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! { dg-do compile }
! Test the patch for PR36374 in which the different
! symbols for 'foobar' would be incorrectly flagged as
! ambiguous in foo_mod.
! Contributed by Salvatore Filippone <>
module s_foo_mod
type s_foo_type
real(kind(1.e0)) :: v
end type s_foo_type
interface foobar
subroutine s_foobar(x)
type(s_foo_type), intent (inout) :: x
end subroutine s_foobar
end interface
end module s_foo_mod
module d_foo_mod
type d_foo_type
real(kind(1.d0)) :: v
end type d_foo_type
interface foobar
subroutine d_foobar(x)
type(d_foo_type), intent (inout) :: x
end subroutine d_foobar
end interface
end module d_foo_mod
module foo_mod
use s_foo_mod
use d_foo_mod
end module foo_mod
subroutine s_foobar2(x)
use foo_mod
end subroutine s_foobar2