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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "libgccjit.h"
#include "harness.h"
create_code (gcc_jit_context *ctxt, void *user_data)
/* Let's try to inject the equivalent of:
void *
test_memcpy (void *dest, const void *src, size_t n)
return __builtin_memcpy (dest, src, n);
gcc_jit_type *t_void_ptr
= gcc_jit_context_get_type (ctxt, GCC_JIT_TYPE_VOID_PTR);
gcc_jit_type *t_const_void_ptr
= gcc_jit_type_get_pointer (gcc_jit_type_get_const
(ctxt, GCC_JIT_TYPE_VOID)));
gcc_jit_type *t_size_t
= gcc_jit_context_get_type (ctxt, GCC_JIT_TYPE_SIZE_T);
gcc_jit_param *dest
= gcc_jit_context_new_param (ctxt, NULL, t_void_ptr, "dest");
gcc_jit_param *src
= gcc_jit_context_new_param (ctxt, NULL, t_const_void_ptr, "src");
gcc_jit_param *n = gcc_jit_context_new_param (ctxt, NULL, t_size_t, "n");
gcc_jit_param *params[3] = {dest, src, n};
gcc_jit_function *func =
gcc_jit_context_new_function (ctxt, NULL,
3, params, 0);
gcc_jit_function *jit_memcpy
= gcc_jit_context_get_builtin_function (ctxt, "__builtin_memcpy");
gcc_jit_block *b_initial
= gcc_jit_function_new_block (func, "initial");
gcc_jit_rvalue *args[3] = {gcc_jit_param_as_rvalue (dest),
gcc_jit_param_as_rvalue (src),
gcc_jit_param_as_rvalue (n)};
gcc_jit_rvalue *call
= gcc_jit_context_new_call (ctxt, NULL, jit_memcpy, 3, args);
gcc_jit_block_end_with_return (b_initial, NULL, call);
verify_code (gcc_jit_context *ctxt, gcc_jit_result *result)
typedef void *(*test_memcpy_type) (void *, const void *, size_t);
CHECK_NON_NULL (result);
test_memcpy_type test_memcpy =
(test_memcpy_type)gcc_jit_result_get_code (result, "test_memcpy");
CHECK_NON_NULL (test_memcpy);
int dst = 13;
int src = 42;
void *out = test_memcpy (&dst, &src, sizeof(int));
CHECK_VALUE(out, &dst);
CHECK_VALUE(dst, 42);