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/* Copyright (C) 1997 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU CC. */
typedef struct frame_state
void *cfa;
void *eh_ptr;
long cfa_offset;
long args_size;
long reg_or_offset[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER+1];
unsigned short cfa_reg;
unsigned short retaddr_column;
} frame_state;
/* Values for 'saved' above. */
#define REG_UNSAVED 0
#define REG_SAVED_REG 2
/* The representation for an "object" to be searched for frame unwind info.
For targets with named sections, one object is an executable or shared
library; for other targets, one object is one translation unit.
A copy of this structure declaration is printed by collect2.c;
keep the copies synchronized! */
struct object {
void *pc_begin;
void *pc_end;
struct dwarf_fde *fde_begin;
struct dwarf_fde **fde_array;
size_t count;
struct object *next;
/* Called either from crtbegin.o or a static constructor to register the
unwind info for an object or translation unit, respectively. */
extern void __register_frame_info (void *, struct object *);
/* Similar, but BEGIN is actually a pointer to a table of unwind entries
for different translation units. Called from the file generated by
collect2. */
extern void __register_frame_info_table (void *, struct object *);
/* Called from crtend.o to deregister the unwind info for an object. */
extern void __deregister_frame_info (void *);
/* Called from __throw to find the registers to restore for a given
PC_TARGET. The caller should allocate a local variable of `struct
frame_state' (declared in frame.h) and pass its address to STATE_IN.
Returns NULL on failure, otherwise returns STATE_IN. */
extern struct frame_state *__frame_state_for (void *, struct frame_state *);