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! { dg-do run }
! Test assignments of derived type with allocatable components (PR 20541).
! Contributed by Erik Edelmann <>
! and Paul Thomas <>
type :: ivs
character(1), allocatable :: chars(:)
end type ivs
type(ivs) :: a, b
type(ivs) :: x(3), y(3)
a%chars = (/"h","e","l","l","o"/)
! An intrinsic assignment must deallocate the l-value and copy across
! the array from the r-value.
b = a
if (any (b%chars .ne. (/"h","e","l","l","o"/))) STOP 1
if (allocated (a%chars) .eqv. .false.) STOP 2
! Scalar to array needs to copy the derived type, to its ultimate components,
! to each of the l-value elements. */
x = b
x(2)%chars = (/"g","'","d","a","y"/)
if (any (x(1)%chars .ne. (/"h","e","l","l","o"/))) STOP 3
if (any (x(2)%chars .ne. (/"g","'","d","a","y"/))) STOP 4
if (allocated (b%chars) .eqv. .false.) STOP 5
deallocate (x(1)%chars, x(2)%chars, x(3)%chars)
! Array intrinsic assignments are like their scalar counterpart and
! must deallocate each element of the l-value and copy across the
! arrays from the r-value elements.
allocate(x(1)%chars(5), x(2)%chars(5), x(3)%chars(5))
x(1)%chars = (/"h","e","l","l","o"/)
x(2)%chars = (/"g","'","d","a","y"/)
x(3)%chars = (/"g","o","d","a","g"/)
y(2:1:-1) = x(1:2)
if (any (y(1)%chars .ne. (/"g","'","d","a","y"/))) STOP 6
if (any (y(2)%chars .ne. (/"h","e","l","l","o"/))) STOP 7
if (any (x(3)%chars .ne. (/"g","o","d","a","g"/))) STOP 8
! In the case of an assignment where there is a dependency, so that a
! temporary is necessary, each element must be copied to its
! destination after it has been deallocated.
y(2:3) = y(1:2)
if (any (y(1)%chars .ne. (/"g","'","d","a","y"/))) STOP 9
if (any (y(2)%chars .ne. (/"g","'","d","a","y"/))) STOP 10
if (any (y(3)%chars .ne. (/"h","e","l","l","o"/))) STOP 11
! An identity assignment must not do any deallocation....!
y = y
if (any (y(1)%chars .ne. (/"g","'","d","a","y"/))) STOP 12
if (any (y(2)%chars .ne. (/"g","'","d","a","y"/))) STOP 13
if (any (y(3)%chars .ne. (/"h","e","l","l","o"/))) STOP 14