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-- { dg-do run }
-- { dg-options "-gnatws" }
with Ada.Strings.Unbounded; use Ada.Strings.Unbounded;
with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with System.Parameters; use System.Parameters;
with System.Secondary_Stack; use System.Secondary_Stack;
procedure Sec_Stack2 is
procedure Overflow_SS_Index;
-- Create a scenario where the frame index of the secondary stack overflows
-- while the stack itself uses little memory.
-- Overflow_SS_Index --
procedure Overflow_SS_Index is
Max_Iterations : constant := 20_000;
-- The approximate number of iterations needed to overflow the frame
-- index type on a 64bit target.
Algn : constant Positive := Positive (Standard'Maximum_Alignment);
-- The maximum alignment of the target
Size : constant Positive := Positive (Runtime_Default_Sec_Stack_Size);
-- The default size of the secondary stack on the target
Base_Str : constant String (1 .. Size) := (others => 'a');
-- A string big enough to fill the static frame of the secondary stack
Small_Str : constant String (1 .. Algn) := (others => 'a');
-- A string small enough to cause a new round up to the nearest multiple
-- of the maximum alignment on the target at each new iteration of the
-- loop.
Base_US : Unbounded_String := To_Unbounded_String (Base_Str);
-- Unbounded version of the base string
procedure SS_Print is new SS_Info (Put_Line);
for Iteration in 1 .. Max_Iterations loop
-- Grow the base string by a small amount at each iteration of the
-- loop.
Append (Base_US, Small_Str);
-- Convert the unbounded base into a new base. This causes routine
-- To_String to allocates the new base on the secondary stack. Since
-- the new base is slignly bigger than the previous base, the stack
-- would have to create a new frame.
-- Due to an issue with frame reclamation, the last frame (which is
-- also not big enough to fit the new base) is never reclaimed. This
-- causes the range of the new frame to shift toward the overflow
-- point of the frame index type.
New_Base_Str : constant String := To_String (Base_US);
begin null; end;
when Storage_Error =>
Put_Line ("ERROR: SS depleted");
Put_Line ("Iteration:" & Iteration'Img);
Put_Line ("SS_Size :" & Size'Img);
Put_Line ("SS_Algn :" & Algn'Img);
when others =>
Put_Line ("ERROR: unexpected exception");
end loop;
end Overflow_SS_Index;
-- Start of processing for SS_Depletion
-- This issue manifests only on targets with a dynamic secondary stack
if Sec_Stack_Dynamic then
end if;
end Sec_Stack2;