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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-sources "cf-descriptor-6-c.c dump-descriptors.c" }
! This program tests passing the result of the CFI_section C library
! routine back to Fortran. Most of the work happens on the C side.
module mm
use iso_c_binding
type, bind (c) :: m
integer(C_INT) :: i, j
end type
integer, parameter :: imax=10, jmax=5
integer, parameter :: ilb=2, jlb=1
integer, parameter :: iub=8, jub=5
integer, parameter :: istep=3, jstep=2
integer, parameter :: isize=3, jsize=3
end module
subroutine ftest (b) bind (c, name="ftest")
use iso_c_binding
use mm
type(m), pointer :: b(:,:)
integer :: i, j, ii, jj
if (size (b, 1) .ne. isize) stop 103
if (size (b, 2) .ne. jsize) stop 104
! ii and jj iterate over the elements of b
! i and j iterate over the original array
jj = lbound (b, 2)
do j = jlb, jub, jstep
ii = lbound (b, 1)
do i = ilb, iub, istep
if (b (ii, jj)%i .ne. i) stop 203
if (b (ii, jj)%j .ne. j) stop 204
ii = ii + 1
end do
jj = jj + 1
end do
end subroutine
program testit
use iso_c_binding
use mm
implicit none
subroutine ctest (a, lb1, lb2, ub1, ub2, step1, step2) bind (c)
use iso_c_binding
use mm
type(m) :: a(:,:)
integer(C_INT), value :: lb1, lb2, ub1, ub2, step1, step2
end subroutine
end interface
type(m), target :: aa(imax,jmax)
integer :: i, j
do j = 1, jmax
do i = 1, imax
aa(i,j)%i = i
aa(i,j)%j = j
end do
end do
! Pass the initialized array to a C function ctest, which will take
! a section of it and pass it to ftest.
call ctest (aa, ilb, jlb, iub, jub, istep, jstep)
end program