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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR33376, which was a regression caused by the
! fix for PR31564.
! Contributed by Harald Anlauf <>
module foo
implicit none
public chk
type mytype
character(len=4) :: str
end type mytype
type (mytype) ,parameter :: chk (2) &
= (/ mytype ("abcd") , mytype ("efgh") /)
end module foo
module gfcbug70
use foo, only: chk_ => chk
implicit none
subroutine chk (i)
integer, intent(in) :: i
if (i .eq. 1) then
if (chk_(i)% str .ne. "abcd") STOP 1
if (chk_(i)% str .ne. "efgh") STOP 2
end if
end subroutine chk
end module gfcbug70
use gfcbug70
call chk (2)
call chk (1)