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## Process this file with automake to produce
AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign dejagnu
# May be used by various substitution variables.
gcc_version := $(shell cat $(top_srcdir)/../gcc/BASE-VER)
EXPECT = $(shell if test -f $(top_builddir)/../expect/expect; then \
echo $(top_builddir)/../expect/expect; else echo expect; fi)
_RUNTEST = $(shell if test -f $(top_srcdir)/../dejagnu/runtest; then \
echo $(top_srcdir)/../dejagnu/runtest; else echo runtest; fi)
# Instead of directly in ../testsuite/, the
# following variables have to be "routed through" this Makefile, for expansion
# of the several (Makefile) variables used therein.
libgomp-test-support.exp: Makefile
cp $< $@.tmp
echo >> $@.tmp \
'set offload_additional_options "$(offload_additional_options)"'
echo >> $@.tmp \
'set offload_additional_lib_paths "$(offload_additional_lib_paths)"'
mv $@.tmp $@
all-local: libgomp-test-support.exp