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with Interfaces;
package Bit_Packed_Array1 is
type laser_illuminator_code_group_t is (zero, one);
pragma Convention (C, laser_illuminator_code_group_t);
subtype lic_array_index_t is Interfaces.Unsigned_8 range 0 .. 3;
type lic_array_t is array (lic_array_index_t)
of laser_illuminator_code_group_t;
pragma Convention (C, lic_array_t);
type Eighty_Bytes_T is array (1 .. 80) of Interfaces.Unsigned_8;
type Mission_Assignment_T is record
Eighty_Bytes : Eighty_Bytes_T;
Laser_Illuminator_Code : lic_array_t;
end record;
for Mission_Assignment_T use record
Eighty_Bytes at 0 range 0 .. 639;
Laser_Illuminator_Code at 0 range 653 .. 780;
end record;
type Mission_Assignment_Dbase_Rec_T is record
ISF : Mission_Assignment_T;
end record;
MADR : Mission_Assignment_Dbase_Rec_T;
procedure Generate_Callforward;
end Bit_Packed_Array1;