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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-options "-std=legacy" }
! PR 17709
! We weren't resetting the internal EOR flag correctly, so the second read
! wasn't advancing to the next line.
program main
integer io_unit
character*20 str
io_unit = 10
open (unit=io_unit,status='scratch',form='formatted')
write (io_unit, '(A)') "Line1"
write (io_unit, '(A)') "Line2"
write (io_unit, '(A)') "Line3"
rewind (io_unit)
read (io_unit,'(A)') str
if (str .ne. "Line1") STOP 1
read (io_unit,'()')
read (io_unit,'(A)') str
if (str .ne. "Line3") STOP 2