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with Ada.Containers.Formal_Hashed_Sets;
with Ada.Strings.Hash;
-- with Dynamic_Strings; use Dynamic_Strings;
-- with Bounded_Dynamic_Strings;
with Equal8_Pkg;
package Equal8 is
package Dynamic_Strings is
-- pragma SPARK_Mode (On);
package Bounded_Dynamic_Strings is new Equal8_Pkg
(Component => Character,
List_Index => Positive,
List => String,
Default_Value => ' ');
type Dynamic_String is new Bounded_Dynamic_Strings.Sequence;
end Dynamic_Strings;
use Dynamic_Strings;
subtype Subscription_Address is Dynamic_String (Capacity => 255);
function Hashed_Subscription_Address (Element : Subscription_Address)
return Ada.Containers.Hash_Type is
(Ada.Strings.Hash (Value (Element)));
package Subscription_Addresses is new Ada.Containers.Formal_Hashed_Sets
(Element_Type => Subscription_Address,
Hash => Hashed_Subscription_Address,
Equivalent_Elements => "=");
procedure Foo;
end Equal8;