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#! /bin/sh
# Template for the test script specified for REG_TEST.
# Run the test case for a regression search. The argument is the date
# of the sources. The return value is 1 if the binary search should
# continue with later dates, 0 if it should continue with earlier
# dates.
# Specify the PR number and the directory where the test should be run.
LOG_DATE="`echo ${DATE} | sed 's/[-: ]/_/g'`"
echo "`date` running test for PR ${PR}"
cd ${DIR}
# Compile the test case with whatever options are needed to trigger the
# error.
<compiler_to_run> <options> ${PR}.<x> > ${LOG} 2>&1
# Some tests will require additional commands to determine whether the
# test passed or failed, such as grepping compiler output for a
# particular message, or running the test and possibly comparing its
# output with the expected output.
# The return value depends on whether the last command is expected to be
# zero or nonzero for a passing test, and whether we're looking for a
# regression or for the patch that fixed the bug.
# Return 1 to continue the search with later dates, 0 for earlier dates.
test $? -eq 0 && exit 1
exit 0