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! { dg-do run }
! PR37926 - the interface did not transfer the formal
! argument list for the call to 'asz' in the specification of 'p'.
! Contributed by Janus Weil <>
module m
pure integer function mysize(a)
integer,intent(in) :: a(:)
mysize = size(a)
end function
end module
program prog
use m
implicit none
character(3) :: str
integer :: i(3) = (/1,2,3/)
str = p(i,mysize)
if (len(str) .ne. 3) STOP 1
if (str .ne. "BCD") STOP 2
function p(y,asz)
implicit none
integer :: y(:)
pure integer function asz(c)
integer,intent(in) :: c(:)
end function
end interface
character(asz(y)) p
integer i
do i=1,asz(y)
p(i:i) = achar(iachar('A')+y(i))
end do
end function