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! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/38665, in which checking for host association
! was wrongly trying to substitute mod_symmon(mult) with
! mod_sympoly(mult) in the user operator expression on line
! 43.
! Contributed by Thomas Koenig <>
module mod_symmon
implicit none
public :: t_symmon, operator(*)
type t_symmon
integer :: ierr = 0
end type t_symmon
interface operator(*)
module procedure mult
end interface
elemental function mult(m1,m2) result(m)
type(t_symmon), intent(in) :: m1, m2
type(t_symmon) :: m
end function mult
end module mod_symmon
module mod_sympoly
use mod_symmon
implicit none
type t_sympol
type(t_symmon), allocatable :: mons(:)
end type t_sympol
elemental function mult(p1,p2) result(p)
type(t_sympol), intent(in) :: p1,p2
type(t_sympol) :: p
type(t_symmon), allocatable :: mons(:)
mons(1) = p1%mons(1)*p2%mons(2)
end function
end module