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with System;
package Unc_Memops is
pragma Elaborate_Body;
type size_t is mod 2 ** Standard'Address_Size;
subtype addr_t is System.Address;
function Alloc (Size : size_t) return addr_t;
procedure Free (Ptr : addr_t);
function Realloc (Ptr : addr_t; Size : size_t) return addr_t;
procedure Expect_Symetry (Status : Boolean);
-- Whether we expect "free"s to match "alloc" return values in
-- reverse order, like alloc->X, alloc->Y should be followed by
-- free Y, free X.
-- Uncomment the exports below to really exercise the alternate versions.
-- This only works when using an installed version of the tools which
-- grabs the runtime library objects from an archive, hence doesn't force
-- the inclusion of s-memory.o.
-- pragma Export (C, Alloc, "__gnat_malloc");
-- pragma Export (C, Free, "__gnat_free");
-- pragma Export (C, Realloc, "__gnat_realloc");