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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-sources c_ptr_tests_driver.c }
module c_ptr_tests
use, intrinsic :: iso_c_binding
! TODO::
! in order to be associated with a C address,
! the derived type needs to be C interoperable,
! which requires bind(c) and all fields interoperable.
type, bind(c) :: myType
type(c_ptr) :: myServices
type(c_funptr) :: mySetServices
type(c_ptr) :: myPort
end type myType
type, bind(c) :: f90Services
integer(c_int) :: compId
type(c_ptr) :: globalServices = c_null_ptr
end type f90Services
subroutine sub0(c_self, services) bind(c)
use, intrinsic :: iso_c_binding
implicit none
type(c_ptr), value :: c_self, services
type(myType), pointer :: self
type(f90Services), pointer :: localServices
! type(c_ptr) :: my_cptr
type(c_ptr), save :: my_cptr = c_null_ptr
call c_f_pointer(c_self, self)
if(.not. associated(self)) then
print *, 'self is not associated'
end if
self%myServices = services
! c_null_ptr is defined in iso_c_binding
my_cptr = c_null_ptr
! get access to the local services obj from C
call c_f_pointer(self%myServices, localServices)
end subroutine sub0
end module c_ptr_tests