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! { dg-do compile }
! This tests the fix for PR24866 in which the reference to the external str, in
! sub_module, would get mixed up with the module procedure, str, thus
! causing an ICE. This is a completed version of the reporter's testcase; ie
! it adds a main program and working subroutines to allow a check for
! correct functioning.
! Contributed by Uttam Pawar <>
subroutine sub()
print *, "external sub"
end subroutine sub
module test_module
subroutine sub_module(str)
external :: str
call str ()
end subroutine sub_module
subroutine str()
print *, "module str"
end subroutine str
end module test_module
use test_module
external sub
call sub_module (sub)
call sub_module (str)