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! { dg-do compile}
! TS 29113
! 8.1 Removed restrictions on ISO_C_BINDING module procedures
! The function C_F_PROCPOINTER from the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING
! has the restriction in ISO/IEC 1539-1:2010 that CPTR and FPTR shall
! not be the C address and interface of a noninteroperable Fortran
! procedure.
! [...]
! These restrictions are removed.
module m
implicit none
! Declare a non-interoperable Fortran procedure interface.
abstract interface
function foo (x, y)
integer :: foo
integer, intent (in) :: x, y
end function
end interface
subroutine test (cptr, fptr)
type(C_FUNPTR), intent(in) :: cptr
procedure (foo), pointer, intent(out) :: fptr
call c_f_procpointer (cptr, fptr)
end subroutine
end module