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! { dg-do compile }
! Tests the fix for elemental functions not being allowed in
! specification expressions in pure procedures.
! Testcase from iso_varying_string by Rich Townsend <>
! The allocatable component has been changed to a pointer for this testcase.
module iso_varying_string
type varying_string
character(LEN=1), dimension(:), pointer :: chars
end type varying_string
interface len
module procedure len_
end interface len
pure function char_auto (string) result (char_string)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string
character(LEN=len(string)) :: char_string ! Error was here
char_string = ""
end function char_auto
elemental function len_ (string) result (length)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string
integer :: length
length = 1
end function len_
end module iso_varying_string