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-- --
-- --
-- A D A . D I S P A T C H I N G . N O N _ P R E E M P T I V E --
-- --
-- S p e c --
-- --
-- This specification is derived from the Ada Reference Manual for use with --
-- GNAT. In accordance with the copyright of that document, you can freely --
-- copy and modify this specification, provided that if you redistribute a --
-- modified version, any changes that you have made are clearly indicated. --
-- --
-- This unit is not implemented in typical GNAT implementations that lie on
-- top of operating systems, because it is infeasible to implement in such
-- environments.
-- If a target environment provides appropriate support for this package,
-- then the Unimplemented_Unit pragma should be removed from this spec and
-- an appropriate body provided.
package Ada.Dispatching.Non_Preemptive is
pragma Preelaborate (Non_Preemptive);
pragma Unimplemented_Unit;
procedure Yield_To_Higher;
procedure Yield_To_Same_Or_Higher renames Yield;
end Ada.Dispatching.Non_Preemptive;