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! { dg-do compile }
! { dg-options "-std=f95" }
! PR fortran/25062
! F95:
! "A common block name in a scoping unit also may be the name of any local
! entity other than a named constant, intrinsic procedure, or a local variable
! that is also an external function in a function subprogram."
! F2003: 16.2.1
! "A name that identifies a common block in a scoping unit shall not be used
! to identify a constant or an intrinsic procedure in that scoping unit. If
! a local identifier is also the name of a common block, the appearance of
! that name in any context other than as a common block name in a COMMON
! or SAVE statement is an appearance of the local identifier."
function func1() result(res)
implicit none
real res, r
common /res/ r ! { dg-error "is also a function result" }
end function func1