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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR82923, in which an ICE occurred because the
! character length from 'getchars' scope was being used in the
! automatic allocation of 'mine'.
! Contributed by "Werner Blokbuster" <>
module m
implicit none
function getchars(my_len,my_size)
integer, intent(in) :: my_len, my_size
character(my_len) :: getchars(my_size)
getchars = 'A-'
end function getchars
function getchars2(my_len)
integer, intent(in) :: my_len
character(my_len) :: getchars2
getchars2 = 'B--'
end function getchars2
end module m
program testca
use m, only: getchars, getchars2
implicit none
character(:), allocatable :: mine(:)
character(:), allocatable :: mine2
integer :: i
! ICE occured at this line:
mine = getchars(2,4)
if (any (mine .ne. [('A-', i = 1, 4)])) stop 1
! The scalar version was fine and this will keep it so:
mine2 = getchars2(3)
if (mine2 .ne. 'B--') stop 2
end program testca