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This directory contains files from examples of regression hunts, cut
down to smaller ranges to save space and time. Try these out before
using the tools on your own tests. First, update gcc-svn-env and
common.config for your own environment.
Each of the examples has multiple files:
*.list files were created using gcc-svn-patchlist
*.config files were written by hand based on earlier config files;
the commented-out pieces are left as templates in case they're needed
*.c, *.c++ are source files for the test, usually taken directly from
the PR
*.test files are tests specific to a bug when an existing gcc-test-*
script can't be used
*.log files are output from various scripts
Examples, where the identifier is the PR number:
28970 wrong-code
29106 special test, 4.1 branch
29578 bogus-warning
29906a ice-on-valid-code, break
29906b ice-on-valid-code, fix
30643 special test, cross compiler
Cut down the range even further by setting LOW_PATCH and HIGH_PATCH
within the config file to ids where the log file shows the test
passed or failed.
To run one, do
reg-hunt 28970.config > 28970.log 2>&1
Check on its progress using
./reg-watch 28970.log
To run them all, do
echo "hunt 28970" > queue
echo "hunt 29106" >> queue
echo "hunt 29578" >> queue
echo "hunt 29906a" >> queue
echo "hunt 29906b" >> queue
echo "hunt 30643" >> queue
./testall queue
This allows you to add more to the queue if you're setting up lots of