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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-options "-fcray-pointer" }
! Test the implementation of Cray pointers to procedures.
program cray_pointers_7
implicit none
integer tmp
integer, external :: fn
external sub
! We can't mix function and subroutine pointers.
pointer (subptr,subpte)
pointer (fnptr,fnpte)
! Declare pointee types.
external subpte
integer, external :: fnpte
tmp = 0
! Check pointers to subroutines.
subptr = loc(sub)
call subpte(tmp)
if (tmp .ne. 17) STOP 1
! Check pointers to functions.
fnptr = loc(fn)
tmp = fnpte(7)
if (tmp .ne. 14) STOP 2
end program cray_pointers_7
! Trivial subroutine to be called through a Cray pointer.
subroutine sub(i)
integer i
i = 17
end subroutine sub
! Trivial function to be called through a Cray pointer.
function fn(i)
integer fn,i
fn = 2*i
end function fn