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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR43895, in which the dummy 'a' was not
! dereferenced for the deallocation of component 'a', as required
! for INTENT(OUT).
! Contributed by Salvatore Filippone <>
module d_mat_mod
type :: base_sparse_mat
end type base_sparse_mat
type, extends(base_sparse_mat) :: d_base_sparse_mat
integer :: i
end type d_base_sparse_mat
type :: d_sparse_mat
class(d_base_sparse_mat), allocatable :: a
end type d_sparse_mat
end module d_mat_mod
use d_mat_mod
type(d_sparse_mat) :: b
allocate (b%a)
b%a%i = 42
call bug14 (b)
if (allocated (b%a)) STOP 1
subroutine bug14(a)
implicit none
type(d_sparse_mat), intent(out) :: a
end subroutine bug14