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! { dg-do run }
! PR fortran/65792
! The evaluation of the argument in the call to new_prt_spec2
! failed to properly initialize the comp component.
! While the array contents were properly copied, the array bounds remained
! uninitialized.
! Contributed by Dominique D'Humieres <>
program main
implicit none
integer, parameter :: n = 2
type :: string_t
character(LEN=1), dimension(:), allocatable :: chars
end type string_t
type :: string_container_t
type(string_t) :: comp
end type string_container_t
type(string_t) :: prt_in, tmp, tmpa(n)
type(string_container_t) :: tmpc, tmpca(n)
integer :: i, j, k
do i=1,2
! scalar elemental function with structure constructor
prt_in = string_t(["D"])
tmpc = new_prt_spec2 (string_container_t(prt_in))
if (any(tmpc%comp%chars .ne. ["D"])) STOP 1
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
! Check that function arguments are OK too
tmpc = new_prt_spec2 (string_container_t(new_str_t(["h","e","l","l","o"])))
if (any(tmpc%comp%chars .ne. ["h","e","l","l","o"])) STOP 1
end do
impure elemental function new_prt_spec2 (name) result (prt_spec)
type(string_container_t), intent(in) :: name
type(string_container_t) :: prt_spec
prt_spec = name
end function new_prt_spec2
function new_str_t (name) result (prt_spec)
character (*), intent(in), dimension (:) :: name
type(string_t) :: prt_spec
prt_spec = string_t(name)
end function new_str_t
end program main