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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for pr32880, in which 'res' was deallocated
! before it could be used in the concatenation.
! Adapted from vst28.f95, in Lawrie Schonfeld's iso_varying_string
! testsuite, by Tobias Burnus.
module iso_varying_string
type varying_string
character(LEN=1), dimension(:), allocatable :: chars
end type varying_string
interface assignment(=)
module procedure op_assign_VS_CH
end interface assignment(=)
interface operator(//)
module procedure op_concat_VS_CH
end interface operator(//)
elemental subroutine op_assign_VS_CH (var, exp)
type(varying_string), intent(out) :: var
character(LEN=*), intent(in) :: exp
integer :: length
integer :: i_char
length = len(exp)
forall(i_char = 1:length)
var%chars(i_char) = exp(i_char:i_char)
end forall
end subroutine op_assign_VS_CH
elemental function op_concat_VS_CH (string_a, string_b) result (concat_string)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string_a
character(LEN=*), intent(in) :: string_b
type(varying_string) :: concat_string
len_string_a = size(string_a%chars)
if (len_string_a >0) &
concat_string%chars(:len_string_a) = string_a%chars
if (len (string_b) > 0) &
concat_string%chars(len_string_a+1:) = string_b
end function op_concat_VS_CH
end module iso_varying_string
program VST28
use iso_varying_string
character(len=10) :: char_a
type(VARYING_STRING) :: res
char_a = "abcdefghij"
res = char_a(5:5)
res = res//char_a(6:6)
if(size(res%chars) /= 2 .or. any(res%chars /= ['e','f'])) then
write(*,*) 'ERROR: should be ef, got: ', res%chars, size(res%chars)
end if
end program VST28