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/* Typecodes used by the interpreter and their related
machine modes and types.
The last argument is used for retrieving the given
type from a varargs list. Due to a bug in varargs,
the type has to be the generic machine type of
larger. */
DEFTYPECODE (QIcode, "QI", QImode, SItype)
DEFTYPECODE (QUcode, "QU", QImode, SUtype)
DEFTYPECODE (HIcode, "HI", HImode, SItype)
DEFTYPECODE (HUcode, "HU", HImode, SUtype)
DEFTYPECODE (SIcode, "SI", SImode, SItype)
DEFTYPECODE (SUcode, "SU", SImode, SUtype)
DEFTYPECODE (DIcode, "DI", DImode, DItype)
DEFTYPECODE (DUcode, "DU", DImode, DUtype)
DEFTYPECODE (SFcode, "SF", SFmode, SFtype)
DEFTYPECODE (DFcode, "DF", DFmode, DFtype)
DEFTYPECODE (XFcode, "XF", XFmode, XFtype)
DEFTYPECODE (Pcode, "P", PSImode, Ptype)
DEFTYPECODE (Tcode, "T", SImode, SItype)