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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-options "-fbounds-check" }
! PR fortran/37199
! We used to produce wrong (segfaulting) code for this one because the
! temporary array for the function result had wrong bounds.
! Contributed by Gavin Salam <>
program bounds_issue
implicit none
integer, parameter :: dp = kind(1.0d0)
real(dp), pointer :: pdf0(:,:), dpdf(:,:)
allocate(dpdf(0:282,-6:7)) ! with dpdf(0:283,-6:7) [illegal] error disappears
!write(0,*) lbound(dpdf), ubound(dpdf)
dpdf = tmp_PConv(pdf0)
function tmp_PConv(q_in) result(Pxq)
real(dp), intent(in) :: q_in(0:,-6:)
real(dp) :: Pxq(0:ubound(q_in,dim=1),-6:7)
Pxq = 0d0
!write(0,*) lbound(q_in), ubound(q_in)
!write(0,*) lbound(Pxq), ubound(Pxq)
end function tmp_PConv
end program bounds_issue