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This directory contains a mechanism for GCC to have its own internal
implementation of wcwidth functionality. (cpp_wcwidth () in libcpp/charset.c).
The idea is to produce the necessary lookup table
(../../libcpp/generated_cpp_wcwidth.h) in a reproducible way, starting from the
following files that are distributed by the Unicode Consortium:
These three files have been added to source control in this directory;
please see unicode-license.txt for the relevant copyright information.
In order to keep in sync with glibc's wcwidth as much as possible, it is
desirable for the logic that processes the Unicode data to be the same as
glibc's. To that end, we also put in this directory, in the from_glibc/
directory, the glibc python code that implements their logic. This code was
copied verbatim from glibc, and it can be updated at any time from the glibc
source code repository. The files copied from that respository are:
And the most recent versions added to GCC are from glibc git commit:
Finally, the script found here contains the GCC-specific code to
map glibc's output to the lookup tables we require. This script should not need
to change, unless there are structural changes to the Unicode data files or to
the glibc code.
The procedure to update GCC's wcwidth tables is the following:
1. Update the three Unicode data files from the above URLs.
2. Update the two glibc files in from_glibc/ from glibc's git. Update
the commit number above in this README.
3. Run ./ X.Y > ../../libcpp/generated_cpp_wcwidth.h
(where X.Y is the version of the Unicode standard corresponding to the
Unicode data files being used, most recently, 13.0.0).
After that, GCC's wcwidth will match the most recent glibc.