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with Array16_Pkg;
package Array16 is
type T1 (D : Integer) is record
case D is
when 1 => I : Integer;
when others => null;
end case;
end record;
type Arr is array (Integer range <>) of Integer;
type My_T1 is new T1 (Array16_Pkg.N);
type My_T2 is new Arr (1 .. Integer'Min (2, Array16_Pkg.N));
function F1 (A : access My_T1) return My_T1;
pragma Inline (F1);
function F2 (A : access My_T2) return My_T2;
pragma Inline (F2);
procedure Proc (A : access My_T1; B : access My_T2);
end Array16;