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crti.o: $(srcdir)/config/bpf/crti.S
$(crt_compile) $(CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS) -c $<
crtn.o: $(srcdir)/config/bpf/crtn.S
$(crt_compile) $(CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS) -c $<
# Some of the functions defined in libgcc2 exceed the eBPF stack
# limit, or other restrictions imposed by this peculiar target.
# Therefore we have to exclude them here.
# Patterns in must guarantee that no calls to the excluded
# functions are ever generated, and compiler tests should make sure
# this holds.
# Note that the modes in the function names below are misleading: di
# means TImode.
LIB2FUNCS_EXCLUDE = _mulvdi3 _divdi3 _moddi3 _divmoddi4 _udivdi3 _umoddi3 \
# Prevent building "advanced" stuff (for example, gcov support).
INHIBIT_LIBC_CFLAGS = -Dinhibit_libc