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-- Copyright (C) 2011-2021, Free Software Foundation, Inc. --
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-- GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under --
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-- This unit was originally developed by Matthew J Heaney. --
-- Allows an anonymous array (or array-like container) to be sorted. Generic
-- formal Before returns the result of comparing the elements designated by
-- the indexes, and generic formal Swap exchanges the designated elements.
type Index_Type is (<>);
with function Before (Left, Right : Index_Type) return Boolean;
with procedure Swap (Left, Right : Index_Type);
procedure Ada.Containers.Generic_Sort (First, Last : Index_Type'Base);
pragma Pure (Ada.Containers.Generic_Sort);
-- Reorders the elements of an indexable structure, over the range
-- First .. Last, such that the elements are sorted in the ordering determined
-- by the generic formal function Before; Before should return True if Left is
-- to be sorted before Right. The generic formal Before compares the elements
-- having the given indices, and the generic formal Swap exchanges the values
-- of the indicated elements. Any exception raised during evaluation of Before
-- or Swap is propagated.
-- The actual function for the generic formal function "<" is expected to
-- return the same value each time it is called with a particular pair of
-- element values. It should not modify Container and it should define a
-- strict weak ordering relationship: irreflexive, asymmetric, transitive, and
-- in addition, if x < y for any values x and y, then for all other values z,
-- (x < z) or (z < y). If the actual for "<" behaves in some other manner,
-- the behavior of the instance of Generic_Sort is unspecified. The number of
-- times Generic_Sort calls "<" is unspecified.