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! { dg-do run }
! This tests that common blocks function with multiply nested modules.
! Contributed by Paul Thomas <>
module mod0
complex(kind=8) FOO, KANGA
common /bar/ FOO, KANGA
subroutine eyeore ()
FOO = FOO + (1.0d0, 0.0d0)
KANGA = KANGA - (1.0d0, 0.0d0)
end subroutine eyeore
end module mod0
module mod1
use mod0
complex ROBIN
end module mod1
module mod2
use mod0
use mod1
real(kind=8) re1, im1, re2, im2, re, im
common /bar/ re1, im1, re2, im2
equivalence (re1, re), (im1, im)
subroutine tigger (w)
complex(kind=8) w
if (, 1.0d0)) STOP 1
if (, -1.0d0)) STOP 2
if (, 99.0d0)) STOP 3
if (,im)) STOP 4
end subroutine tigger
end module mod2
use mod2
use mod0, only: w=>foo
w = (0.0d0, 1.0d0) ! Was foo but this is forbidden (11.3.2)
KANGA = (0.0d0, -1.0d0)
ROBIN = (99.0d0, 99.0d0)
call eyeore ()
call tigger (w)