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2018-05-02 Release Manager
* GCC 8.1.0 released.
2018-04-18 David Malcolm <>
PR jit/85384
* configure: Regenerate.
2018-01-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
2017-11-14 Boris Kolpackov <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2017-11-16 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Pedro Alves <>
* Remove references to c-compiler-name.h and
* Regenerate.
* compiler-name.hh: New file.
* Don't include c-compiler-name.h. Include
* Don't include cp-compiler-name.h. Include
2017-11-01 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Use
2017-10-31 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Use ovl_op_identifier.
Directly set operator code.
(plugin_build_dependent_expr): Use ovl_op_identifier.
2017-10-04 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (supplement_binding): Don't use
2017-07-20 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Member fns are on TYPE_FIELDS.
2017-07-12 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Use
2017-07-05 Richard Sandiford <>
* (plugin_build_field): Use SET_DECL_MODE.
2017-06-30 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Use make_conv_op_name.
(plugin_build_dependent_expr): Likewise.
2017-06-26 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Don't set
2017-06-16 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Adjust parm building.
2017-05-26 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_make_namespace_inline): Push onto linees.
* (plugin_add_using_namespace): Call
2017-05-25 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_make_namespace_inline): Check and set
2017-05-23 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_add_using_decl): Call
finish_namespace_using_decl. Use assert not unreachable.
2017-05-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (safe_pushdecl_maybe_friend): Call pushdecl.
2017-05-10 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Adjust add_method call.
2017-04-15 Alexandre Oliva <>
* (plugin_build_decl): Call name_unnamed_type.
2017-01-30 Alexandre Oliva <>
Introduce C++ support.
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Move some -I flags to...
new macros.
(plugin_LTLIBRARIES): Add
(cp-compiler-name.h): ... this. New.
(c-compiler-name.h): Rename all over from...
(compiler-name.h): ... this. Create it atomically.
(marshall_c_source, marshall_cxx_source): New macros.
(libcc1plugin_la_SOURCES): Rename to
Add marshall_c_source expansion.
(libcc1plugin.lo_CPPFLAGS): New macro.
(libcp1plugin_la_LDFLAGS): Likewise.
(libcp1plugin_la_SOURCES): Likewise.
(libcp1plugin.lo_CPPFLAGS): Likewise.
(libcp1plugin_la_LIBADD): Likewise.
(libcp1plugin_la_DEPENDENCIES): Likewise.
(libcp1plugin_la_LINK): Likewise.
(libcc1_la_SOURCES): Added marshall_c_source and
marshall_cxx_source expansions.
* Rebuild.
* compiler-name.h: Rename all over to...
* c-compiler-name.h: ... this. Define C_COMPILER_NAME instead
* Rename all over to...
* ... this. Include marshall-c.hh.
(address_rewriter): Drop cleaning up of VLA sizes.
(plugin_build_decl): Mark decls as external.
(plugin_tagbind): Propagate name to all variants.
(build_anonymous_node): New.
(plugin_build_record_type): Use it instead of make_node.
(plugin_build_union_type): Likewise.
(plugin_build_enum_type): Likewise.
(plugin_finish_record_or_union): Update all type variants.
(safe_lookup_builtin_type): New.
(plugin_int_check): Factor out of, and add checks to, ...
(plugin_int_type): ... this. Rename to...
(plugin_int_type_v0): ... this.
(plugin_int_type): New interface, new implementation.
(plugin_char_type): New.
(plugin_float_type_v0): Rename from...
(plugin_float_type): ... this. New interface, new implementation.
(plugin_init): Bump handshake version.
* Include marshall-c.hh. Drop gcc-interface.h.
(call_binding_oracle): Rename to...
(c_call_binding_oracle): ... this, into anonymous namespace.
(call_symbol_address): Rename to...
(c_call_symbol_address): ... this, likewise.
(GCC_METHOD#): Move methods into cc1plugin::c:: namespace.
(libcc1::compiler::find): Refer to C_COMPILER_NAME.
(fork_exec): Bump to GCC_C_FE_VERSION_1.
(libcc1_compile): Prefix callbacks with c_.
(gcc_c_fe_context): Accept GCC_C_FE_VERSION_1.
* libcc1.sym: Export gcc_cp_fe_context.
* New, mostly copied and adjusted from
* New, initially copied from
* libcp1plugin.sym: New.
* marshall-c.hh: New. Move C-specific types from...
* ... this.
(cc1_plugin::marshall_array_start): New.
(cc1_plugin::marshall_array_elmts): New.
(cc1_plugin::marshall for gcc_type_array): Use the above.
(cc1_plugin::unmarshall_array_start): New.
(cc1_plugin::unmarshall_array_elmts): New.
(cc1_plugin::unmarshall for gcc_type_array): Use the above.
* marshall.hh: Declare the new array building blocks.
Drop C-specific unmarshall declarations.
* marshall-cp.hh: New.
* (GCC_METHOD#): Add LANG:: to method names.
(LANG): Define while including gcc-c-fe.def and gcc-cp-fe.def.
* names.hh: Include gcc-c-fe.def and gcc-cp-fe.def in the
corresponding namespaces.
* rpc.hh: Don't include marshall.hh.
[GCC_CP_INTERFACE_H] (argument_wrapper): Specialize for
gcc_vbase_array, gcc_cp_template_args, gcc_cp_function_args.
2017-01-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
* Include system.h.
(search_dir): Return absolute filename.
* (libcc1): Add class compiler with field compilerp,
class compiler_triplet_regexp and class
(libcc1::libcc1): Initialize compilerp.
(libcc1::~libcc1): Delete compilerp.
(libcc1::compiler::find, libcc1::compiler_triplet_regexp::find)
(libcc1::compiler_driver_filename::find): New methods.
(libcc1_set_arguments): Remove parameter triplet_regexp.
(libcc1_set_triplet_regexp, libcc1_set_driver_filename)
(libcc1_set_arguments_v0): New functions.
(vtable): Use libcc1_set_arguments_v0, add
libcc1_set_arguments, libcc1_set_triplet_regexp and
* Include intl.h.
(struct libcc1): Add field verbose.
(libcc1::libcc1): Initialize it.
(libcc1_set_verbose): New function.
(libcc1_set_arguments): Print messages for VERBOSE.
(libcc1_compile): Remove parameter verbose. Use VERBOSE from
(libcc1_compile_v0): New function.
(vtable): Use libcc1_compile_v0 and add libcc1_compile and
* (vtable): Update to GCC_FE_VERSION_1.
(gcc_c_fe_context): Accept also GCC_FE_VERSION_1.
2017-01-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR other/79046
* Add GCC_BASE_VER. For --with-gcc-major-version-only
use just major number from BASE-VER.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2017-01-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
2016-11-18 Richard Sandiford <>
Alan Hayward <>
David Sherwood <>
* (plugin_build_add_field): Use SET_DECL_MODE.
2016-06-07 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Update copyrights.
2016-04-18 Michael Matz <>
* (plugin_finish_record_or_union): Use SET_TYPE_ALIGN.
2016-04-11 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR bootstrap/70173
* (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): New, add compiler-name.h .
(compiler-name.h): Shorten recipe so that it fits the line.
* Regenerate.
2016-03-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2015-06-25 Richard Sandiford <>
* (decl_addr_hasher): Inherit from free_ptr_hash
rather than typed_free_remove. Remove redudant typedefs.
2015-06-25 Richard Sandiford <>
* (string_hasher): Inherit from nofree_ptr_hash rather
than typed_noop_remove. Remove redudant typedefs.
(plugin_context): Use nofree_ptr_hash rather than pointer_hash.
(plugin_context::mark): Likewise.
2015-05-13 Michael Haubenwallner <>
* Regenerated with automake-1.11.6.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2015-04-18 Trevor Saunders <>
* Adjust for hash_table changes.
2015-04-15 Andreas Schwab <>
PR bootstrap/65763
* (gcc_build_dir): Remove $(host_subdir)/ part.
* Regenerated.
2015-01-30 Joseph Myers <>
* All callers of fatal_error changed to pass
input_location as first argument.
2015-01-09 Michael Collison <>
* Include hash-set.h, machmode.h, vec.h, double-int.h,
input.h, alias.h, symtab.h, options.h, fold-const.h, wide-int.h and inchash.h
due to flattening of tree.h.
2014-11-21 H.J. Lu <>
PR bootstrap/63784
* configure: Regenerated.
2014-11-13 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (libcc1_cv_lib_sockets): Check for -lsocket -lnsl.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Include <string.h>.
* (libcc1_compile): Use AF_UNIX instead of AF_LOCAL.
2014-11-11 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR target/63610
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-11-11 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR bootstrap/63699
PR bootstrap/63750
* Don't include <string>.
2014-10-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
Phil Muldoon <>
* Remove -Werror addition to WARN_FLAGS. Add
(WERROR_FLAG): Remove.
(AM_CXXFLAGS): Use $(WERROR) instead of $(WERROR_FLAG).
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2014-10-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS): Filter out -fsanitize=address.
(libiberty_normal, libiberty_noasan, libiberty_pic, libiberty_dep):
New variables.
(libiberty): Set to -Wc, followed by the first existing noasan/,
pic/ or . libiberty.a.
(libcc1plugin_la_DEPENDENCIES, libcc1plugin_la_LINK,
libcc1_la_DEPENDENCIES, libcc1_la_LINK, LTLDFLAGS): New variables.
* Regenerated.
2014-10-27 Phil Muldoon <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
Tom Tromey <>
* aclocal.m4: New file.
* New file.
* callbacks.hh: New file.
* New file.
* configure: New file.
* New file.
* New file.
* connection.hh: New file.
* New file.
* findcomp.hh: New file.
* New file.
* libcc1plugin.sym: New file.
* libcc1.sym: New file.
* New file.
* New file.
* New file.
* marshall.hh: New file.
* New file.
* names.hh: New file.
* New file.
* rpc.hh: New file.
* status.hh: New file.