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This is Info file, produced by Makeinfo version 1.68 from the
input file gcc.texi.
This file documents the use and the internals of the GNU compiler.
Published by the Free Software Foundation 59 Temple Place - Suite 330
Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.
Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of
this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided also
that the sections entitled "GNU General Public License," "Funding for
Free Software," and "Protect Your Freedom--Fight `Look And Feel'" are
included exactly as in the original, and provided that the entire
resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a permission
notice identical to this one.
Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified
versions, except that the sections entitled "GNU General Public
License," "Funding for Free Software," and "Protect Your Freedom--Fight
`Look And Feel'", and this permission notice, may be included in
translations approved by the Free Software Foundation instead of in the
original English.

Indirect: 1408 51254 97766 145857 194957 230175 255171 301381 350109 399390 447644 497393 540482 579012 628454 672162 719526 757536 803543 848763 898634 944403 989453 1032918 1080092 1128931 1169974 1194471

Tag Table:
Node: Top1408
Node: G++ and GCC3222
Node: Invoking GCC5429
Node: Option Summary8808
Node: Overall Options21221
Node: Invoking G++25784
Node: C Dialect Options27657
Node: C++ Dialect Options38959
Node: Warning Options51254
Node: Debugging Options68627
Node: Optimize Options85032
Node: Preprocessor Options97766
Node: Assembler Options104229
Node: Link Options104596
Node: Directory Options109869
Node: Target Options113734
Node: Submodel Options117391
Node: M680x0 Options118843
Node: VAX Options123773
Node: SPARC Options124308
Node: Convex Options134062
Node: AMD29K Options136243
Node: ARM Options139468
Node: MN10300 Options143043
Node: M32R/D Options143507
Node: M88K Options145857
Node: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options153807
Node: RT Options172684
Node: MIPS Options174388
Node: i386 Options182488
Node: HPPA Options188597
Node: Intel 960 Options192417
Node: DEC Alpha Options194957
Node: Clipper Options203684
Node: H8/300 Options204083
Node: SH Options204897
Node: System V Options205493
Node: V850 Options206302
Node: Code Gen Options208287
Node: Environment Variables219723
Node: Running Protoize223946
Node: Installation230175
Node: Configurations255171
Node: Other Dir293640
Node: Cross-Compiler295356
Node: Steps of Cross297187
Node: Configure Cross298305
Node: Tools and Libraries298942
Node: Cross Runtime301381
Node: Cross Headers305462
Node: Build Cross307461
Node: Sun Install309337
Node: VMS Install310805
Node: Collect2320735
Node: Header Dirs323444
Node: C Extensions324865
Node: Statement Exprs328221
Node: Local Labels330115
Node: Labels as Values332177
Node: Nested Functions334041
Node: Constructing Calls337786
Node: Naming Types339843
Node: Typeof340937
Node: Lvalues342802
Node: Conditionals345242
Node: Long Long346133
Node: Complex347573
Node: Zero Length349435
Node: Variable Length350109
Node: Macro Varargs352634
Node: Subscripting354737
Node: Pointer Arith355220
Node: Initializers355785
Node: Constructors356250
Node: Labeled Elements357944
Node: Case Ranges360573
Node: Cast to Union361254
Node: Function Attributes362332
Node: Function Prototypes377229
Node: C++ Comments379031
Node: Dollar Signs379567
Node: Character Escapes380025
Node: Alignment380312
Node: Variable Attributes381784
Node: Type Attributes390317
Node: Inline399390
Node: Extended Asm403267
Node: Asm Labels414467
Node: Explicit Reg Vars415786
Node: Global Reg Vars417034
Node: Local Reg Vars421599
Node: Alternate Keywords423191
Node: Incomplete Enums424593
Node: Function Names425349
Node: Return Address426623
Node: C++ Extensions428643
Node: Naming Results429877
Node: Min and Max433191
Node: Destructors and Goto434631
Node: C++ Interface435107
Node: Template Instantiation440341
Node: C++ Signatures447644
Node: Gcov451988
Node: Gcov Intro452511
Node: Invoking Gcov455192
Node: Gcov and Optimization460803
Node: Gcov Data Files462227
Node: Trouble465797
Node: Actual Bugs467498
Node: Installation Problems468767
Node: Cross-Compiler Problems482558
Node: Interoperation484029
Node: External Bugs497393
Node: Incompatibilities499525
Node: Fixed Headers508075
Node: Standard Libraries510417
Node: Disappointments511664
Node: C++ Misunderstandings516221
Node: Static Definitions516868
Node: Temporaries517922
Node: Protoize Caveats520126
Node: Non-bugs524082
Node: Warnings and Errors533509
Node: Bugs535279
Node: Bug Criteria536639
Node: Bug Lists539069
Node: Bug Reporting540482
Node: Sending Patches552900
Node: Service558287
Node: Contributing558857
Node: VMS559693
Node: Include Files and VMS560091
Node: Global Declarations563981
Node: VMS Misc568290
Node: Portability572616
Node: Interface574379
Node: Passes579012
Node: RTL596355
Node: RTL Objects598243
Node: Accessors601287
Node: Flags606613
Node: Machine Modes615632
Node: Constants623266
Node: Regs and Memory628454
Node: Arithmetic640507
Node: Comparisons646405
Node: Bit Fields650468
Node: Conversions651880
Node: RTL Declarations654768
Node: Side Effects655577
Node: Incdec668124
Node: Assembler670640
Node: Insns672162
Node: Calls694640
Node: Sharing697235
Node: Reading RTL700311
Node: Machine Desc701250
Node: Patterns703103
Node: Example706047
Node: RTL Template707175
Node: Output Template719526
Node: Output Statement723508
Node: Constraints727221
Node: Simple Constraints728224
Node: Multi-Alternative740136
Node: Class Preferences742972
Node: Modifiers743852
Node: Machine Constraints747396
Node: No Constraints756415
Node: Standard Names757536
Node: Pattern Ordering790190
Node: Dependent Patterns791417
Node: Jump Patterns794232
Node: Insn Canonicalizations800048
Node: Peephole Definitions803543
Node: Expander Definitions810461
Node: Insn Splitting817907
Node: Insn Attributes824922
Node: Defining Attributes825969
Node: Expressions827981
Node: Tagging Insns834289
Node: Attr Example838652
Node: Insn Lengths841028
Node: Constant Attributes844392
Node: Delay Slots845552
Node: Function Units848763
Node: Target Macros854433
Node: Driver856316
Node: Run-time Target870614
Node: Storage Layout876500
Node: Type Layout891861
Node: Registers898634
Node: Register Basics899614
Node: Allocation Order903651
Node: Values in Registers905067
Node: Leaf Functions909693
Node: Stack Registers912168
Node: Obsolete Register Macros913001
Node: Register Classes915584
Node: Stack and Calling935738
Node: Frame Layout936193
Node: Stack Checking940823
Node: Frame Registers944403
Node: Elimination948818
Node: Stack Arguments953074
Node: Register Arguments959682
Node: Scalar Return969475
Node: Aggregate Return973713
Node: Caller Saves977428
Node: Function Entry978578
Node: Profiling989453
Node: Varargs996534
Node: Trampolines1003944
Node: Library Calls1010662
Node: Addressing Modes1018720
Node: Condition Code1026719
Node: Costs1032918
Node: Sections1041629
Node: PIC1047812
Node: Assembler Format1050522
Node: File Framework1051588
Node: Data Output1056286
Node: Uninitialized Data1063480
Node: Label Output1068886
Node: Initialization1080092
Node: Macros for Initialization1086235
Node: Instruction Output1090832
Node: Dispatch Tables1099019
Node: Exception Region Output1101466
Node: Alignment Output1104460
Node: Debugging Info1106208
Node: All Debuggers1106817
Node: DBX Options1109262
Node: DBX Hooks1114545
Node: File Names and DBX1118185
Node: SDB and DWARF1120158
Node: Cross-compilation1122365
Node: Misc1128931
Node: Config1147095
Node: Fragments1154536
Node: Target Fragment1155135
Node: Host Fragment1159301
Node: Funding1159903
Node: Look and Feel1162397
Node: Copying1169974
Node: Contributors1189166
Node: Index1194471

End Tag Table