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# $Id: just-fixinc,v 1.1 1997/08/11 15:57:11 law Exp $
# This script exists for use after installing
# the GCC binaries from a distribution tape/CD-ROM.
# Use it *after* copying the directory of binaries
# to the proper installed location.
# It runs fixincludes (or fixinc.svr4, if appropriate) to correct bugs in
# the system header files.
# This script needs to be customized for each type of installation so that
# others may run it after the installation-sans-fixincludes is completed.
# The corrected header files go in the GCC installation directory
# so that only GCC sees them.
# This script does not modify the original header files in /usr/include.
# It only modifies copies in the GCC installation directory.
cd $installed/include
rmdir tmpfoo > /dev/null 2>&1
mkdir tmpfoo
mv va-sparc.h varargs.h stdarg.h stddef.h limits.h float.h proto.h tmpfoo
$installed/fixinc.svr4 $installed/include /usr/include $installed
# Make sure fixed native limits.h gets renamed to syslimits.h before gcc's
# limits.h from tmpfoo is moved back.
rm -f syslimits.h
if test -f limits.h ; then
mv limits.h syslimits.h
cp $installed/gsyslimits.h syslimits.h
chmod a+r syslimits.h
mv tmpfoo/* .
rmdir tmpfoo
# eof