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with Ada.Calendar;
with Ada.Directories;
with Ada.Iterator_Interfaces;
package Iter5_Pkg is
subtype Size is Ada.Directories.File_Size;
type Folder is new String;
function Folder_Separator return Character;
function "+" (Directory : String) return Folder;
function "+" (Left, Right : String) return Folder;
function "+" (Left : Folder;
Right : String) return Folder;
function Composure (Directory : Folder;
Filename : String;
Extension : String) return String;
function Composure (Directory : String;
Filename : String;
Extension : String) return String;
-- no exception
function Base_Name_Of (Name : String) return String
renames Ada.Directories.Base_Name;
function Extension_Of (Name : String) return String
renames Ada.Directories.Extension;
function Containing_Directory_Of (Name : String) return String
renames Ada.Directories.Containing_Directory;
function Exists (Name : String) return Boolean;
-- no exception
function Size_Of (Name : String) return Size renames Ada.Directories.Size;
function Directory_Exists (Name : String) return Boolean;
-- no exception
function Modification_Time_Of (Name : String) return Ada.Calendar.Time
renames Ada.Directories.Modification_Time;
function Is_Newer (The_Name : String;
Than_Name : String) return Boolean;
procedure Delete (Name : String);
-- no exception if no existance
procedure Create_Directory (Path : String);
-- creates the whole directory path
procedure Delete_Directory (Name : String); -- including contents
-- no exception if no existance
procedure Rename (Old_Name : String;
New_Name : String) renames Ada.Directories.Rename;
procedure Copy (Source_Name : String;
Target_Name : String;
Form : String := "")
renames Ada.Directories.Copy_File;
function Is_Leaf_Directory (Directory : String) return Boolean;
procedure Iterate_Over_Leaf_Directories (From_Directory : String;
Iterator : access procedure
(Leaf_Directory : String));
function Found_Directory (Simple_Name : String;
In_Directory : String) return String;
Not_Found : exception;
Name_Error : exception renames Ada.Directories.Name_Error;
Use_Error : exception renames Ada.Directories.Use_Error;
-- File Iterator Loop --
-- Example:
-- for The_Filename of Iter5_Pkg.Iterator_For ("C:\Program_Files") loop
-- Log.Write (The_Filename);
-- end loop;
type Item (Name_Length : Natural) is limited private;
function Iterator_For (Name : String) return Item;
type Cursor;
function Has_More (Data : Cursor) return Boolean;
package List_Iterator_Interfaces is
new Ada.Iterator_Interfaces (Cursor, Has_More);
function Iterate (The_Item : Item)
return List_Iterator_Interfaces.Forward_Iterator'class;
type Cursor_Data is record
Has_More : Boolean := False;
Position : Ada.Directories.Search_Type;
end record;
type Cursor is access all Cursor_Data;
function Constant_Reference (The_Item : aliased Item;
Unused_Index : Cursor) return String;
type Item (Name_Length : Natural) is tagged limited record
Name : String(1..Name_Length);
Actual : Ada.Directories.Directory_Entry_Type;
Data : aliased Cursor_Data;
end record
Constant_Indexing => Constant_Reference,
Default_Iterator => Iterate,
Iterator_Element => String;
end Iter5_Pkg;