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! { dg-do compile }
! Tests the fix for PR33550, in which an ICE would occur, instead of
! the abiguous reference error.
! Found at
! by James Van Buskirk:
module M1
real x
end module M1
module M2
subroutine y
end subroutine y
end module M2
module M3
use M2, x => y
end module M3
module M4
use M1
use M3
end module M4
module M5
use M4 ! 'x' is ambiguous here but is not referred to
end module M5
module M6
use M5 ! ditto
end module M6
program test
use M1
use M3
function x(z) ! { dg-error "ambiguous reference" }
end function x ! { dg-error "Expecting END INTERFACE" }
end interface
write(*,*) 'Hello, world!'
end program test
function x(z)
x = z
end function x