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! { dg-do run }
! Check that reallocation of the lhs is done with the correct memory size.
module base_mod
type, abstract :: base
procedure(base_add), deferred :: add
generic :: operator(+) => add
end type base
abstract interface
module function base_add(l, r) result(res)
class(base), intent(in) :: l
integer, intent(in) :: r
class(base), allocatable :: res
end function base_add
end interface
subroutine foo(x)
class(base), intent(inout), allocatable :: x
class(base), allocatable :: t
t = x + 2
x = t + 40
end subroutine foo
end module base_mod
module extend_mod
use base_mod
type, extends(base) :: extend
integer :: i
procedure :: add
end type extend
module function add(l, r) result(res)
class(extend), intent(in) :: l
integer, intent(in) :: r
class(base), allocatable :: res
select type (l)
class is (extend)
res = extend(l%i + r)
class default
error stop "Unkown class to add to."
end select
end function
end module extend_mod
program test_poly_ass
use extend_mod
use base_mod
class(base), allocatable :: obj
obj = extend(0)
call foo(obj)
select type (obj)
class is (extend)
if (obj%i /= 42) error stop
class default
error stop "Result's type wrong."
end select
end program test_poly_ass