
'mio_pool_string' instead of 'mio_internal_string'.
(mio_symbol_interface): Add 'const' qualifier to string arguments.
Add level of indirection. Use 'mio_pool_string' instead of
(load_needed, read_module): Use 'gfc_get_string' instead of 'strcpy'.
(write_common, write_symbol): Use 'mio_pool_string' instead of
(write_symbol0, write_symbol1): Likewise, also check for NULL pointer
instead of empty string.
(write_operator, write_generic): Pass correct type variable to
(write_symtree): Use 'mio_pool_string' instead of
* primary.c (match_keyword_arg): Adapt check to possible
case of NULL pointer. Use 'gfc_get_string' instead of 'strcpy'.
* symbol.c (gfc_add_component, gfc_new_symtree, delete_symtree,
gfc_get_uop, gfc_new_symbol): Use 'gfc_get_string' instead of
(ambiguous_symbol): Check for NULL pointer instead of empty string.
(gfc_find_gsymbol, gfc_get_gsymbol): Add 'const' qualifier on string
* trans-array.c (gfc_trans_auto_array_allocation): Check for NULL
pointer instead of empty string.
* trans-decl.c (gfc_sym_mangled_identifier,
gfc_sym_mangled_function_id, gfc_finish_var_decl, gfc_get_symbol_decl,
gfc_get_symbol_decl): Likewise.
* trans-io.c (gfc_new_nml_name_expr): Add 'const' qualifier to
argument. Copy string instead of pointing to it.
2005-02-23 Kazu Hirata <>
* intrinsic.h, st.c: Update copyright.
2005-02-20 Steven G. Kargl <>
* symbol.c: Typos in comments.
2005-02-20 Steven G. Kargl <>
* expr.c (gfc_type_convert_binary): Typo in comment.
2005-02-19 Steven G. Kargl <>
* check.c (gfc_check_selected_int_kind): New function.
* intrinsic.h: Prototype it.
* intrinsic.c (add_function): Use it.
* simplify (gfc_simplify_ceiling,gfc_simplify_floor): Change
BT_REAL to BT_INTEGER and use gfc_default_integer_kind.
2005-02-19 Steven G. Kargl <>
* check.c (gfc_check_int): improve checking of optional kind
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_int): Change BT_REAL to BT_INTEGER
2005-02-19 Steven G. Kargl <>
* check.c (gfc_check_achar): New function
* intrinsic.h: Prototype it.
* intrinsic.c (add_function): Use it.
2005-02-13 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-stmt.c (generate_loop_for_temp_to_lhs,
generate_loop_for_rhs_to_temp): Remove if whose condition is
always true.
2005-02-12 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* symbol.c (gfc_use_ha_derived): Remove, fold functionality into ...
(gfc_use_derived): ... this function.
2005-02-09 Richard Henderson <>
* f95-lang.c (gfc_init_builtin_functions): Call
build_common_builtin_nodes; do not define any functions handled
by it.
2005-02-08 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* expr.c (gfc_copy_expr): Don't copy 'op1' and 'op2' for
(gfc_is_constant_expr): Check 'ref' to determine if substring
reference is constant.
(gfc_simplify_expr): Simplify 'ref' instead of 'op1' and 'op2'.
(check_init_expr, check_restricted): Check 'ref' instead of 'op1'
and 'op2'.
* module.c (mio_expr): Read / write 'ref' instead of 'op1' and 'op2'.
2005-02-07 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_add_dimension, gfc_add_result, gfc_add_save,
gfc_add_dummy, gfc_add_generic, gfc_add_in_common, gfc_add_data,
gfc_add_in_namelist, gfc_add_sequence, gfc_add_function,
gfc_add_subroutine, gfc_add_access, gfc_add_flavor, gfc_add_entry,
gfc_add_procedure): Add argument.
* array.c (gfc_set_array_spec), decl.c (var_element, get_proc_name,
gfc_match_null, match_type_spec, match_attr_spec,
gfc_match_formal_arglist, match_result, gfc_match_function_decl):
Update callers to match.
(gfc_match_entry): Likewise, fix comment typo.
(gfc_match_subroutine, attr_decl1, gfc_add_dimension,
access_attr_decl, do_parm, gfc_match_save, gfc_match_modproc,
gfc_match_derived_decl): Update callers.
* interface.c (gfc_match_interface): Likewise.
* match.c (gfc_match_label, gfc_add_flavor,
gfc_match_call, gfc_match_common, gfc_match_block_data,
gfc_match_namelist, gfc_match_module, gfc_match_st_function):
* parse.c (parse_derived, parse_interface, parse_contained),
primary.c (gfc_match_rvalue, gfc_match_variable): Likewise.
* resolve.c (resolve_formal_arglist, resolve_entries): Update callers.
* symbol.c (check_conflict, check_used): Add new 'name' argument,
use when printing error message.
(gfc_add_dimension, gfc_add_result, gfc_add_save, gfc_add_dummy,
gfc_add_generic, gfc_add_in_common, gfc_add_data,
gfc_add_in_namelist, gfc_add_sequence, gfc_add_function,
gfc_add_subroutine, gfc_add_access, gfc_add_flavor, gfc_add_entry,
gfc_add_procedure): Add new 'name' argument. Pass along to
check_conflict and check_used.
(gfc_add_allocatable, gfc_add_external, gfc_add_intrinsic,
gfc_add_optional, gfc_add_pointer, gfc_add_target, gfc_add_elemental,
gfc_add_pure, gfc_add_recursive, gfc_add_intent,
gfc_add_explicit_interface, gfc_copy_attr): Pass NULL for new
argument in calls to any of the modified functions.
2005-02-06 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gfortran.texi: Don't give last update date.
2005-01-30 Richard Henderson <>
* options.c (gfc_init_options): Zero flag_errno_math.
2005-01-29 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/18565
* check.c (real_or_complex_check): New function.
(gfc_check_fn_c, gfc_check_fn_r, gfc_check_fn_rc): New functions.
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Use new check functions.
* intrinsic.h (gfc_check_fn_c, gfc_check_fn_r, gfc_check_fn_rc):
Add prototypes.
2005-01-29 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/19589
* expr.c (gfc_check_assign): Check for conformance of logical operands
2005-01-27 Steven Bosscher <>
* trans-decl.c (gfc_build_label_decl): Set DECL_ARTIFICAL and
TREE_USED for all labels.
(gfc_trans_entry_master_switch): Use it instead of building a
label by hand.
* trans-io.c (add_case): Likewise.
* trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_integer_select): Likewise.
2005-01-23 Paul Brook <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/17941
* arith.c (gfc_convert_real): Remove sign handling.
* primary.c (match_digits): Allow whitespace after initial sign.
(match_real_const): Handle signs here. Allow whitespace after
initial sign. Remove dead code.
(match_const_complex_part): Remove.
(match_complex_part): Use match_{real,integer}_const.
(match_complex_constant): Cross-promote integer types.
2005-01-23 James A. Morrison <>
PR fortran/19294
* iresolve.c (gfc_resolve_transpose): Resolve to transpose_c4 or
transpose_c8 for complex types.
2005-01-23 Kazu Hirata <>
* data.c, dependency.c, f95-lang.c, io.c, trans-array.c,
trans-decl.c, trans-expr.c, trans-intrinsic.c, trans-io.c,
trans-stmt.c, trans-types.c, trans.h: Fix comment typos.
Follow spelling conventions.
2005-01-22 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/19313
* trans-io.c (gfc_trans_inquire): Added code to support
2005-01-22 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsic.c (make_alias): Add standard argument.
(add_functions): Update make_alias calls.
2005-01-22 Paul Brook <>
* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_function_call): Remove bogus TODO.
2005-01-22 Paul Brook <>
* gfortran.h (gfc_check_access): Add prototype.
* match.c (gfc_match_namelist): Remove TODO.
* module.c (check_access): Rename ...
(gfc_check_access): ... to this. Boolify. Update callers.
* resolve.c (resolve_symbol): Check for private objects in public
2005-01-22 Paul Brook <>
* primary.c (gfc_match_rvalue): Only apply implicit type if variable
does not have an explicit type.
(gfc_match_variable): Resolve implicit derived types in all cases.
Resolve contained function types from their own namespace, not the
* resolve.c (resolve_contained_fntype): Remove duplicate sym->result
checking. Resolve from the contained namespace, not the parent.
2005-01-22 Tobias Schl"uter <>
PR fortran/19543
* trans-const.c (gfc_conv_constant_to_tree): Give logical
constants the correct type.
PR fortran/19194
* trans-io.c (ADD_STRING): Use gfc_charlen_type_node for string
length parameters.
(gfc_build_io_library_fndecls): 'rec' and 'recl_in' are not
pointer fields.
2005-01-18 Kazu Hirata <>
* arith.c, array.c, check.c, decl.c, expr.c, f95-lang.c,
gfortran.h, interface.c, intrinsic.c, io.c, iresolve.c,
match.c, matchexp.c, misc.c, module.c, options.c, parse.c,
scanner.c, simplify.c, symbol.c, trans-array.c, trans-expr.c,
trans-io.c, trans-stmt.c, trans.c: Update copyright.
2005-01-17 Ira Rosen <>
* f95-lang.c (gfc_init_builtin_functions): Call targetm.init_builtins.
2005-01-16 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/19182
* error.c (error_char): Line-buffer errors / warnings.
2005-01-16 Tobias Schlueter <>
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishft): Fix signed /
unsigned issue. Use build_int_cst instead of converting
integer_zero_node. Remove unnecessary conversion.
* trans-types.c (gfc_get_character_type_len): Use
gfc_charlen_type_node as basic type for the range field.
* trans-intrinsic.c (build_fixbound_expr,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_bound, gfc_conv_intrinsic_anyall,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_count, gfc_conv_intrinsic_btest,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_singlebitop): Use 'build_int_cst' instead
of converting 'integer_zero_node' or 'integer_one_node'
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishftc): Same, but store in local variable to
evade re-building.
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_strcmp, gfc_conv_intrinsic_rrspacing,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_trim, gfc_conv_intrinsic_iargc): Use
'build_int_cst' instead of converting 'integer_zero_node' or
'integer_one_node' respectively.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_conv_intrinsic_index,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_scan, gfc_conv_intrinsic_verify): Remove
'gfc'-prefix from local variable, remove dead code, use correct
type when inserting argument.
* trans-intrinsic.c, trans-types.c: Update copyright years.
2005-01-16 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR 19168
* resolve.c (check_case_overlap): Typo in comment.
(validate_case_label_expr): Fix up kinds of case values
(resolve_select): Properly handle kind mismatches.
2005-01-16 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/17675
* trans-common.c (translate_common): Remove duplicate function call.
(finish_equivalences): Preserve alignment when biasing offsets.
2005-01-15 Tobias Schl"uter <
* primary.c (check_digit): Call 'ISXDIGIT' instead of assuming
ASCII-like character encoding.
2005-01-14 Steven G. Kargl <>
* resolve.c (compare_case): Cleanup.
2005-01-14 Steven G. Kargl <>
* resolve.c (compare_case): Give arguments correct type.
2005-01-13 Kazu Hirata <>
* iresolve.c, trans-common.c, trans-types.c: Fix comment
2005-01-09 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/17675
* trans-common.c (current_common, current_offset): Remove.
(create_common): Add head argument.
(align_segment): New function.
(apply_segment_offset): New function.
(translate_common): Merge code from new_segment. Handle alignment.
(new_segment): Remove.
(finish_equivalences): Ensure proper alignment.
2005-01-08 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* trans-const.c: Don't include unused math.h.
* trans-intrinsic.c (gfc_get_intrinsic_lib_fndecl,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_bound, gfc_conv_intrinsic_minmaxloc,
gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishft, gfc_conv_intrinsic_len): Remove
trailing whitespace.
(prepare_arg_info): Fix formatting, indenting and remove trailing
(gfc_conv_intrinsic_spacing, gfc_conv_intrinsic_trim): Remove
trailing whitespace.
* arith.c (arctangent2, gfc_arith_init_1, gfc_arith_done_1,
gfc_constant_result, gfc_range_check, gfc_arith_power,
eval_type_intrinsic0, eval_intrinsic_f2, gfc_real2real,
gfc_real2complex, gfc_complex2int, gfc_complex2real,
gfc_complex2complex): Fix whitespace issues.
* check.c (must_be, type_check, numeric_check, int_or_real_check,
logical_array_check, array_check, scalar_check, nonoptional_check,
variable_check, dim_check, check_a_kind, gfc_check_a_ikind,
gfc_check_a_xkind, gfc_check_abs, gfc_check_all_any,
gfc_check_allocated, gfc_check_a_p, gfc_check_besn,
gfc_check_btest, gfc_check_char, gfc_check_cmplx, gfc_check_count,
gfc_check_cshift, gfc_check_dcmplx, gfc_check_dble,
gfc_check_digits, gfc_check_dot_product, gfc_check_eoshift,
gfc_check_fnum, gfc_check_g77_math1, gfc_check_huge, gfc_check_i,
gfc_check_iand, gfc_check_ibclr, gfc_check_ibits, gfc_check_ibset,
gfc_check_idnint, gfc_check_ieor, gfc_check_index, gfc_check_int,
gfc_check_ior, gfc_check_ishft, gfc_check_ishftc, gfc_check_kind,
gfc_check_lbound, gfc_check_logical, min_max_args,
gfc_check_min_max_integer, gfc_check_min_max_real,
gfc_check_min_max_double, gfc_check_matmul,
gfc_check_minval_maxval, gfc_check_merge, gfc_check_nearest,
gfc_check_pack, gfc_check_precision, gfc_check_radix,
gfc_check_range, gfc_check_real, gfc_check_repeat,
gfc_check_scale, gfc_check_scan, gfc_check_selected_real_kind,
gfc_check_set_exponent): Fix formatting issues.
(gfc_check_size, gfc_check_sign): Alphabetize function order,
remove whitespace-only line.
(gfc_check_fstat, gfc_check_fstat_sub, gfc_check_stat,
gfc_check_stat_sub, gfc_check_transfer, gfc_check_transpose,
gfc_check_ubound, gfc_check_unpack, gfc_check_verify, gfc_check_x,
gfc_check_cpu_time, gfc_check_date_and_time, gfc_check_mvbits,
gfc_check_random_number, gfc_check_random_seed,
gfc_check_second_sub, gfc_check_system_clock,
gfc_check_getcwd_sub, gfc_check_exit, gfc_check_flush,
gfc_check_umask, gfc_check_umask_sub, gfc_check_unlink,
gfc_check_unlink_sub): Fix formatting issues.
2005-01-08 Tobias Schl"uter <>
* gfortran.h: Remove outdated comment. Don't include stdio.h
2005-01-06 Tobias Schlueter <>
* gfortranspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Change year to 2005 in
output of 'gfortran --version'.
2005-01-03 Steven G. Kargl <>
* arith.c: Add system.h; remove string.h
* decl.c: Ditto
* matchexp.c: Ditto
* parse.c: Ditto
* resolve.c: Ditto
* st.c: Ditto
* check.c: Remove stdlib.h and stdarg.h
* error.c: Remove stdlib.h, stdarg.h, stdio.h, string.h
* expr.c: Add system.h; remove stdarg.h, stdio.h, and string.h
* f95-lang.c: Add system.h; remove stdio.h
* interface.c: Add system.h; remove stdlib.h and string.h
* intrinsic.c: Remove stdarg.h, stdio.h, and string.h
* io.c: Remove string.h
* simplify.c: Ditto
* match.c: Remove stdarg.h and string.h
* misc.c: Update copyright; add system.h; remove stdlib.h,
string.h, and sys/stat.h
* module.c: Add system.h; remove string.h, stdio.h, errno.h,
unistd.h, and time.h
* option.c: Remove string.h and stdlib.h
* primary.c: Ditto
* scanner.c: Update copyright; add system.h; remove stdlib.h,
stdio.h, string.h, and strings.h
* symbol.c: Add system.h; remove stdlib.h, stdio.h, and string.h
* trans-array.c: Remove stdio.h and gmp.h
* trans-const.c: Ditto
* trans-expr.c: Ditto
* trans-io.c: Ditto
* trans-stmt.c: Ditto
* trans.c: Ditto
* trans-intrinsic.c: Remove stdio.h and string.h
Copyright (C) 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.