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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-sources f2c_4.c }
! { dg-options "-ff2c -w" }
! Check -ff2c calling conventions
! Return value of REAL function is promoted to C type double
! Return value of COMPLEX function is via an extra argument in the
! calling sequence that points to where to store the return value
! Addional underscore appended to function name
program f2c_4
complex c, f2c_4k, f2c_4l
double complex z, f2c_4m, f2c_4n
integer i
! Promotion of REAL function
call f2c_4a()
! Return COMPLEX arg - call Fortran routines from C
call f2c_4c()
call f2c_4e()
call f2c_4g()
call f2c_4i()
! Return COMPLEX arg - call C routines from Fortran
c = cmplx(1234.0,5678.0)
z = dcmplx(1234.0d0,5678.0d0)
if ( c .ne. f2c_4k(c) ) STOP 1
if ( c .ne. f2c_4l(i,c) ) STOP 2
if ( z .ne. f2c_4m(z) ) STOP 3
if ( z .ne. f2c_4n(i,z) ) STOP 4
real function f2c_4b(x)
double precision x
f2c_4b = x
complex function f2c_4d(x)
complex x
f2c_4d = x
complex function f2c_4f(i,x)
complex x
integer i
f2c_4f = x
double complex function f2c_4h(x)
double complex x
f2c_4h = x
double complex function f2c_4j(i,x)
double complex x
f2c_4j = x