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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR84538 in which the scalarizer was taking the size
! of 't', rather than 'te', to generate array references.
! Contributed by Andrew Benson <>
module bugMod
type :: t
integer :: i
end type t
type, extends(t) :: te
integer :: j
end type te
subroutine check(n)
implicit none
class(t), intent(inout), dimension(:) :: n
integer :: i(2)
i = n%i ! Original testcase had this in a write statement. However,
! it is the scalarizer that is getting the span wrong and so
! this assignment failed too.
if (any (i .ne. [8,3])) stop 1
end subroutine check
end module bugMod
program bug
use bugMod
class(t), allocatable, dimension(:) :: n
allocate(te :: n(2))
if (any (n%i .ne. [8,3])) stop 2
call check(n)
deallocate (n)
end program bug