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/* Test that function args can be passed in various positions to both fixed
and variable arg functions. */
/* { dg-options "-O" } */
extern void exit (int);
extern void longlong_i_doit (void);
extern void longlong_d_doit (void);
extern void complexint_i_doit (void);
extern void complexint_d_doit (void);
extern void complexdouble_i_doit (void);
extern void complexdouble_d_doit (void);
extern void complexlonglong_i_doit (void);
extern void complexlonglong_d_doit (void);
int main (void)
longlong_i_doit ();
longlong_d_doit ();
complexint_i_doit ();
complexint_d_doit ();
complexdouble_i_doit ();
complexdouble_d_doit ();
complexlonglong_i_doit ();
complexlonglong_d_doit ();
exit (0);