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-- This specification is derived from the Ada Reference Manual for use with --
-- GNAT. In accordance with the copyright of that document, you can freely --
-- copy and modify this specification, provided that if you redistribute a --
-- modified version, any changes that you have made are clearly indicated. --
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-- This is an Ada 2012 package defined in AI05-0137-1. It is used for encoding
-- and decoding String values using UTF encodings. Note: this package is
-- consistent with Ada 95, and may be included in Ada 95 implementations.
package Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Strings is
pragma Pure (Strings);
-- The encoding routines take a String as input and encode the result
-- using the specified UTF encoding method. The result includes a BOM if
-- the Output_BOM argument is set to True. All 256 values of type Character
-- are valid, so Encoding_Error cannot be raised for string input data.
function Encode
(Item : String;
Output_Scheme : Encoding_Scheme;
Output_BOM : Boolean := False) return UTF_String;
-- Encode String using UTF-8, UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE encoding as specified by
-- the Output_Scheme parameter.
function Encode
(Item : String;
Output_BOM : Boolean := False) return UTF_8_String;
-- Encode String using UTF-8 encoding
function Encode
(Item : String;
Output_BOM : Boolean := False) return UTF_16_Wide_String;
-- Encode String using UTF_16 encoding
-- The decoding routines take a UTF String as input, and return a decoded
-- Wide_String. If the UTF String starts with a BOM that matches the
-- encoding method, it is ignored. An incorrect BOM raises Encoding_Error,
-- as does a code out of range of type Character.
function Decode
(Item : UTF_String;
Input_Scheme : Encoding_Scheme) return String;
-- The input is encoded in UTF_8, UTF_16LE or UTF_16BE as specified by the
-- Input_Scheme parameter. It is decoded and returned as a String value.
-- Note: a convenient form for scheme may be Encoding (UTF_String).
function Decode
(Item : UTF_8_String) return String;
-- The input is encoded in UTF-8 and returned as a String value
function Decode
(Item : UTF_16_Wide_String) return String;
-- The input is encoded in UTF-16 and returned as a String value
end Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Strings;