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/* PR jit/63969: libgccjit would segfault inside gcc_jit_context_compile
if the driver wasn't found on PATH if GCC_JIT_STR_OPTION_PROGNAME was
NULL. */
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "libgccjit.h"
#include "harness.h"
create_code (gcc_jit_context *ctxt, void *user_data)
/* Create nothing within the context. */
/* harness.h's set_options has set a sane value for
GCC_JIT_STR_OPTION_PROGNAME, but PR jit/63969 only segfaulted if it's
Unset it. */
gcc_jit_context_set_str_option (ctxt, GCC_JIT_STR_OPTION_PROGNAME, NULL);
/* By default, we use an embedded copy of the driver.
Opt-in to using an external copy of the driver. */
gcc_jit_context_set_bool_use_external_driver (ctxt, 1);
/* Break PATH, so that the driver can't be found
by gcc::jit::playback::context::compile ()
within gcc_jit_context_compile. */
unsetenv ("PATH");
verify_code (gcc_jit_context *ctxt, gcc_jit_result *result)
/* Verify that a sane error message was emitted. */
CHECK_STRING_STARTS_WITH (gcc_jit_context_get_first_error (ctxt),
"error invoking gcc driver");